Where to repurpose your content

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We’ve written about the pains and strife involved in getting your blogs out there. You create a candle-lit, calendar-inscribed event out of writing a blog post (because we know this doesn’t happen during the day when the phone is ringing and clients are breathing down your neck), you’ve shared it on social media and you’ve even gone to the effort of finding a relevant picture because you read that your “content needs visuals”. So now what? If you’re creating good content and want to establish yourself as an industry authority, then you need to repurpose your content. Not only does this help with inbound marketing, but it means that tens of thousands of people could potentially read your blog (and not just your friends and Aunt Edna who troll your Facebook profile relentlessly). Here are a few places to repurpose your content: Inbound.com The entire goal of Inbound.com’s content repurposing is to help make sure great content gets read by people from all over the world. You can set up a free account and simply post a link to your blog. Well it isn’t that simple. They do have a pretty strict set of guidelines (as any good content repurposing site should), so make sure your blog post fits the bill. Inbound’s guidelines include being “cool” (we could probably help you with that as we’re pretty hip-and-happening) and not writing self-promotional material. Biz Sugar If you’ve got a small business and are set up educating your readers, then this is a great place to repurpose your content. The type of articles and blogs that get posted here are generally targeted at small business owners and they include tips, tricks and how-to types of content. Check out Biz Sugar. Reddit Reddit has become increasingly popular over the past few years. What makes this a great content repurposing site is the fact that users submit votes to promote stories to the front page. Need help with your content marketing strategy? Then Contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Growing your blog’s e-mail list

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In our last post we explained why any blogger should consider creating an e-mail list. The answer is plain and simple and in retrospect it could’ve been summed up in one sentence: because more people will read what you’re writing about. Regardless, we didn’t give you all the tips you need about creating a winning content marketing strategy to make sure that people actually sign up to receive e-mails from you, so here are a few tips to make this happen: Give away a worthwhile freebie Everyone is giving away freebies to entice people to sign-up to their lists. You need to make your freebie stand out because a one-page pdf isn’t worth the data needed to download it in the first place. Find out what your target audience would need. A simple way to achieve this is: look at your blog’s statistics to find out which posts and topics are top performers. Create a whitepaper, free webinar or something cool that they would want that relates to this topic. Create a personalised welcome series Don’t copy and paste the standard welcome message that robots write for e-mail list sign-ups. Write a more personal message and say that readers are welcome to contact you for blog suggestions or with questions (and include your own e-mail address, because if a reader is willing to give you their personal e-mail address then you should do the same). This creates an invaluable open communication channel with your readers. Need help with your content marketing strategy? Then Contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Why bloggers need to create an e-mail list

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If you’re blogging your heart out and investing blood, sweat, tears and precious time creating blogs, then you obviously want them to be read. Posting a blog doesn’t magically make the post go viral and even sharing the blog post on social media doesn’t always give your blog the traction it needs (and deserves – as we just mentioned, these things take time). Creating an e-mail list for your blog is a must-have. If you’re sharing knowledge and opinions that people find worthwhile, you need to let them know when you’ve posted a new blog. Creating an e-mail list can achieve this. Here’s a simple tip to help you populate this list: Make your subscriber pick-up line enticing Asking people to sign up to an e-mail list for no reason is like sending a Facebook request to a stranger and saying “Wanna have friendship with me?” It’s just not on. Actually, it’s off-putting. Blog readers aren’t mind readers (in fact, they’re there to pick your brain) so spell it out to them: why should they join your list, what can they expect and how often are you going to be sending them e-mails? People don’t like spam, so assure them that you’re not going to share their information and that you’re not a Rumpelstiltskin-like blogger that churns out hundreds of posts per week. You’ll only be notifying them if you’ve posted something that could, a) improve their business, b) give them new insights that would appeal to them or c) would win a Pulitzer prize (in which case you would probably also close down your blog and start working as a serious investigative journalist for the New York Times). Make it worthwhile. Need help with your content marketing strategy? Then Contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Copywriting services clarified! This is as good as it gets!

