Ten Writing Tips for Great Social Media Posts

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Social media marketing requires you to engage with your audience, which means you need to actively participate in online conversations. Social media posts are the conversation starters and are absolutely vital to your overall social media presence. So how do you generate great social media posts? The writing thereof is of the utmost importance and should not be neglected or understated. If writing is not quite your niche, employing writing services is an excellent idea. However for the hopeful writers, here are 10 writing tips for social media posts: Craft posts that are worth sharing. This means your posts should be well-written and interesting enough for your followers to share the posts. It is also important that your posts are mobile friendly. Most people access the internet from their phones and if they cannot comfortably read your posts, it will be a futile post. You have to post with purpose. It is vital you keep your audience in mind and avoid straying from the most fundamental message/s you would like to convey. Headlines are imperative. Without a fantastic headline you will not be able to entice traffic to read your social media posts. Compelling headlines will result in more traffic, shares and building of your brand. Content is second to none. The amount of content you have will determine the amount of times the site is indexed which ultimately ranks you higher in search results. Long-tail keywords are useful. It allows for improved performance in search queries which is not based on exact keywords but also allows for related words. Create greater backlinks and get shared more by posting longer content. There is a connection between increased backlinks due to higher word counts. This increases SEO and therefore conversions. Give your posts due time. Longer posts should be given a day or two to age. Editing will in the end, fine tune your post. Use high-quality images. It is a huge visual contributor to your posts and should grab the attention of your audience. Repetition should be avoided. This is the reason why editing is crucial. You do not want to annoy your readers by repeating words, ideas and concepts. Don’t forget to add share social media buttons at the bottom of every post. The main idea is to reach as much online traffic as possible. So don’t forget to add all the necessary icons. These writing tips can dramatically increase the quality of your social media posts and are worth keeping in mind when crafting your next exciting, social media post. Call on WSIOMS for Great Social Media today Contact WSIOMS for all your social media related queries and requirements. Please follow and like...

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Digital marketing tips: What services should your ecommerce site be offering customers this spring?

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Running a successful ecommerce website is hard work. Many people underestimate the time and planning that goes into launching a good online store. Our website developers have designed many ecommerce sites and come up with a list of vital services that you need to offer website visitors in order to convert them into buyers. These things include the following: Trust signals If you’re asking for money online, then you need to be trustworthy. Even if you’ve got the niftiest products or the latest shipment that can’t be find in a brick and mortar store, people will be weary of parting with their cash if they think there’s a chance they won’t receive their goods. Some trust signals you should incorporate into your website include testimonials and reviews from past clients, a money back guarantee and social proof. Social proof can be established by your social media marketing team who interact with customers online. Clear payment processes Once your potential buyers trust you enough to buy from you, you need to make it easy enough for them to complete the process. Make sure the payment instructions are clear, the page loading times are short and that different payment methods are available. A good rule of thumb is allow website visitors to use EFT (electronic fund transfers), credit cards and eWallet options, such as PayPal, to complete the payment process. Need help designing or developing an ecommerce website? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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How to get Periscope right

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Marketing professionals consider Twitter’s new live-streaming app Periscope to be the future of digital marketing. The question is how can businesses use Periscope effectively and ultimately increase brand awareness and loyalty. Here are five tips for using Periscope as an effective social media marketing tool: Consider video broadcast timing – Most people do not have a long attention span when viewing online videos and updates. The key is to understand your target audience and then to go ahead to create captivating video broadcasts. The idea is to keep the primary message clear, concise and to the point. Your followers will have 24 hours to view your video broadcast which leaves you with enough time to reach your desired audience. Create the perfect title – The title of your video broadcast is what will ultimately intrigue your followers to watch the video, therefore it is worth spending time on creating the perfect title for your broadcast. The most effective styles of titles include techniques such as a straight-forward title which explicitly describes what the video is about. Another technique is an exclusive title which you lead your audience to believe that by viewing a particular video they are gaining exclusive access to information. An invitation to learn is another effective technique used to intrigued virtual audiences. Finding your broadcast should be easy – Periscope gives you the option to post a private broadcast or to share the broadcast on Twitter plus share the location. Sharing your broadcast on Twitter and adding the location is what will get you a bigger audience. Respond to your audience – Periscope has a feature which allows your broadcast to rank higher ,which is generated by the amount of people that ‘heart’ your broadcast, similarly as found on Instagram. By responding to your audience’s comments, you are building further brand awareness on a more personal and concrete level. Experiment – Periscope is a relatively new app and therefore leaves much room for experimenting with different methods and approaches. Since Periscope allows you to analyse a few stats you should be able to keep track on what works and what is less effective. Periscope is perfect for professional digital marketing. If used correctly it can take your business to new levels, reaching audiences far and wide and building brand awareness and loyalty every step of the way. Call on WSIOMS for social media marketing today Contact WSIOMS for all your digital marketing requirements. Please follow and like...

