Emotional engagement: What brands need to know

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What is the most important aspect of digital marketing? Quality? Quantity? Utilising all the tools at your disposal from social media marketing to SEO? No. The most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is its ability to achieve emotional engagement from its audience. At the end of the day, emotional engagement is the real secret to achieving viral digital marketing, to ensuring brand awareness and to solidifying a robust online following. The question is, exactly how does a brand go about connecting with its audience on an emotional level? We offer some helpful tips below.   Find out what your audience is passionate about  Nothing stirs emotion more than something that you are passionate about, right? This is the main reason why understanding your target market inside and out is key to increasing levels of engagement. Also, remember that things are always changing – what your audience is passionate about today, may not be the same as what they are passionate about tomorrow.   Primary emotions  It is important to keep in mind is that emotional engagement is all about eliciting a specific emotion – and it need not be a positive one! (Although, recent studies have shown that content marketing pieces that bring about surprise and joy will be shared more often than those that bring about feelings of sadness or negativity). If you want to convince your audience to share your digital marketing efforts, this is the best to do:   Challenge them on something and prove them wrong; Provide shocking facts or statistics; Share interesting ideas or new approaches to doing certain things; Tell a true, relatable story; Ask provocative questions.   Would you like some help mastering the art of emotional engagement? If so, then you need WSI OMS in your corner. We are the digital marketing company that will transform your online presence for the better. Contact us today for more information about our digital marketing, search engine optimisation, website design and link building services. Please follow and like...

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Digital Marketing Inspiration from Your Opposition

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We tend to eye our competition through Dirty Harry eyes. However, no one understands the landscape and complexities of your industry quite like your rivals do. While you are always going to vie with them for business, benchmarking your digital marketing campaigns against theirs will help you to develop your medium to long-term strategy. While we highly recommend benchmarking, i.e. to evaluate your digital marketing by comparing it to a standard – we most certainly do not mean for you to plagiarize or pirate. Close comparison Whether you like it or not, your competition and you will face off against each other when consumers do pre-purchase research online. All they have to go on to make their decision is what you reveal to them through your online presence – from social media marketing to your website design to your content. By seeing the comparison through your customers’ eyes, you gain awareness on how you can improve Revolution By thoroughly examining the digital marketing efforts of your rivals, you will be pushed to try new techniques associated with content, design, and brand communications. With 80% of online content being user-generated, the public is now contributing to the collaboration of your marketing method. Take note of conversations in which your competitors’ clients are engaging to gain insights which you may not gather from your own relations. FAQ’s are an especially prized source of information about concerns your prospects and clients may have. When all is said and done, your most ferocious competitors can be your allies when it comes to holding you to a superior standard and pushing your limits. On top of which, when the competitiveness is mutual, your whole industry benefits. To find out more about how we can inspire you, please contact us today. The team at WSI OMS is part of a global franchise catering for all your digital marketing needs. Please follow and like...

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The Lowdown on Landing Pages

