3 Tips to Keep You Inspired as a Writer

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We’ve all had those moments when the inspiration starts to dry up just as the deadline looms. We also all come through it – in one way or another. Here are three things you can try to stop you from getting stuck and keep the inspiration flowing:   1.Remind Yourself That Writing Is Something You Want to Do There is any number of jobs you could be doing, from cleaning toilets to selling insurance to balancing corporate books. However, you chose to be a writer, and here you are; doing what you chose to do. That, in itself. is a blessing few people have. So, next time you’re struggling with a tricky topic or client, just remind yourself of your fortunate position. As soon as anything becomes something you want to do, rather than have to do, it gets a whole lot easier.   2. Find the Balance Between What Your Client Needs and What You Like As a writer, you need to write about what fires you up, about things that you find interesting, written in your own inimitable style. You may well say: “Yes, but that’s easier said than done when you’re filling a copywriting brief.” The trick is to be inventive and find a way to join the brief to your interests and style. When you do so, it makes your job more fun. There is also a certain gratification in mining for and unearthing the connections between client demands and your own sensibilities.   3. Don’t Try to be Original If you’re writing a lot of technical or sales-driven content, you may start to feel like there isn’t much space for your voice. “How can I make this original?” you ask yourself, leading to a lot of time wasted in staring at the screen, drafting and deleting whole paragraphs, and needless self-criticism. Just remember that you can’t help but be original. No matter how many times a topic has been approached by other writers, none of them see it or write it exactly as you can. Just put your fingers to the keys – and there you are.   WSI OMS specialises in great copywriting and all other aspects of online marketing. Let us help you refine your digital marketing copy. Please follow and like...

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6 Ways to Improve Your Writing for SEO

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Traditional copywriting has evolved into quite a different animal with the development of social media and SEO. You may be a beautiful long-form writer or a highly skilled spinner of ad scripts and punchy one-liners, and yet still find the digital world to be a challenge. The medium is rapidly forming a set of rules and practices all its own.  But, if you follow the “new” rules and practices, combining them with your existing writing abilities, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to nail a good blog or social media post every time. Just implement these 6 basic tips: 1. Write for Your Audience  This should be your starting point every time. Forget about search engines, forget your knowledge base and the style with which you are most comfortable. Always know your audience intimately and write with them in mind.   2.Divide Your Time Carefully between Planning, Writing and Editing Writing your document is the easy part and the quickest. The majority of your time (about 50%) should be spent on planning and research. Give 20% to the actual writing and then 30% to editing, polishing and proofreading.   3. Brevity Is Key  Never let your paragraphs get longer than seven lines and make sure that your document can be scanned and understood in a quick, 30-60 second once-over. That’s all most people will give it, so make sure you get the basic information through.   4.Active Voice, Strong Verbs, Short Punchy Sentences  In some forms of writing, the passive voice is fine, but not in online marketing copy. Keep all your sentences in the active voice, always use strong verbs and check each phrase to ensure that it’s the shortest and most powerful it can be.   5. Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Flow Use staccato sentences and words as and when you need to. And, don’t be afraid of one-sentence paragraphs. These are attention grabbers and, therefore, your friends.   6. Be Emphatic and Confident Never appear to be speculative in your content. Assert each point without room for doubt. If there are corrections to be made, they can come in follow-up blogs or posts. You don’t think; you know. You don’t postulate; you recommend. Own and sell your point of view.   Above all, keep it short and simple, and you can seldom go wrong.   WSI is a well-established expert in online copywriting. Contact us and tell us about your digital content needs. Please follow and like...

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Mastering Socialese: 5 Tips for Social Media Copywriting

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Writing good marketing copy for social media platforms is rapidly becoming an art. Added to the existing challenges of copywriting, there are more stringent requirements with regard to grabbing and holding the readers’ attention and saying what you need to say in as few words as possible.  Considering all of this, writing good copy for any and all social media platforms is a bit like learning a new language. It can be a bit intimidating understanding and making yourself understood when mastering a new lingo, but don’t worry. Take these five tips to heart and you’ll be conversing (and selling) in socialese in no time! Arouse Curiosity – Don’t Satisfy It With any social media post, you want to arouse interest and prompt the reader into clicking that link or finding out more about your product in some other way. Ask the question – but don’t answer it. Let your website do that for you. This is not only a more effective marketing strategy, but it also helps you to keep things brief. One way to do this is to focus on the benefits of the product rather than the product itself. Tell readers upfront what your product will do for them, while keeping the details of the product vague. If they want the benefit you offer, they will click to find out more. For example, instead of saying “Car X is a new-generation hybrid that will cut your fuel costs in half,” rather say: “Want to cut your fuel costs in half? Here’s how.” Build Everything around Your USP If you are not able to express your unique special offering (USP) by rote, in a single sentence, then you are likely to have a problem with your marketing strategy in general, let alone with your social media. You need to push your USP in every tweet or post. Regardless of the specifics of your tweet, the USP needs to be immediately discernible at a half-second glance. If it isn’t, users will simply scroll down and you will get lost in their newsfeed. Hone that USP until you can’t any more, then hone a bit more. Then push it consistently throughout the content strategy.  Use Active Voice  Passive verbs have their place in everyday language, but they should be pretty much forbidden in your social media posts. The active voice keeps the message more brief and to the point. Compare the following sentences that say essentially the same thing: “Your life will be changed by this product.” “This product will change your life.” Address, Don’t Broadcast  Speak directly to your reader as if you are having a conversation with him/her alone. Don’t broadcast a general message like you are...

