From Nascent to Multi-moment: How Google’s DMT Can Improve Your Online Marketing Campaigns

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In July, Google announced the launch of its Digital Marketing Transformation programme in South Africa. The tech giant described the programme as a partnership between itself and clients aimed at enabling “business growth through providing customised digital marketing advice, including digital marketing fundamentals, best practices and a focused customised roadmap.”   What will this programme entail? And, how can it help you boost your online marketing strategies from Nascent (the lower end of digital maturity) to Multi-moment (the level at which the top two percent of the world’s digital marketers are operating)?   The programme takes clients through a six-step process, beginning with an assessment of their current online marketing efforts in relation to international best practices. The assessment makes use of the Digital Maturity Benchmark, devised by the Boston Consulting Group. After going through this assessment, your digital marketing work will be benchmarked at one of the following four levels of maturity: Nascent, Emerging, Connect and Multi-moment. If you do not even make it to Nascent, it means that your strategies will need a complete makeover, so as to bring it up to speed when measured against global standards. If your work is Nascent, you will then be helped to devise a strategy to move you up through the next three levels.   If you are sitting among the 2 percent of marketers who are ranked as Multi-moment, meaning that the customer experience you provide moves dynamically and effectively towards desired business outcomes, then you need to just keep doing what you’re doing, while being sure to keep an eye on changing business and marketing trends.   The assessment provides a useful reality check to empower you through data-driven knowledge and self-awareness. The remaining steps of the programme will then help you to develop your marketing strategy to the next level. If you are like 89 percent of the world’s marketers, you will find yourself sitting somewhere between Emerging and Connect, meaning that you need to attend to just one or two key points of transformation to take you into another league.    Looking to create Connect to Multi-moment level digital transformation strategies for your brand? That’s what we live and breathe at WSI. Contact us to discuss your online marketing and allow us to show you how you can make the most of Digital Marketing Transformation. Please follow and like...

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Why you should be using influencer marketing

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Influencers used to be celebrities who would lend their fame to various product endorsements. This has changed over the years: being an influencer is now a full-time job and a source of fame and fortune in its own right.  Influencers have become such an integral part of the social media landscape that they are rapidly becoming an integral part of marketing strategies. They form followings of loyal social media users who are more than willing to accept their product advice and this means increased sales for online businesses and digital marketers.  With this in mind, influencers should now be taken into consideration for any marketing plan. At the end of 2018, influencer marketing agency Mediakix surveyed marketers to gauge the industry’s stance regarding the effectiveness of influencers. The survey revealed that 89% of marketers felt that return on investment on influencers was comparable to, or better than, that of other marketing channels. Sixty-five percent planned to increase their expenditure on influencers. Why are influencers so popular? Simply put, they have the potential to give your brand a human face, if it doesn’t already have one. Influencers offer consumers someone to turn to for advice on their particular field of interest. Users test the opinions and endorsements of influencers and gradually build trust in them as they find that their points of view yield favourable results. They thus come to take influencer opinions to heart and make purchase decisions on that basis, meaning that if your product is promoted by a particular influencer, his or her following becomes a captive market for you.  Influencers are also quite a bit more affordable than casting well-known actors in ad campaigns – for now at least. Contact WSI to assist you in creating a great, easily-manageable social media strategy.  Please follow and like...

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The biggest digital marketing trends you need to know about

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Digital marketing is a rapidly growing and changing organism. As fast as the technology develops, so marketing practices and trends move with it. That means you need to keep an eye on the trends and grow too if you want to keep ahead. Here are some of the developments you should be keeping an eye on in the latter half of 2019. Voice interaction has taken off in a big way Why type an entry into a search engine and read the results when you can just talk to someone? Thanks to Siri and Alexa, consumers have got used to just asking their devices whatever they want to know. This is revolutionising the way that people search for information on the web, and thus also the way in which SEO is done.  Up to this point, a search engine would return page after page of results on the basis of a typed enquiry. With voice interaction, only one or two search results are returned. That means far greater competition for the top spots in the search rankings. It also means that SEO now involves optimising body text, headlines and meta-descriptions for speech.  Video is no longer an added extra, emails get personal Video enables you to create branding content that is more easily accessible, often more engaging and has a more immediate impact on your audience. YouTube viewership grows all the time, making it an increasingly viable marketing platform. Granted, the costs of video production are greater than those of text-based communications, but there is often a tremendous payoff for that expenditure, with increased audiences and closer customer engagement. Videos used to be supplementary content. This is no longer the case – it is an essential and increasingly central part of your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is also evolving rapidly. Generic mailers used to be the norm but since they tend to fall through the cracks, end up in spam folders or simply get deleted by irritated recipients, the tendency is now to personalise email communication. In this case, emails are sent to customers in response to specific actions, such as browsing a particular product or completing a purchase. This personalised treatment tends to be more effective and is often the final call to action before a sale is made.    Contact WSI to assist you in creating a great, on-trend digital marketing strategy. Please follow and like...

