Why Digital Marketing Is Eco-Friendly Marketing

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Today’s buyers are much more discerning about the brands they buy from. They want to know that the companies they support don’t harm the environment, that they are invested in social upliftment and that they treat employees and clients well. When it comes to your company’s marketing activities, how often do you take a step back and consider your impact on the planet? Whether you are manufacturing clothes or planting trees, your marketing methods and channels need to have as little effect as possible on Earth’s natural resources. Here are a few reasons why digital marketing is eco-friendly marketing: No Printing From flyers and banners to booklets, calendars and magazines, a lot of traditional marketing methods focused on printing. Not only does this require trees to be chopped down for paper, but you also need ink to print onto the paper and then you need to distribute the materials.  Digital marketing, however, rarely includes any type of printing. Communication is disseminated online without leaving a paper trail that will eventually land up on a landfill. No Carbon Emissions Many times, transporting marketing materials from point A to point B requires a car, truck or plane. These carbon emissions can be added to the carbon footprint of your marketing campaign. With digital marketing, there isn’t any transport involved, which will make your brand greener than your competitors’ who need vehicles to transport their materials. Besides the fact that digital marketing is inherently greener than traditional marketing, it also has more reach, it can be more targeted and the results are much easier to measure. Contact WSI OMS for help with your paid online advertising or digital marketing strategies today. Please follow and like...

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How To Win at Video Marketing

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There used to be a saying in the world of digital marketing that “Content is king!” While it still holds true, it should be updated to “Video content is king!” With research showing that mobile video consumption increases in volume by 100% every year, video marketing has become increasingly important to master.   The Rise in Popularity of Video  Did you know that video makes up approximately 80% of all current consumer internet traffic? Some of the reasons for this could include that reading on smaller screens strain our eyes, a hunger for ever more beautiful images or perhaps just plain laziness. But the most compelling reason is that consumers like the personal connection that video marketing provides. When they get a chance to get to know your business via video, it almost feels as though they are getting to know you face-to-face.   A Winning Video Marketing Strategy  Two reasons why many business owners are still so hesitant about video marketing (despite the leads it can generate) are the following: The perceived costs, and  Self-consciousness.  Both can be addressed with the same solution: DIY. Creating a winning video does not need to cost an arm and a leg because authenticity trumps dazzle when it comes to developing strong relationships. The public respond well to videos because they enjoy seeing the person or people behind the company telling their story in a sincere format – one that you could easily create yourself. Follow these steps for a winning video marketing strategy:   Be Audience-Centric  You may feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, but the audience is only actually interested in one thing – themselves. Instead of trying to please everyone out there, work with your model client in mind. Not only does this take the focus off you, but it also improves your video marketing strategy.   Keep Branding Consistent Best case scenario – your video goes viral! Wouldn’t you want everyone who watches it to know who you are? Even if it is only shared among your fans, all your videos need to have consistent digital branding – from a colour scheme to a unique intro or having your logo in the corner.   Short and Sweet Do not try to showcase all your expertise in one go. Shorter videos are more popular, and a clear description of your topic will interest your ideal prospects.   Tell Your Story Volumes have been written about the impact of storytelling. Video is a captivating storytelling medium because you can leverage your facial expressions, voice, body language and setting.  Even though it is a story, remember to include a call to action at the end of your video.   Digital Marketing...

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Discover These New Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Whether you recently launched a new website or whether you have had a website for years, it is always a good idea to relook the ways that you drive traffic to the site. Here are a few ideas from the digital marketing experts at WSI OMS: AdvertiseThis may seem like a no-brainer, but many business owners want to avoid paying for advertising – even if it can make a direct difference to their bottom line. Paid search advertising, banner advertising and paid social media marketing are all great ways to get your brand in front of potential clients. Be sure to use keywords that have commercial intent so that your website visitors can easily convert to paying clients. Get Social Creating content is great, but it’s of little use if it isn’t being shared and read. Be sure to share your content on social media to drive more traffic to your website. Twitter can be used for short, snappy tweets whereas your product photos, promotions or other appealing visuals can go onto Instagram. Update your social media profiles regularly to continue to drive traffic to your website. Experiment What works for one business owner may not work for you. Mix it up by experimenting with different types of content, different lengths of content and different times of posting. Check out what your competitors are doing and learn from their successes and mistakes. Target Long-Tail Keywords When was the last time you used Google’s keyword planner to find new, niche keywords? Find relevant long-tail keyword phrases and create content specifically geared towards these phrases to see your website visitors number grow. Need help with your digital marketing, SEO, or content marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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These Digital Marketing Ideas for Dentists Will Give You a Reason to Smile!

