Distributing your content online

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So you’ve gone through the effort to create a content marketing plan and you’ve dedicated a few hours each week to blogging. You press ‘publish’ on your content management system…and then you wait. After a few days, you realise only ten people clicked on your blog post. What are you doing wrong? In order to make sure as many people as possible read your blogs, you need to distribute them properly. Few blogs simply “go viral” by themselves (unless you’ve got a huge blog that thousands of people subscribe to). Here are a few places you can distribute your content online: Blogger communities There are a few blogger networks that have regular bloggers who not only read each other’s blog posts, but are willing to share worthwhile content for you. Two great examples are Triberr and Social Buzz Club. Make sure you’re not only writing self-promotional content but actually giving people high quality, interesting advice. Social media If you’ve got a blog, you better have a Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ account as well. Share the blog on all of these social media platforms (with Twitter, you can even create a few different tweets that link to the blog). Also ask your employees, clients and friends to share the content for you. E-mail list Don’t send out a link to a blog post about new hires to your list of clients. Make sure you carefully segment your e-mail database into groups so you only send relevant people links to blog posts which will appeal to them. Need somebody to help you create content and distribute it online? Contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Be the journalist of your own business – create your own news

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Unless you are Apple, McDonald’s or another huge business, the content you generate and distribute as news will be done by you. Being able to make use of user-generated content is the ideal position to be in, but many small to medium sized businesses (unfortunately) don’t yet have the brand loyalty to expect bloggers to scrutinise their new product developments and other news for them. If you’ve got a website and a blog, you need to be your own journalist (or at least hire a digital marketer that will act as a journalist for you). Everything from new hires, promotions, company events, product launches and expos should be regaled to your readers and followers as news. If you’re not recreating what you do in real life online, then you are missing great opportunities to market yourself to potential customers as well as existing customers. Finding newsworthy things to blog about Blogging about your own business isn’t good enough – you have to stay on top of what your competition is saying and what’s being said in your industry. If there’s a controversial issue, new research or changes in the industry, you should be the first one to break the story to your followers. Take a news article that relates to your business, link to it and write your own opinion on the subject to customise it to your target audience. If you need someone to be a journalist for your business, we can help. Contact our creative content marketing team today. Please follow and like...

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How to explain a new product to customers with content marketing

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When you start a content marketing strategy, it’s easy to get caught up in how you’re going to distribute every single message to your potential readers. It’s understandable you want to market your company in the best way possible, but there are some pointers you need to read before you start blogging up a storm. Focus on benefits, not features If you’ve got a new product (one that might not be understood straight off the bat), don’t create content which focuses on explaining what it is. Rather create content that explains what your product can do for the user. There’s a huge difference in explaining the technical features of a product and getting a reader on board with the idea of what you can do for them. Know the difference. Use graphics and videos You would be surprised at how easy it is to recall and understand information if you’ve got a visual explanation. People don’t have time to read tons of information, so make sure you have graphics and videos to compliment your blog posts and articles. This type of content is a necessity if you’re launching a new product to the market. Localise your content If your product is aimed at different target markets, localise your content for each of these markets. Whether it’s retired empty nesters, teenagers, farmers or students, make sure you’ve got different content that appeals to each segment. Need help with your content marketing? Contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Brainstorming content ideas

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Here at WSI, each and every content marketing client receives a customised content calendar from us. Without this – all of our copywriting attempts would be futile. Here are just a few benefits of working from a content calendar: Focuses on different themes during different months. If your business is usually busy during the holiday season or has product-specific sales and promotions during specific months, this needs to be reflected in your content calendar. The goal of your content strategy is to recreate what you do in real life, online. Ensure everyone knows their responsibilities. There are usually various people contributing to a content marketing strategy. A content calendar creates a single touch-point where everyone can see when they need to deliver their content, who will be posting it and where it needs to be shared online. It forces you to brainstorm new content ideas. Coming up with your first few blog posts isn’t a problem – it’s the other 11 months of the calendar that you need to fill in order to make sure your content marketing strategy doesn’t go stale. Continuously coming up with new content ideas can be challenging. Here are a few things you can do to generate more content ideas: Ask your customers what they want you to write about Look at online trends. There must be certain hashtags you can type into Twitter to find out what’s newsworthy in your industry Repurpose content. If you gave a presentation or your company created a Whitepaper, make sure you’re repurposing this content into blogs, articles, infographics and tweets Browse StumbleUpon. This site isn’t only used for entertainment – it can be a great source of new, industry-specific content ideas. Need someone to help you with your content marketing strategy? Contact us today. Please follow and like...

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Setting the right goals for your content marketing strategy

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Many small to medium sized businesses aren’t implementing successful content marketing strategies. The problem is that their goals either aren’t realistic, or they are not clearly defined. If you’ve ever started to blog or create content, you will know how time-consuming this can be. After the first initial posts, your stream of ideas (and willingness to sit and write at night) start to dwindle. Many business owners falsely believe that by creating content, customers will magically appear in their store. Fact remains there are few blogs that convert visitors into clients within their first, second or even third visit. Content marketing is an ongoing process and its main goal is usually relationship building and building trust online. In fact, there’s no greater way to achieve trust online – but you need to be smart about it. While many business owners will agree that building online relationships with their ideal customer is definitely one of their goals, there are a few other goals you should earmark for you content strategy. Here are a few examples: Bring new leads to your website Forge deeper relationships with your existing clients and prospects Be seen as a thought leader in your industry Give advice, How To’s and tips so that you can help your online community educate themselves Increase customer satisfaction by adding more value to the client relationship If you’re struggling to justify the investment of content for your business, it might be time to redefine your goals or hire consultants to create a content plan and a content calendar that shows you how to execute your plan. Need someone to help you with your content marketing strategy? Contact us today. Please follow and like...

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The key to content marketing is understanding your audience

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Want to make sure your content marketing strategy is a success? Then you need to understand your audience. Seth Godin famously defines the ideal customer as a person who wants your product and has the ability to pay for it. Some of the most successful content marketing strategies zone in on only one subject or topic and focus on becoming the thought leaders, the ultimate go-to person, for information, advice and How To’s on the topic. Think of Copyblogger’s website – they focus on how to sell with copywriting, they don’t try to be seen as thought leaders in each and every aspect of digital marketing. It’s common for companies to want to define their ideal customer too broadly, such as “everyone in the Southern hemisphere between the ages of 16 – 65.”  While this will allow you to create a lot of diverse content, you’re not going to be able to focus on a niche that really appears to a specific target group. It’s important to remember that certain content gets good results in different communities. The most successful content marketing strategies are those that create content that gets shared by their followers. This is the best way to reach new people – by getting their existing social media connections to recommend your content. The best way to find your ideal audience is to create different audience profiles. Map out exactly who they are (what industry are they in? what are their job titles and background?) and figure out what challenges and problems they face. Focus your content around helping them with these problems in order to create a winning content strategy. Need someone to help you with your content marketing strategy? Contact us today. Please follow and like...

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