Why blog and article authorship matters to your content marketing strategy

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In the world of content marketing, success is all about search engine rankings and results. Consumers need to be able to find you and yours when they search keywords related to your business and the best way to ensure they find you is to gain a place in that top 10 list of search engine results. Google Authorship is a brilliant asset to your content marketing strategy as it provides a means for connecting and promoting content on search results pages. Just as unique, quality content will get you better rankings, content that is written by credible authors is given higher priority, but Google Authorship is so much more than that. Digital marketing benefits of Google Authorship Attention grabbing. Google+ became an identity platform used to identify and verify authors as well as allow them the opportunity to manage their personas and establish their credibility as an author. Search results that possess an image as well as the byline (both features of Google authorship) attract more attention and are likely to get more clicks. Identify quality content. Aside from getting a byline and picture in search results, authorship allows Google to distinguish between quality, human-created, SEO content and content that is not up to par, allowing it to prioritise accordingly. Add value to your content. In an effort to stamp out spam and anonymity, Authorship is the connection between Google+ profiles and content. Google wants to be sure you are a real person willing to put your name at risk for the content you share. Competitive advantage. No matter how small your business is, Google Authorship automatically gives your content higher credibility than that of your competitors who do not have it. This is a great way to help newer and smaller businesses get a strong foothold in the market. Future of search. Going forward, information that is linked to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content which is lacking this verification. The cost of remaining anonymous in the future could be irrelevant. This is an age where quality is trumping quantity at every turn and businesses need to get on the quality content bandwagon or risk disappearing from the sight of valuable consumers. At WSI OMS, we offer a range of digital marketing solutions guaranteed to get your business noticed in all the right ways. To learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, as well as the ins and outs of content marketing, contact us today. Please follow and like...

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Digital marketing- Grow your podcast

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With the wide variety of digital marketing methods available to businesses today, podcasts may not be on the top of your list and that is because it takes time and skill to create a successful and effective podcast, especially if you want to reach the top of the I-tunes rankings. Podcasting is what is known as ‘push’ content, meaning that it is directed at a targeted audience. These audio or video files are intended for the purposes of listening on the move and subscribers are notified whenever new content becomes available. The very nature of a podcast means that listeners must want to listen to your content. They must want to choose you. This means you need to concentrate on effective content marketing. How to market your podcast Digital marketing as a whole is all about content. In order to make people want to listen to what you have to say, your content needs to be interesting and relevant. Make sure you pull information from reliable sources and add your own personality to create a stronger connection with your listeners and keep them coming back. Reaching the top spot on a platform such as i-tunes falls to a simple popularity based algorithm. This means that uploading new content on a regular basis will increase your number of downloads. Whether or not we like to admit it, people still judge a book by its cover, so keep this in mind when you title your podcasts. Make sure you keep things current and interesting to encourage interest. Make sure the titles are direct and punchy as opposed to long-winded titles with too much detail. Use other methods of social media marketing to promote your podcasts. Blogs, mobile marketing and effective website design will all go a long way in creating an effective brand. Contact the experts at WSI OMS to find out how you can do this. Please follow and like...

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Mistakes to avoid when using Instagram for social media marketing

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Social media marketing is an excellent way to broaden your market and make your brand a household name, but if you don’t know how to correctly use these platforms to get the maximum benefits from each of them, then you may find your marketing strategy falling a little short of the mark. When you choose to use a social platform such as Instagram, it is important to remember that platforms such as this are completely visual. This means that you need to be circumspect in the images you choose to share in order to encourage maximum interaction. Classic Instagram errors to avoid Not using features. Make sure you keep up-to-date with all the new features offered by Instagram and learn how people use them. Not observing trends. Paying attention to trends will ensure you stay current and connected with your community. It will also help you develop a personality and make your business more relatable. Hashtags. It is crucial that you learn to use hashtags correctly as these are your connection to being part of a worldwide conversation. Hashtags create trends and are the ultimate tools for social listening. Context. When it comes to content marketing, relevance is crucial. Make sure the images you post have a purpose and fit with the rest of your content to ensure your audience engages. Tone. It is easy for a business to fall into the trap of getting too casual with their posts. Remember at all times that you are a business and be sure to keep to a certain standard when posting. At WSI OMS, we possess the tools and the dedication necessary to boost your digital marketing strategy into the beyond and give you the edge over your competition. Contact us now! Please follow and like...

