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So, you want to be a digital influencer…

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

Becoming a digital influencer definitely has its perks. Whether you’re interested in the free swag, getting invited to parties, want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, or simply want to bask in the joy of getting thousands of likes on your Instagram posts, being a digital influencer can pay off in a big way. But how do you get there? Every day, over 400,000 hours worth of video content gets uploaded to YouTube and 2.7 million blog posts are published

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Why small businesses fail at digital marketing

Posted by on Oct 24, 2017 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

Digital marketing has levelled the playing field between small businesses and large corporates. For the same price, small companies can claim top spots in paid search advertising, then can generate massive followings and turn consumers into loyal brand advocates…so why are so many small businesses still failing at digital marketing? Here are some of the top reasons:They don’t have a digital strategy (or the one they have isn’t working) Many small businesses

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Online reputation management tips from digital marketing specialists

Posted by on Oct 9, 2017 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

Customers can share their experience with your brand in an instant and if you are not proactively managing your online reputation, and this can lead to devastating consequences. While it’s not always possible to continuously browse social media sites and respond to all types of feedback, there are a few simple things that you should do to manage your brand’s reputation online: Claim the top spots in Google If someone types your company’s name or product names

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency for Your B2B Company

Posted by on Sep 28, 2017 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

Finding a quality, reliable digital marketing agency is difficult at the best of times. However, many will agree that finding a digital marketing agency with a special focus on providing online marketing services to B2B companies is close to impossible! In order to ensure that you make the best decision possible for the future growth of your establishment, here are a few questions that you should ask before making a final selection. What Are Your Specialties?  Ulti

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Posted by on Sep 25, 2017 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

Digital marketing campaign feeling a little old and dull? Read on to discover 5 simple ways in which to update it and yield results. Do an Audit of Your Social Media Profiles Which platforms are currently receiving the most attention and engagement from your followers? Which posts are getting the best possible reaction? Use all of this data to help reform your social media marketing approach and ensure more pleasing results. Re-look at Your Website Design User exper

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Don’t Let These Digital Marketing Mistakes Damage Your Brand

Posted by on Sep 4, 2017 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

As we all know, digital marketing is the essence behind business success nowadays, and while there is plenty of room for creativity and experimentation, there are a few mistakes that you can make that could actually have the opposite effect and cause severe damage to your brand in the eyes of your potential consumers. We take a closer look at three of those possible digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid making them yourself. Marketing without Goals So you’re

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