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A landing page is a webpage on which internet users “land” as part of a single digital marketing goal. Because these specialized pages are laser-focused on a specific objective, they are standalone pages which cannot be opened through global navigation. Instead, they are accessed using a link that you provide in your marketing content. Landing page elements  Landing pages are designed to navigate your readers along your planned conversion path. As such, they require various elements to best increase your conversion rates: Top of the list is a non-element. Bearing in mind that a landing page is dedicated to one aim, all distractions such as additional navigation must be excluded from the design of your landing page. A headline which is enticing and which also matches the reason that your audience clicked through in the first place. A brief but comprehensive explanation of why your offer fulfills the needs of your readers. A great method to combine brevity and thoroughness is by using a video. Alternatively, an impactful image and a bulleted list citing the benefits of your offer. Testimonials and other social proofing methods to bolster your reputation can enhance your conversion rates. One call-to-action is the final step in achieving your goal. If the purpose of your landing page is to generate leads by capturing their email addresses, you will need a subscription form of sorts as part of your CTA. If your landing page is meant to coax potential customers down the sales funnel, you may need a shopping cart or checkout as part of your call to action. For all your inbound marketing needs, including website development and design, please get in touch with the team at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Using Google Trends to Optimize your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Google trends is an essential tool for all businesses who want to improve their digital marketing efforts. Luckily, anyone can use it – not only is it incredibly user-friendly but it is also free. It basically shows you how common it is for a specific search term to be entered into Google compared to the total search volume that exists within various places around the world and in different languages. Here are some reasons why you should be taking advantage of Google Trends and its many benefits. Keep up with the times It’s not enough to understand your business and its offering, inside out. You also need to remain aware of what is happening around your business in terms of the industry and the things that your consumers are looking for. Google Trends will provide you with an interesting insight into this.   Select the most profitable keywords What’s the point of using a keyword if nobody is searching for it? Google Trends will allow you to discover which keywords, relevant to your business, are being typed into the search engines the most, therefore making it possible for you to maximize your digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing efforts.   Keep an eye on your progress By simply typing in the name of your business, you can immediately see how popular it has been with customers and potential customers over specific periods and how often they have searched for you specifically.   Want to know more about Google Trends and digital marketing in South Africa? Then be sure to get in touch with the WSI OMS team today! Please follow and like...

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Digital Marketing in South Africa

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There is no denying that digital marketing has taken over the world of advertising. But how does South Africa fare? Let us start by looking at how far we have come:       Stats on digital in SA  The number of internet users in South Africa grew by 1.9 million in 2015. At the beginning of 2016, figures showed 26.8 million active users in our country – representing just under half our total population. The majority (92%) of adults in South Africa own a mobile phone, with 60% owning a smartphone. The average amount of time South Africans spend online each day is three hours. In South Africa, our internet economy contributes 2.5% to our GDP (gross national product.)   What the future holds As more and more South Africans are turning to digital, so businesses must embrace digital channels of marketing as expectations for them to do so grow. Consumers, suppliers and organizations are increasingly interacting and transacting online. Customers and prospects have changed the way they approach buying. Social media marketing has enveloped trust-building in lieu of famous faces promoting a product on television. Content marketing via emails, blogs and the like allow consumers a chance to research their options in the comfort of their own homes. Accordingly, digital marketing needs to increase. Many established businesses need a paradigm shift which must be initiated from the top – many traditional heads will need to be gently swayed and convinced of this new method of marketing. That this has led to the creation of new business opportunities and job descriptions is undeniable. All of this is good news for the South African economy. To harness the power of social selling for your business, contact us. We’ll take you through the many channels and options and create a solution ideal for your business and brand. Please follow and like...

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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

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2016 saw the continued growth of digital marketing via mobile devices – forcing all companies to embrace the power of mobile optimization and to ensure that their websites are 100% mobile-friendly and adaptable, or risk missing out on thousands of rands of new business.  We also watched the rise of incredible new apps like Pokémon Go; re-emphasising the benefits associated with app development and nostalgia-based marketing. The question is… what does 2017 hold for the digital realm? We investigate below. Virtual Reality  Things like live-streaming and virtual reality are becoming incredibly popular, especially seeing as the technology associated with these trends is advancing so fast. If you wish to further enhance your brand and the way in which you connect with your followers, 2017 is the time to start experimenting with these new marketing tools.   High-Quality Content It is no secret that high-quality content has been at the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign for several years. For those who have still yet to experiment with content marketing, it is important to note that the need for creating and sharing high-quality content shows no signs of changing anytime soon. If you are to continue impressing your existing and potential customers, as well as the search engines themselves, the creation of high-quality content is, and we daresay, always will be, a must.   Taking Social Media to the Next Level By now, all brands know the power of social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But what about platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest? 2017 is set to provide marketers with even greater opportunities in terms of using social media as a way in which to generate leads and connect with new audiences.   Luckily, you have the WSI OMS team on your side for assistance to help you dominate the online world. For more information on how we can help you grow your business, be sure to get in touch! Please follow and like...

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