Why digital customer service is lifeblood to your business

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The explosion of the internet has changed the dynamics of business as we know it. When it comes to digital marketing and digital customer service, your business needs to be at the top of its game 24/7 to ensure client satisfaction and thus, client loyalty. Nowadays, people are able to shop and access information at the click of a button which means that businesses are no longer restricted to the normal 9 to 5 operations. It is crucial- therefore to use the technological tools available to you and deliver excellent customer service at all times. Tips on implementing an effective digital customer service strategy With speed, efficiency and convenience being the main driving factors of our time, it is important to realise that a properly implemented digital customer service strategy is about more than just having a place for people to log complaints. It is important your customer service delivery is supported by the web and social media and is integrated directly into the core of your business. Identify where your issues lie and prioritise them according to importance. Identify services that will not benefit from digitisation. Ensure your systems are easy to use and understand. Encourage your customers to make use of your online services. Set goals for your business to achieve. A properly coordinated digital marketing strategy which includes effective digital customer service will allow your business to cut operational costs and increase your customer satisfaction and engagement which can only lead to an increase in business and thus profit. At WSI OMS, we understand the individual needs of your business and will help you in all aspects of your digital marketing strategy from web design to mobile marketing and more. Contact us for more information. Please follow and like...

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Top tips for the online reputation management of your business

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The reputation of a business is probably its most important asset. In today’s technological society, online reputation management is crucial to success. Your online reputation refers specifically to how good you look when people conduct online searches and there are a number of factors that need to be considered in order to gain maximum benefit from the net. Ideally the mark of a well executed digital marketing strategy is when people search for your business they should immediately find your company website as well as your social media sites and reviews from people who are associated with you. By following a few basic steps, you will be well on your way to having a golden online reputation. Tips for effective online reputation Use your company name. Search engines are most likely to see your company website as the main authority when it comes to your online presence. Use your company name as a keyword to optimise several pages on your company website. Diverse web presence. It is impossible to control all negative content on the web, so the goal here should be to balance it out or supersede the negative with the positive content that you are able to control. Spread your web presence by making use of related blogs and social media sites as well as your company web page to secure as many top 10 search result spots as possible when it comes to keywords that pertain to your business. Monitor your results. There are a number of tools available that allow you to track your web impact. An example of this is Google Alerts which notify you whenever new content relating to you is placed on the web. Online reputation management is a long process that requires dedication and diligence. There is a delicate balancing act that needs to take place to ensure your company’s reputation stays intact, but when this is done correctly the road to business success will be paved with gold. At WSI OMS, we understand the importance of quality online reputation management. Let us take charge of your digital marketing strategy and push your business beyond expectation with expert web design services, social media marketing, content marketing and more. Give your brand the break it needs and contact us. Please follow and like...

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Is Facebook dead for brands?

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Due to the many changes that Facebook presents on an ongoing basis, many marketers and businesses have been wondering if it’s worth using for their social media marketing campaign for their brand. There has been quite a stir online regarding this and a closer look at Facebook and what it offers for brands is necessary in order to answer this particular question. We must take a look at which recent changes have caused such a stir and investigate whether they are positive or negative changes for marketers. Recent changes introduced by Facebook The Save for Later feature – this feature works similarly to bookmarking. If a user doesn’t have time to check out a post or article, they can use this feature to literally save it for later. This is quite a useful tool for marketers. If your target audience is interested in your post, but doesn’t have time to read it, at least you have the peace of mind that it isn’t missed completely. Like-Gate Ban – this is one rule change that has had many digital marketers up in arms. Facebook does not want incentives offered to like a page, instead the team urges marketers to focus on getting quality leads – this means that consumers will like a page if they really want to. This too is a great feature for online marketing as the numbers or fans you have will be a real representation of your client base and not a false number to parade around with very little use. Discontinuation of click-bait headlines – if you are baiting clients with content headlines and trying to achieve likes, Facebook does not support it. The team has expressed a requirement for quality content that can be measured by how long a user will spend reading an article. This is a great change as it can really help to know what content your consumers really find helpful and which don’t. All of these changes might have caused a stir with social media marketing teams, but if some thought is put into it, Facebook is merely moving away from spam-like marketing and encouraging a more ethical approach. A big up side to the changes is that the measures you can obtain from marketing on Facebook are realistic and can be worked with – something all internet marketers should be pleased with. To learn more about our social media marketing services and other digital marketing strategies, contact us at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Francois Muscat to present on social selling at SAP on 9 October 2014

