WSI talks about the New Media Branding & Marketing Summit on Radio

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The Business: New Media Marketing By Ballz Visual Radio  19 May 2014 This Summit addresses the shift from traditional marketing to inbound marketing, and strategies that marketing and communication managers, digital marketers and advertising team members’ ought to apply to ensure a Return on Investment, Brand Growth and Loyalty. We spoke to Francois Muscat Chief Executive Officer of WSI South Africa – We SImplify the Internet – a worldwide franchise Please follow and like...

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Why is your business not on Groupon?

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Groupon is the key to establishing brand awareness.  The principle of Groupon is to entice thousands of customers with a “deal of the day.”  Marketing through Groupon is done in such a way that consumers feel it costs them more money “not” to purchase the deal. We all know what it feels like to want something that is not within our budget. When something you desire suddenly becomes available at half the price, you’re going to jump at it. Groupon works to retain clients, they target young, educated consumers who aren’t shy to return and spend more. Groupon has sold more than 400 million “deals of the day.” This “deal of the day” principle has worked by enticing thousands of new customers and has transformed the way local businesses promote products and services online. What should I offer as a deal? The type of deal will depend on what the market is craving. Restaurants usually offer a certain amount of food at half price, whilst salons will bundle a few treatments together; a resort that offered a free cooking class sold 500 offers. Success Story Tasleem Bapoo is owner and stylist of Dash Hair and Beauty salon in Newlands, Claremont. She started her business four years ago and her first deal was done through Groupon. She says she is still enjoying retainer business from that first deal, as well as new referrals. It was money well spent. Allow Groupon to help you sell an under-utilised service and move slow inventory. Drive traffic to your website. Marketing sites will help you structure the best possible deal. Need help with your online marketing? Contact WSIOMS today. Please follow and like...

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How SlideShare increases engagement

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SlideShare is an online sharing tool that allows you to publicly host PowerPoint presentations, OpenOffice presentations, infographics and PDF documents and more on your own website. It is a valuable tool for businesses that want to host important presentations, keynote speeches, annual reports and other documents because it’s easily accessible, easy to use and can be easily found by people looking for related content. But how does it increase engagement? SlideShare hosts your presentations on its own website as well and the site receives over 60 million unique visitors each month. That is millions of potential visitors to your website! Because SlideShare is mainly used by business people who are searching for business-related content, it can be an excellent way to generate leads. Use tags relevant to your presentations because there are most likely people searching for the information you’ve provided. SlideShare allows you to discover who is accessing your presentations, from where they are being referred and which presentations are most popular with your target market. When you have content that ranks highly in search engine rankings like Google, it’s easier for the people you are trying to reach to find your content. In addition to ranking highly in Google search results, SlideShare presentations can now be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile for increased visibility. It’s incredibly user-friendly and costs are kept to a minimum, so if you aren’t taking advantage of this excellent tool then you may be missing out on reaching key people! Each presentation gives you the option to e-mail it or share it straight from the website, so if you come across a particular presentation you think is ideal for your own business or for someone else, SlideShare makes it simple to share it with them using a simple click of the mouse. Don’t miss out on quality business leads and potential customers – start using SlideShare today! Please follow and like...

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How to use video effectively in your digital marketing strategy

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A digital marketing strategy without videos is like bringing knives to a gunfight. Chances are you will always lose to the rival company who has made videos an intricate part of their digital marketing campaign. Numerous studies have proven that videos are not only great attention grabbers, but also tend to keep people’s attention a lot longer than large volumes of text. We live in a predominantly visual society, meaning that people want to see who you are and what you do and preferably not read about it. By ignoring this fact you are basically telling potential customers that you don’t care about their preferences, and who wants to do business with such a company? But how exactly does one use video effectively in one’s digital marketing strategy? When it comes to this aspect of digital marketing it is always best to consult experts like WSI OMS who can advise you on the content of the videos you should post and how to ensure that they make the impact you want them to make. What follows, however, are things that every company that wants to go this route should remember: Only post videos that relate to you as a company and the products you are selling and/or service you provide. This doesn’t mean that your videos can’t be fun, humorous and/or energetic. It just means that your videos should always inform people about you and/or what you do.    Make sure your videos have good production quality. A cheaply made video will make you look cheap. People want to do business with companies that adhere to high quality standards and a cheap-looking video says exactly the opposite. Make your website the host site for your videos. This way people will be on your site while and after watching the video, making it easier for them to get in touch with you. Contact us today for more digital marketing strategy tips. Back to digital marketing strategy page. Please follow and like...

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Francois Muscat to present at the WSI-Axon Smartcamp in Lagos

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WSI OMS‘s Francois Muscat will be in Lagos, Nigeria this week to present on Digital Marketing. The event is being hosted by WSI-Axon, a Nigerian WSI franchise based in the country’s capital. Muscat will be joined by Michael Monaghan, director of WSI Digital Marketing and Krista LaRiviere, the CEO of gShift labs. The theme of the Smartcamp is “Propel your brand, harnessing Digital Media Strategy”. Attendees have the opportunity to learn more about uncovering digital media possibilities for their businesses. The WSI thoughtleaders will be illustrating why and how digital media has transformed the competitive landscape for companies across the globe, including Africa. Delegates will also learn about the top tools for companies regardless of size and sector as well as what this means for their own business. The WSI-Axon Smartcamp runs from 31 October to 1 November at the Radisson Blu, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos. If you would like more information on the event or if you would like to book Francois Muscat for training and speaking engagements, contact WSI OMS today.   Please follow and like...

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Buzz off SEO, here comes Hummingbird

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At the end of September, Google announced that the latest updates to its SEO algorithms – namely “Hummingbird” – had been live for a few weeks. While this algorithm impacted a whopping 90% of search queries, many marketers were surprised that the visible impact wasn’t as big as expected (it was much less significant than the Penguin update in 2012, for example). After a lot of heated debate, many digital experts and SEO fanatics have concluded that the full impact of Hummingbird will only be visible over the coming months and years. What will Hummingbird do? The goal of this update is to give Google more insight about the intent of the search engine user. Questions linked to keyword phrases (like “How” and “Why”), coupled with long tail keywords, gives Google greater insights about the type of content the search engine user is looking for. Not only does this help people to be more conversational in their search queries, but it’s also going to significantly help mobile users. So, instead of focusing on pushing the same keyword phrase, we’re going to have to diversify our digital marketing strategies to include the following: Natural language queries An increasing number of search engine users are using longer tail keywords in order to narrow down their search results. We’re going to have to start creating niche content that speaks directly to specific questions and long tail search queries. Short tail keywords will soon be a thing of the past. It’s not all about keywords Content is still king, but keywords aren’t going to be the main focus forever. Google is actively pushing the SEO community away from keywords. We’re going to need to place a much larger emphasis on user intent and move away from trying to silo content before we even understand what kind of content the searcher is looking for. You’re not only competing with other websites In the past, you’d be competing with other web pages to get a spot on the first page of Google. Today, you’re competing with the SERP’s themselves. Google now displays larger amounts of visually appealing information, pictures and paragraphs so that users can explore search results without actually leaving the Google results page. A more holistic approach in order to include social Google will now answer questions you’ve asked on Facebook. Social content has become more important than ever, so digital marketers will need to diversify their clients’ portfolios to make sure they’re engaging on social networks (and not just focusing on publishing content). Hummingbird is just another way to give search engine users more relevant results. As digital marketers, we’re excited about these changes. Stay tuned for more information about Google algorithm...

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