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Digital marketing for your dental practice is critical for your practice to survive and thrive in 2019. The longer you wait to implement your internet marketing strategies, the harder it will get for you to survive over your competitors in the industry. When people look for a dentist, they either go online and search for a dentist in their area, or they ask for referrals from family and friends. If your dental practice doesn’t show up online, it doesn’t exist. People don’t typically associate dental visits with having a good time. In fact, many people associate visiting a dentist with anxiety, pain and stress. A good online presence can help alleviate any anxiety that a new patient may have about choosing your dental practice. Here are a few ideas that you can use to attract patients to your practice: Use Google’s Keyword Planner This tool will help you learn what keywords and phrases your potential patients use when searching for your services online. This can help you create effective marketing campaigns using the terms and phrases your potential patients use. If you want to increase the number of patients that contact you about veneers, for example, you can use Google’s keyword planner to see what people are searching for and how many people in your local area are typing these terms into Google. YouTube YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine. Using this platform to post videos will not only boost your credibility with new patients, but it will also increase the chances of your dental practice ranking in Google’s search results. Instagram What better way to show off your cosmetic results than on Instagram? Set up an Instagram campaign to show before and after photos online. Be sure to ask patients for permission to share photos. Need help with your digital marketing, website design or SEO? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2019?

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How many times a day do you log in to Twitter and scroll through your feed? How often do you stream movies, or search for something on Google? Socialmediatoday.com recently posted an infographic on what happens in an internet minute in 2019.  Here are some of the interesting statistics of what happens in sixty seconds online:   18,1 million Whatsapp texts are sent 4,5 million videos are viewed on YouTube 1 million people are logging into Facebook 3,8 million Google search queries 694 444 hours of Netflix is watched $996 956 is spent online 2,1 million Snapchats are created 41,6 million Facebook messages are sent 180 smart speakers are shipped on Amazon 41 new music streaming subscriptions are made 1 million views on Twitch 87 500 people are tweeting 347 222 are scrolling through Instagram 390 030 apps are downloaded on the Google Play and App Store 118 million emails are sent Breaking through the clutter can be tough, especially for small businesses. If you need expert digital marketers guiding you through everything from SEO and web design to content marketing and social media tactics, get in touch with WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Working with Influencers to Become a Part of the Consumer Dialogue

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When you see a tweet or an Instagram post from one of your favourite celebrities showing off the good life with a new outfit, beauty product or a beautiful vacation, there is a chance that the star has a good reason to tell you about it. Money. Influencers across the globe are cashing in on their legions of social media followers. One woman called Samantha won a photo competition that led her Instagram follower count to soar. The winning photo was a pic of her golden retriever, Aspen, in her kayak. Companies started to pay her to post photos of everything from the Garmin watch that she wears to the dog food that Aspen eats, all in exchange for cash. Many times, a company’s marketing and creative team will be on the lookout for a specific type of influencer to partner with. In Samantha’s case, Garmin was looking for a female influencer that loved the outdoors and already used their products. Before social media, companies relied heavily on traditional media such as print and broadcast. These methods force brands to talk at consumers and be the interrupter.  Thanks to social media influencers, however, brands have the opportunity to really be a part of the consumer dialogue. Major corporations such as Coca-Cola are cashing in, too. Stars such as Selena Gomez can make an estimated $550 000 per post, and the young star has photos of herself drinking Cokes on her Instagram page. According to www.twitter.com/annalect, around 40% of people have purchased an item after seeing it on social media, contributing to a $1-billion market in 2017. Working with influencers is a great way to get your products in front of your target audience in an authentic way on platforms that they are already using. Need help with your social media? Then content WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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