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SAP is a world leader in enterprise software and they have locations in 130 countries. WSI Internet Marketing Consultant, Francois Muscat, will be starting his 3 day intensive Social Selling training at the company’s South African headquarters in Johannesburg on Thursday, 9 October. “Technical and IT companies, much like SAP, are becoming increasingly interested in the topic of social selling. In the past, sales teams were cold calling, getting appointments based on the company they represented or using other inefficient methods to set up meetings and network. Today, social media offers a completely different way of engaging,” says Francois. Personal reputation drives business thanks to people educating themselves on social media. Francois explains that people who are experts in Cloud computing, big data, business intelligence and data warehousing, for example, need to make sure their knowledge and expertise is reflected online just as much as someone who is specialising in internet marketing or online retail. “In order to get your potential customers to know, like and trust you, you need to reach prospects through their own social networks. One way to do this effectively is to create and share valuable content,” adds Francois. Keep an eye on this blog on more information about how people in the IT industry can use social selling to their advantage. Back to WSI OMS Please follow and like...

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Your guide to making video a successful part of your content marketing strategy

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Many businesses have made video part of their digital marketing strategy. How can this work for you and your business? Take for instance a small business looking to boost online and walk- in sales. Let’s consider the following method: Consider what you are looking to gain from incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. Define the approach to be used and establish the goals to be achieved. Incorporate multimedia elements, link this to pictures and text, to create more content and keep viewers interested. There are many Hosting sites available, that offer quality services.Youtube.com has become very popular since its introduction in 2005, with more than 800 million users, 2.9 billion hours of viewing, one can easily lean towards using YouTube as a hosting site. About 72hrs of video is uploaded every minute, this minimises the competitiveness of each video uploaded. In simple words, making your video stand out from the crowd might prove more difficult on YouTube, than other hosting sites. Optimize! Search engines are able to tell what the video content is about by searching for certain detail. Include a full transcript of the video within the post. Create and submit XML video sitemaps to get videos indexed. Including alluring key words, video titles, tags and descriptions, will draw the crowds. Make your video appealing. Concentrate on the quality of the video. Utilise all that is available and be as original as possible. As one of the leaders in web design, marketing strategies and managing online communities, WSI OMS can assist in creating the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business! Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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5 signs your website is just too old

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The internet is continuously evolving, times are changing, and the style of digital marketing and website presentations is constantly changing. Here is a quick way to check if your website needs an updated, modern look that can attract and maintain viewers: When last has your website been updated? Is the same information, in the same style and manner still showing, as when it was first setup? Studies have shown that if your website looks and works the same way it for over 3 years, it may send out the wrong perception, of the business being outdated and unable to provide the needs the viewer is looking for. A fresher look may give viewers a reason to come back. Does your website still run on a “doctype” browser? Browsers have changed, search engines have changed. Most popular browser types to use are HTML4 or XHTML transitional. Is the layout of your website, a table based layout? A more modern method for layout is CSS. Most businesses make use of this method to define layout, instead of the older versions of <td>tags or <th> tags or <tr> tags. It may also make it more difficult for search engines to pick up your website. Is your website designed to fit any screen? Previously, websites were designed to fit monitor screens of 800 (wide) x 600 (High) resolutions. Modern day gadgets, allows one to view any website on any screen, mobile and desktop. Upgrading to a newer layout and design gives your business a chance in today’s fast paced society of internet users. Does your website make use of a built in flash? Many websites use of video,  JQuery or Javascript layouts, instead of older versions such as flash. Search engines have also evolved in such a way that websites with built in flash layouts are no longer picked up, which lessens the chances your marketing potential. Contact WSI OMS today, a newer approach to digital marketing can be developed for you and see your business into a brighter future. Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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