How to successfully incorporate voucher codes in your email marketing strategy

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Coupons and voucher codes seem like a simple, effective way to boost sales, but this isn’t necessarily always the case. Big discounts can often have a negative effect on a business (which can be seen in many Groupon case studies) and while voucher codes can be extremely effective, you have to be smart about how you go about implementing and executing the strategy. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate voucher codes in your email marketing strategy: Measure your ROI With a bit of tracking and measurement, you can determine exactly how effective your voucher code email marketing strategy is. Track everything from open rates to click-through-rates and email forwarding to see which email subscribers are most likely to take up your discount offer. Use your campaign to get more email subscribers If you’re using email marketing to market your special or promotion, you will inherently be sending out newsletters and emails. Instead of focusing solely on people who have already subscribed to your email list, make sure to promote the special on your social media profiles, website and blog as well. Tell people about the special and ask them to register to receive emails from you in order to receive a voucher code. The best piece of advice about implementing a successful email marketing campaign – whether you’re marketing voucher deals or not – is to partner with an experienced digital marketing consultant who can continuously customise and optimise your campaign for you. For more information about implementing successful email marketing campaigns, contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Prioritise Email Marketing

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If you are looking for a marketing medium that will grow your bottom line and your business, email marketing is the answer. While everyone is so caught up in the glitz and glam of social media, too many people overlook the advertising potential of email marketing. Below are 10 reasons why email marketing is the ideal online marketing choice for your business: Email is an integral part of everyone’s life. According to stats provided by Exact Target, of the 3.2 billion email accounts in existence, 91% of users check their email on a daily basis. When compared with social media, email has a far greater reach as the message is delivered to each recipient who can then decide if they will or won’t read it. On social media sites, many of the targeted posts can actually be missed. Emails do not expire or get replaced as quickly as social media posts do. The received email can be saved and kept to refer to at a later date if required. Email offers a high ROI. Statistics for this can be found on Exact Target and the 2013 email marketing benchmark report. Email marketing offers a set of standard metrics for analytics. These can measure and track growth, open rate, click rate, unsubscribes, complaints, sales and revenue. Each email subscriber’s monetary value can be worked out with a simple formula. Engagement is highly achievable if you ensure your email campaign offers a legitimate route of response for your consumers. Ensure that subscribers can actually get in touch with you or reply after receiving an email. You can use your emails to integrate your various social media platforms by including links to your Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page and similar in each email. Statistics show that 77% of online users prefer to receive promotional material via email. It is the perfect platform to send coupons, vouchers and similar, which the consumer can access at a later stage after reading the email. Emails are mobile. Statistics provided by Litmus show that 66% of Gmail messages are actually accessed from a mobile device. Given that we live in a digital mobile time, being able to send a message directly to your consumers hand/pocket is a huge convenience. Personalisation is made easy with email. You can send out thousands of emails to various recipients and still keep them personalised by separating subscribers according to interests, age groups, and demographics and similar. Professional Email Marketing Services Provided by WSI At WSI we offer professional services for email marketing. We can take your online marketing efforts and achievements to the next level. To learn more about our content marketing and email marketing services, contact us at...

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Why you should let some of your email marketing subscribers go

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Email marketing can be one of the most effective internet marketing strategies for a number of reasons. The ability to reach people who are interested in what you have to say, on a platform that everyone uses, in a way people prefer to be communicated to, is one of the soundest ways to get more business. We often post blogs about tips to increase your email subscriber base, so why would we tell you that you should dump some of your email subscribers? We wouldn’t tell you to ask your Facebook friends/fans or followers to unlike you on Facebook, or your YouTube channel subscribers to start unsubscribing, but this is the key difference between email subscribers and social media platforms. In order to have a healthy list of email subscribers, you need a good number of them to be active subscribers. If people simply move your emails into their spam folders or don’t even open your emails, this could have a large impact on your email campaign’s performance. It’s possible that, at one point of time, many people were interested in your email communications, but things change. Maybe your business changed or their needs changed, but if they are no longer opening your emails, then it’s time to let them go. There are many new laws regarding spam and what you’re allowed to send to people via email and dropping unsubscribe rates and complaints about spam could easily put a red flag on your business’ online reputation. Need help with your email marketing campaign? Let us help you gather a high value email marketing campaign list. Contact us for more information today. Please follow and like...

