Mapping your Digital: What guidance does a Competitor Analysis offer Digital Marketing?

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Whether you have an existing internet marketing strategy or you’re only moving online now, a competitor analysis can change the entire direction you want to take. While this may seem like a huge upheaval, it’s vital that you know exactly what your competitors are doing before you make decisions regarding how you’re going to spend your money online. The important thing about any digital marketing strategy – whether it’s creating a paid search advertising ca

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What you need to know about investing in Orlando internet marketing services

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When it comes to web marketing in Orlando, the industry is packed with everyone from advertising agencies, paid search experts and full-spectrum digital marketing companies. With everyone vying for your business – how do you know whether you’re going to get a consultant, service and experience that gives you complete peace of mind about your online strategy? “Digital marketing” is a broad term and can include everything from targeting smartphone and tablet u

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Partner With This Orlando Marketing Company

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If you’re looking for an internet marketing company in Orlando, Stewart Bernard and his team at are here to help. As you may (or may not) know, WSI is the leading global internet marketing franchise in the world; and this network has introduced us to many dynamic and innovative digital marketers around the globe. In Orlando, Stewart and his team are the go-to people for all things digital, social and mobile. Whether you want a rocking YouTube v

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Internet marketing services in Orlando

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WSI has internet marketing consultants across the globe. That means that as internet marketers we meet different consultants from different parts of the world. Today I have a guest blog from Stewart Bernard, a fellow IC in Orlando, Florida. – Francois Internet marketing services in Orlando WSI, an Internet marketing company in Orlando, is here to help you harness the power of the internet and take your business to the next level. Let our digital marketing cons

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Back to Online Business: 10 Reasons why you should kick-start your 2013 digital marketing with a Competitor Analysis

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In a world where consumers go online to get informed about brands, products and services, your digital marketing strategy needs to do more than stay ahead of the latest trends. Part of your marketing strategy should include taking a close look at your competition. By being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your opposition, you are able to improve your own products and services. If you want to build your online presence, you need to perform a competitor analys

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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013 and beyond

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Having survived the Mayans prediction and possibly the end of Marketing as we know it, I now am quite excited as I have always considered the number 13 to be lucky. But like most other things, luck is generally helped considerably by our positive actions and we need to just ‘do it” as suggested by Nike. So, while economists will contemplate economic and social conditions in 2013, it is what we as comprehensive ‘through the line’ marketers put into practice

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