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The 5 best WordPress plugins

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If you run a website (or websites) using WordPress, you may or not be aware of the additional features that are constantly being added to enhance and ease your work. There are now hundreds of plug-ins for the platform – and counting. Here are WSI’s 5 favourite WordPress plug-ins.  Yoast Where SEO is the name of the game, Yoast is your perfect companion for crafting your content with the aim of improving your rankings in the search results. It not only helps you with keywords and other SEO elements, it also helps you improve your copy for the benefit of your readers.  Everest Forms Contact forms are essential to your website and this plugin helps you make them. Forms for any purpose – from general contact to specific feedback – can be drawn up using this plugin, with both excellent functionality and sharp, professional design. Jetpack As the name suggests, this plugin helps your website take off with features to manage your security features, traffic and much more. WooCommerce If you want to take your website up a notch and start using it as a fully equipped sales platform, this is the tool for you. It sets up features for customers to make orders and make payments, and all with a single automated set-up wizard.  VaultPress We all know the risks involved in the virtual realm when it comes to information. To set your mind at ease, VaultPress creates optimised backups of your website automatically and, in the event of a crash or other attack, can restore everything in a matter of minutes.  Contact WSI to assist you in creating a great, easily-manageable social media strategy. Please follow and like...

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Why the Future of Digital Marketing is Video Content

Posted by on Jul 19, 2019 in Digital Media Marketing |

If you are anything like most other people, you have probably watched a video in the past few days, if not today. The reason is that the video has become part of the mainstream content on the Internet. Video excites and engages individuals whether they are consuming news, sports, entertainment or branded messages. Videos have the power to engage people, to unite them as well as to educate them. It can even create cultural conversations. Today, savvy digital marketers understand just how crucial it is to use video marketing. In any case, Cisco Systems foresees that video is going to comprise about 82 percent of the traffic on the Internet within the U.S. in some few years to come. So, let us look at why the future in digital marketing is going to be video.    Video Content Increases Conversions and Sales Using video can make you some serious money. When you add a product video on landing pages, it can increase your conversions substantially.  Studies also indicate that 74 percent of people who viewed an explainer-video about one or the other product eventually bought it; this obviously means that videos can directly increase sales. Most of the information that’s transmitted to the brain is visual. If still pictures can enhance engagement, just imagine the power of moving pictures!  According to Wyzowl statistics, about 63 percent of brands are now using video content marketing, and out of those brands, 82 percent feel that video marketing is a very important component of their marketing strategy.    Video Yields Great ROI Businesses that use video content see an increase in return on investment.  Although video production isn’t that easy or cheap, it pays off in a big way when used appropriately. Today, there are many online video editing tools that brands can use to create videos for their brands and products at an affordable price. Your video doesn’t have to be perfect, what matters most is the content in it. Studies show that most users are put off by a video that does not explain a brand, product or service in a clear way.   Videos Build Trust The basis of conversions and sales is trust. However, building trust doesn’t come easily. You need to create long-term relationships with customers. The good news is that content marketing works pretty well in achieving that. You need to stop selling. Rather, allow people to reach out to you because you provide them with useful information.  Today, there is a focus on igniting audiences and not just the content or traffic. Video creates that focus you need, it engages people and ignites their emotions. For example, YouTubers are some of the most powerful and...

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Why Digital Marketing Is Eco-Friendly Marketing

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Today’s buyers are much more discerning about the brands they buy from. They want to know that the companies they support don’t harm the environment, that they are invested in social upliftment and that they treat employees and clients well. When it comes to your company’s marketing activities, how often do you take a step back and consider your impact on the planet? Whether you are manufacturing clothes or planting trees, your marketing methods and channels need to have as little effect as possible on Earth’s natural resources. Here are a few reasons why digital marketing is eco-friendly marketing: No Printing From flyers and banners to booklets, calendars and magazines, a lot of traditional marketing methods focused on printing. Not only does this require trees to be chopped down for paper, but you also need ink to print onto the paper and then you need to distribute the materials.  Digital marketing, however, rarely includes any type of printing. Communication is disseminated online without leaving a paper trail that will eventually land up on a landfill. No Carbon Emissions Many times, transporting marketing materials from point A to point B requires a car, truck or plane. These carbon emissions can be added to the carbon footprint of your marketing campaign. With digital marketing, there isn’t any transport involved, which will make your brand greener than your competitors’ who need vehicles to transport their materials. Besides the fact that digital marketing is inherently greener than traditional marketing, it also has more reach, it can be more targeted and the results are much easier to measure. Contact WSI OMS for help with your paid online advertising or digital marketing strategies today. Please follow and like...

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