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We live in an age where content is king – and copywriting services will help you create current, engaging content that will put you ahead of the competition. Business owners make use of copywriting services to persuade someone to buy a product or to influence their beliefs. If you need your website to be re-written or if you are in need of a blog, a press release or a company profile, then you need the copywriting services of WSI. Your website content needs to be created in such a way that it engages readers and search engines alike. It can be a time-consuming and tedious job to sit down, write everything yourself and keep it updated – never mind keeping the site’s rankings up at the top! We like to get to know our customers and get a feel for their corporate image, their way of doing business and their individual needs – that way we can write accurate copy that reflects your business ethos while applying the latest SEO techniques. Copywriters can help you create the following: Taglines Web page content Online ads Marketing communication media pages Social media content Other forms of electronic communication Copywriting is, in other words, the art of communicating a message, influencing sales, generating leads, increasing customer care, boosting your credibility and creating engagement – all in order to ultimately position your business the best it can be. At WSI, we work together as part of a creative team where we get to know our customers and their needs well enough to offer them a service that is unique to their company and their brand. We are responsible for telling the story and crafting it in such a way that it resonates with the reader to ideally produce a favourable emotional response. Pass the burden of writing compelling copywriting content on to us because we can offer you the most competitive prices and quick turnaround times on leading content. Contact WSI today to talk about our copywriting services – because we know what you need. Please follow and like...

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Content marketing insights: Evergreen content and why you need it

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To maintain a healthy online content marketing footprint it is vital to remember not to neglect evergreen content. Most marketing managers have come to realise this but, as it is with most things that are worth the time and effort, it can be a lot trickier than it sounds. If you’re not already a pro it’s probably better to consult an expert like WSI OMS, here’s a short list of the most frequently encountered pitfalls and how to avoid them. 1.    The first one is that very often we just don’t get to writing or creating that evergreen content. There are so many interesting opinion pieces and brand-relevant stories breaking almost every day that it is easy to get lost in the ‘hot topic’ scramble. After all, no one wants to look like they’re behind on current trends or outdated in any way. However, don’t give in, because there will be gaps and you’ll need content to keep your fans interested and engaged in your brand. 2.    The second problem many struggle with is firstly, coming up with original content and secondly, integrating it into the rest of the more current content you put out. The best way to get around this is to choose your evergreen content topic with a whole campaign’ in mind. Start by choosing something as generic and timeless as possible (for instance, if you are a company selling exercise equipment, why exercise is good for your heart). Then, if you have chosen well, you can easily link current trends (new equipment, health trends, exercise routines etc.) to your evergreen content and so integrate the two approaches seamlessly. 3.    Lastly, never forget that content marketing is merely there to keep your customers and prospects interested in your brand, not to sell anything to them. Your topics should therefore not only be informative and interesting, but should speak directly to your brand and consumer base. Contact us for more professional advice on how to approach content marketing. Back to content marketing. Please follow and like...

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How multicultural content marketing can grow your business

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Multicultural content marketing is always a good idea if you want to reach a wide scope of people and on a more personal level. People are always more likely to respond to something when they feel that they are being spoken to directly, and the best way to do this is to acknowledge their unique cultural traits. It also tells people on a subconscious level that you understand who they are and that you are therefore more likely to meet their needs when it comes to the products you are selling and/or service you provide. If you are looking to expand your business by reaching more people, this is definitely the way to go. The key to success when it comes to this approach is to have an in-depth understanding of the different cultures you are speaking to and to always be aware of this fact – what is acceptable for one group of people might be offensive to another. In other words, it’s always advisable to make doubly sure before posting anything. However, websites can quickly become cluttered and indecipherable if you try to do too much for too many at the same time, so it’s always a good idea to get experts like WSI OMS involved to ensure that this doesn’t happen. On the other hand, in a multicultural country like South Africa where many words and phrases from specific cultures have been adopted by the general public, multicultural content marketing is not only a lot easier, but also advisable. It is our unique mix of cultures, languages and traditions that make us ‘proudly South African’, and it is highly advisable to reflect this in all your content marketing efforts. However, you should take great care to never be perceived as ‘trying too hard’ or pandering to and perpetuating clichés. Contact us today to ensure that you get your multicultural content marketing right and so avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Back to multicultural content marketing page. Please follow and like...

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