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Using email marketing in 2015? Make your emails stand out with these tools

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in E-mail Marketing |

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Not only are you communicating on a platform that people use every day, but it’s also their preferred way of communicating. The drawback of email marketing, however, is that you can easily pester your clients. It is for this reason you have to make sure you have something valuable to say and you need to make sure you say it in an interesting, fun way. Here are a few tools to help you achieve this: Scratch-it People love games and pictures – internet marketing research has proven this time and time again. Using Scratch-it, which is like a lottery scratch off for emails, can make your emails more fun. How it works: you add an image on top of another one and let the reader ‘scratch’ off the first message in order to reveal another image or message underneath. This is an interesting way to share promotion codes, QR codes, company news or anything you want to communicate via email. Click Insights People want their voices and opinions to be heard. What better way to do this than to ask questions? Click Insights lets you create surveys and embed the survey into your e-mail. It’s quick, easy and engaging. This type of email communication turns the focus on your clients and can give you valuable insights into their wants and needs. Need help with your email marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Keys to success with email marketing

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Digital Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing |

Email marketing has proven its effectiveness year in and year out. Any digital media marketing campaign that lacks email marketing as a key element is one that will be lacking when it comes to new leads, boosted sales and engaging with a targeted audience. One of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make is sending out untargeted mass messages in a one-size-fits-all fashion. If your messages aren’t personalised and your emails not targeted, chances are you are going to miss out on the huge potential that email marketing presents. This being said, how do you go about ensuring your target audience actually opens your emails and responds? Below are a few tips to follow: Embrace quality copy as this is what will sell your email. The content you send to your customer base should be engaging, interesting and targeted to their specific interests. Keep the content lighthearted, fun and with a clear call to action. Automation. If you want to segment your market into demographics, preferences and similar, incorporate automated email systems based on these and you can have the right content reaching the right people at the right time. Data integration is vital. It is important to monitor the impact of your marketing efforts. Linking your CRM and your email campaign is essential if you want your target audience to be able to analyse your data to tell which advertising efforts are working and why. Growing your data base is absolute essential when it comes to email marketing. All your online and offline marketing ventures should be aimed at growing your database of customers. Requesting customer email addresses when they sign up for an account or enter a competition are good ways of growing your data base. You can also offer incentives for new email signups such as discounts on your first purchase or vouchers and similar. Email marketing services by WSI OMS Having the professionals in the field handle your email marketing campaign is a great way to ensure excellent results. These professionals will ensure all bases are covered and that no stone is left unturned when it comes to generating more leads, engaging with your target audience and growing your database of customers. At WSI OMS we offer email marketing services that will take your business to new heights. To learn more about our email marketing services and how we can help to boost your online advertising with a well thought-out digital marketing campaign, contact us at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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What email marketers need to know about Inbox by Gmail

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Do you know how to create an email marketing campaign that works effectively for Gmail users? It is no secret that Google’s Gmail has undergone a number of changes over the past few months and the introduction of their new email app, Inbox by Gmail, has created a stir. Gmail Inbox is not a replacement for the existing email app – it is something entirely new. You can only access this service via Chrome, iOS and Android apps. Below are a few features and functions of the new app which could help with your marketing campaign: Bundles are present for grouping emails according to strategies. Users can also create their own bundles for ease of reference. The existing bundles or categories include: travel, purchases, finance, social, updates, forums and promos. Emails and reminders can be easily created and set with the convenience of being able to quickly interact with the people you do the most, from the bottom of the screen. Users can pin emails to the top of their list as a priority, to take action later. These emails will be pinned until action has been taken. This is ideal if your client finds your email of interest, but doesn’t have immediate time to respond. Snooze option allows users to delay action on emails and reminders without having to cancel them. These emails can be moved down from the top of your list for a certain period of time. Visual previews of the emails in the inbox make for a better digital experience for users. The previews show in what is called a highlight, which features information from the email such as images, information, subject line and pre-header text. This can be used to engage with your audience effectively. Email marketers must be careful to use mobile friendly design elements to ensure that Inbox mobile app users can easily interact with your content. Make sure you have a Google+ page linked to your account so the app can link your official Google+ profile image with your email. Without linking the page, your email will be displayed with the first letter of your name. Email marketing solutions offered by WSI OMS At WSI OMS we understand how important it is for you to launch an effective email marketing campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy. We can piece together quality content and ensure your email campaign is geared towards mobile friendly display as well. To learn more about our email marketing solutions and how you can use the new Gmail Inbox app to your advantage, contact us at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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