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Create the ultimate content marketing team

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Hiring the right people for a content marketing department is hard. If you want to get your business’ brand and name out there, then your content marketing team needs to possess a variety of skills. Here are four skills needed for exceptional content marketing: Analytical skills The best content marketing strategies are always being tweaked and optimised. You need people who can look at your Google Analytics and social media engagement levels to find out what is working at what time so you can continue to improve your content marketing strategy. Versatility A good content marketer needs to be versatile. Not only do they need to be able to come up with catchy headings, they need to be able to edit social media posts and long form documents, as well as repurpose content into different multi-media formats when required. Exceptional writing skills Not everyone writes well and not every copywriter is good at writing content which sells. If you want a winning content marketing plan, then you need writers who can write in a way that makes people feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this isn’t really a trait which can be learned – either the person has this type of writing ability or they don’t. Finding the target audience Content marketing is all about placing and sharing the right content in the right places. This shouldn’t be led by a ‘gut feeling,’ which is why you need people who have the skills needed to research various target markets, social media networks and sites to find out what type of content needs to be distributed and where. Need help with your content marketing strategy? Then contact WSI today. Please follow and like...

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What is remarketing and how does it work?

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Remarketing is still a fairly new concept in the world of digital marketing. The best way to describe what it is, is by an example: If you go to an online store or website to do research about a product you’re interested in, you will see pictures and product descriptions on the page. After you’ve done your research, you might go and check your email, browse the web and go about your daily online routine. Suddenly you see the same product photos pop up in paid advertising space – that’s remarketing. So, how do companies get this right? Many times, it’s the product of a clever internet marketing campaign which uses Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing (GDR) feature. This feature was launched in July 2013 and has helped many online stores and ecommerce websites take their businesses to the next level. In order to start using this feature, you will need to link your Google Adwords account to your Google Merchant account. After this, you need to invest in some catchy copywriting so that your headlines and product photos really stand out. The reason why Google’s Dynamic Remarketing feature works so well is because it targets people in a tactical way. People who have already shown interest in your product and know what you’ve got to offer. You can also use this tool to up-sell and cross-sell products online. Need help with your internet marketing campaigns? Contact WSI today. Please follow and like...

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An introduction to Medium

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Firstly, we need to ask the question: What is Medium? Medium is, plainly put, a place to write. With over 650 000 subscribers, one can see the merit this holds for writers. This site has pieces on hundreds of different topics, so you will really be able to go on and begin writing about whatever your heart desires. How Medium works for you as a writer  Medium is an extremely simple thing to get involved with. All you need to do is sign up for a free Medium account and start writing. You can either write a stand-alone post or contribute to an on-going collection of curated stories. The publications are written by journalists, bloggers, companies and brands, so it is clearly a platform for all. The content ranges from short form to long form and the content can be light or deep. There are almost no restrictions on this platform, giving writer the freedom and ability to express themselves freely. The Medium guide to readers  Medium operates similar to most other platforms. You will be able to read posts, comment on, share and recommend them. You also have the ability to follow individual writers and publications and the more you follow, the more variety will appear on your home page. Help on getting started  If you are somewhat of a novice when it comes to the online world, fear not, for Wsioms is here to help. With not only a wide variety of digital services offered to the public, we also offer training courses in various fields, giving you the ability to learn, branch out and expand your online presence. For any query you may have, please feel free to contact us today and allow us to help you how we know best. Please follow and like...

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