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Your digital marketing guide to native advertising

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Native advertising has grown to dominate digital marketing conversations over the last year and has become the ultimate way for brands to get noticed and boost their message on the cluttered online marketing space. In today’s world, content marketing and consumption are the dominating factors and statistics show that ad engagement rates are more than three times higher on native ads. What is a native ad? Essentially, it is the purchasing of sponsored content on social networks or websites. By using the reach and brand equity of popular publications, social networks and search engines, you are able to increase the readership and credibility of your own media. This can be divided into six units: Social media in-feed units Paid search Recommendation widgets Promoted listings Standard ads Custom campaigns Native advertising helps brands reach different parts of the marketing audience by using hyper-targeting features to make people aware of products and services. Four benefits of native advertising Receptive audience. The days of placards and snail mail are long gone. Customer interaction happens online, especially through the use of smartphones, so by asking the top media properties to pitch your business, you could generate all sorts of new leads that were previously beyond your reach. Improve customer lives. Native advertisements are an excellent way to show people how partnering with your business can make their lives easier. In a world where content marketing is king, your trends, tips and case studies can be transformed into wonderful native ad campaigns and gain valuable attention by improving the day-to-day existence of your customer’s lives. Become digitally savvy. Investing in various aspects of digital marketing shows your business in a positive light. You begin to attract a more tech-savvy audience and encourage potential and current customers to engage with you through various channels. This will boost all aspects of your online strategy such as your social media marketing. Customer relationships. Native advertising campaigns are ideal for creating new customer relationships and deepening existing ones. They provide a fresh platform on which to showcase new and innovative ideas that prove to your audience and your competition that you have something unique and beneficial to offer. The important thing to remember is that native advertising still requires quality content above all. If your sponsored content delivers context, people will embrace it as something worthwhile. By investing in the services of WSI OMS, you will be on the path to creating sponsored content that has the ability to stand against the highest editorial standards, as well as the key to propelling your brand message and serving your audience with value. To find out more about what WSI OMS can do for you, contact us today. Please follow...

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Use efficient content curation to boost your digital marketing

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The key to a successful digital marketing strategy in today’s day and age is content. With the focus of business marketing worldwide shifting to online methods, the competition is fierce and getting noticed is becoming increasingly more difficult. Effective content curation is the key to ensuring that your business blogs, newsletters and social media pages stay ahead of the game. How to ensure efficient content curation When curating your content, it is important to have a reliable source of information. To avoid the inconvenience of having to go to multiple sources for high quality content, you can make use of tools such as Hootsuite’s syndicator which allows you to keep all your regular sources conveniently located in one place. To ensure effective content marketing, you need to ensure the content you share is useful and of good quality. The only way to do this is to actually read the content you choose to share. In order to encourage effective interaction, the content you share needs to be informative and interesting. Effective curating means using the right information at the right time. Make sure you have a direction for each week and hold on to pieces of info that may be applicable in the future. This is where an effective RSS system, such as the above mentioned Hootsuite syndicator, comes in handy as it enables you to keep valuable information until you are ready to use it. Content curation takes time, but the benefits are well worth it. Make sure you stick to a timetable when it comes to sharing content for the sake of your schedule and for the sake of your followers. For more tips on web design as well as an effective social media marketing strategy, invest in the expert services of WSI OMS. For more information, contact us today. Please follow and like...

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What do Google’s quality rating guidelines mean for your digital marketing strategy?

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In order to optimise your digital marketing strategy, it is important to remember that everything these days is geared towards search engine optimisation. Search engines such as Google possess certain guidelines that help determine the quality of specific websites which directly influence your search engine rankings and thus the amount of traffic to your website. Google makes use of human “raters” (also known as search quality evaluators) who follow a handbook of guidelines to assist Google in determining what the quality of a particular website is. These “raters’’ assist with tweaking algorithms and typical criteria includes the trustworthiness of a particular site as well as the quality and usefulness of the information shared. They also look at whether or not a particular site has been optimised for successful SEO rankings. Get better quality ratings In order for your site to get a better quality rating, it is important you shift your focus to content. Content marketing can dramatically increase your rankings as well as web traffic, so make sure the information you put out on your website as well as your social media networks is relevant and informative. The latest version of the Google rating handbook has shown a shift in focus to expertise and the quality of the information being shared on a specific site in order to determine its authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Companies should also be aware of sticking to SEO guidelines as these go hand in hand with quality ratings. By following the SEO Starter guide offered by Google, your website will be well equipped with all the basic tools required to increase search engine visibility and web traffic. Enlisting in the professional web design services of a company like WSI OMS will go a long way in helping your business reap a world of benefits from digital marketing platforms as well as help you expand your social media marketing strategy to get top quality rankings according to the latest Google quality ratings. Contact us today. Please follow and like...

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