Content Creating Tips for Internet Marketers

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Inbound Marketing assumes you’ll gain followers online by providing a constant source of valuable content for them. However, writing content for the Internet is easier said than done and it takes time to build an online reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Only you know your audience well enough to know what they would consider as valuable information. But what kind of information constitutes valuable content? Look at the 3 points below and decide which one rings true with your organisation: Having the CEO engage with the man-on-the-street via a Blog or Social Media account Using a combination of humour and industry-related content as a way to keep people interested Publishing pricing information when no other competitors share that kind of information Below are a few things you can try when you’re creating content for the web. Shake Things Up If you’re going to shake things up and get noticed for your content then you’re going to have to do a few things that are different (even out of the ordinary) to others in your industry.  Address an unpopular topic and help people solve it. If there are problems with what your industry is selling then someone will be looking for a solution. Be a Risk Taker Don’t be afraid to take a different approach. Before you publish content that could damage your reputation/business, ensure the worst case scenarios aren’t bad at all. Then go about creating content that causes a stir but will cause people to sit up and take notice. Speak to your Audience in their Language Make sure your Content speaks to your audience in a language they can relate to. And by that I mean you should stray from high-tech industry jargon. Create content that appeals and encourages conversation among your followers. Finally, remember that people that are searching online want to be informed as well as entertained. If you get your Content Marketing right a few times, people will notice, remark and spread the...

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Optimising and Measuring Online Video Content

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Now that you have an idea as to where to start with your Online Video Content, it is important to know that conversion-orientated video isn’t just about producing it and uploading it to the Web. Just as you would optimise your PPC ads and Landing Pages for maximum conversion, Online Video Content also needs to be optimised for conversion. But before you begin to optimise your Video Content, it is important you measure the results of your Online Video so far so that you know what needs to be tweaked and altered in order to improve your conversion rate. Measuring Online Video In order to optimise your Online Video Content effectively you would need to measure the following: Opt-In-Rate – this is the number of users that have chosen to watch your video Engagement Profile – this is the percentage of users who engaged with your Online Video for a certain period of time Conversion Rate – the number of Call to Actions completed from the Online Video The information you gather from Measuring Online Video will enable you to make better decisions regarding: Changes to Call to Action text The placement of your Online Video on a page Where in your video are your audience dropping off? Should this section (s) of your video be left out? Applying SEO and Social Media – Optimising Your Online Video Content Use keyword research tools in order to tag your video with the relevant keywords associated with the content therein. It helps to build a page on your website per video. Here you can include a brief, keyword-rich introduction to your video and you can provide meta data for optimal SEO. If you’re distributing your video across other video sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube then ensure your keyword tags and meta data remain consistent. Make use of Video Thumbnails. YouTube takes the frame from the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 mark and lets you pick which one to use as your thumbnail. Display your Call to Action in your Video Thumbnail so when your video shows up in search engine results your Call to Action will be front and centre.   Avoid the use of Active-X controls, Flash, and entirely dynamic video. Use Social Bookmarking to promote your Online Videos. Search for popular videos within your subject matter and create a video response. This allows you to piggyback on the popularity of the other video. Just make sure your video’s title tag and description are similar to the popular video. Ensure your Online Video Content is available for others to upload to their...

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More Tips for Online Video Content Creation

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In my first Online Video Content creation post, I covered the following:Advantages of Online Video Content Focussing on making Online Video that is brief and action orientated The structure for Online Video Content Not wasting time on production qualityThis post introduces a few more Online Video Tips that can help you produce valuable video content. Online Video Content Tips Aim to keep your Online Video Content genuine. Creating videos that use sophisticated p

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Using Online Video Content as an Internet Marketing Tool

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Online video has grown in recent years. The stats are as follows:39% in 2007 46% in 2008 124% in 2009It is important that Internet Marketers get used to working with Online Video channels like YouTube now in order to convert visitors into leads. Advantages of Online VideoOnline Video is an excellent brand awareness and content creation tool It is low risk and requires minimal investment of time and moneyOnline Video Tips It is important to make Online Videos

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Writing website content

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Your website should always answer your visitor’s queries and solve their most urgent need or problem. The writing of website content is most likely the most time consuming part of developing and creating your website. A good way to start writing the content of your website is to ask yourself a couple of questions about your visitors. This can help you to establish the purpose of your website. What is the purpose of your website? This can be your first question

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Quality Content will Attract Visitors to your Website

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Although the Internet is made up of billions of pages, there is a common goal – to attract business prospects and consumers in order to sell products and services. Because the Information Superhighway is so overwhelmingly inundated with information on everything you can think of, it is important that your content articles are superior and dependable in order to promote yourself as a reliable source of information on the Internet. Major search engines like Google a

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