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How to Stay Alert as a Content Copywriter and Marketer

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Creating content is the foundation of your marketing strategy. It’s the content that will sell your brand, and if you cannot produce a killer piece, you are wasting your time. You have heard of bloggers who have spent years creating content, but they are unable to gain traction. Their audience is always running away! But why? Probably because the content is boring, and the reason could be that they are not confident when creating it. To write content you don’t have to be the most creative person or even a wordsmith; however, the way you schedule your time and how you approach your content writing can make a difference. Here are ways to remain alert when writing content and doing content marketing:    Stop Becoming Disoriented by the Internet It’s easy to get lost on the internet because you are distracted. Copywriters spend a lot of their time online. And, considering that there are so many things happening on the internet, if you are not careful, you will be lost and won’t be attentive when creating your content. There are so many things you come across while doing your research – like funny videos you can watch on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram  – that can really eat up your hours. So, the best advice is that you need to put a lid on the multitude of distractions you face on the internet. For example, you can use browser plugins that keep the distractions away. You also need to have a list of your to-dos and your priorities.   Have a Phone-Free Workspace Your workspace zone should be free of phones. The amount of time you spend picking up the phone can make your productivity take a plunge. If you are going to be successful and remain alert when writing, you have to do away with your phone. Not that copywriting is too involved or that it requires a lot of focus, but because the biggest distraction to copywriters is a ringing cell phone. When you stop to check some texts that have just come in or if you answer a buddy’s phone call while in the midst of writing or coming up with a title or researching a particular topic, it becomes difficult to pick up from where you left off. In the end, you will have sub-par content that has taken all your time.   Have a Daily To-Do List Having a planner containing the content that you have to create (a to-do list) will help you to keep track and on top of what has been accomplished and what is remaining. A planner not only keeps you organised but also prevents you from forgetting assignments. It also...

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How Do You Keep Your Copywriting Skills Unsullied and Fresh

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 When you first start out copywriting, you are full of energy and excitement. You are happy that things are moving in the right direction – no surprise there – and you are being paid crazy well for the tasks you are handling. However, after 10 years of having been involved in content writing and marketing, things may begin to take a turn for the worst. Perhaps, it doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to be. And, you may begin to wonder what is wrong with you. Not that your brain has stopped working, but because you haven’t learned the ways you can reignite your writing skills. When things seem to be getting a little old, you need to know what to do so that you freshen up your copywriting skills.   Avoid Doing Tasks you Don’t Love A sound way to stay fresh in copywriting is to stop doing what you don’t love. If for example, you have been doing brochure content and soon you begin to feel stale, resign from those and look for something new. It’s often said that a change is as good as a holiday, and that applies pretty well to copywriting. If you don’t love something, dump it. However, it may not be so easy to quit that job you have been doing because of the knowledge that there are bills to pay. So, start looking for a different kind of content to write well in advance; you can probably do press releases, editorial copy, video content and the like. It will help you to reignite your skills and remain more productive.   Remain Engaged with Change You will need to ride the waves of change if you want to stay fresh in content writing. It could be that you are doing web content, and you can move to SEO content, then to blogs, then to online video content and so forth. You just want to keep on changing the content. The choices are many, and after every few years, we are having different kinds of content sprouting up. When you remain engaged with the changes, you will never be bored with your copywriting job. And if you are not bored, it means you (and your skill) will remain fresh.   Fight Fun Battles Copywriting isn’t a hard-charging game or the in-your-face broadcasting challenge. You need to look through the lens and know that things change with time. It is a well-established fact that in the beginning, copywriting was a copy and paste thing, until search engines like Google began hitting hard on website owners that used plagiarised content. Today, content creation involves conversational copywriting, and you have to stop the old-school, unwelcome...

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3 Reasons Your Website Needs Great Copywriting

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Great copywriting goes a long way, especially online. Quality content is the most effective way to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. Sadly, most businesses don’t realise the power of great copywriting to inform, engage and eventually convert readers into paying customers. So here are a few reasons why you should invest in better copy for your website: There is More to Your Website Than Its Visual Appeal It is important to have a website that looks great, it does the hard work of making a good first impression on your audience. But, even though a pretty face will grab your reader’s attention, it won’t keep them interested. Great copywriting ensures that once the visual appeal wears off, the reader will find the information they’re looking for, while getting a clear sense of what your brand and business is about. Great Copywriting Boosts Your SEO Rankings Every business wants that top spot in the Google rankings, it increases visibility and improves your chances of winning new customers. Keywords are necessary for Search Engine Optimisation but stuffing them into your web copy will make your content impossible to understand or relate to. Great copywriting satisfies both the search engine and the reader: It shows Google that you’re a credible source with high-quality content, and It ensures your content is relevant and informative to your readers.  It is Your Best Salesperson Great copy sells. And it does so without your customer knowing. It serves three important functions: It gives your brand a voice and makes it sound human, It builds familiarity and trust with your reader, and It communicates your company’s products and services in a memorable way. It ultimately has the power to convince your readers to choose you over the competition. Need great copywriting services for your website? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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