Deep Analytics Offered by New Twitter Activity Dashboard

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If you thought Retweets and favourites were a great way to market on Twitter, think again – the new Twitter activity dashboard takes social media marketing to the next level. What does this dashboard offer that’s so different? Deep analytics – that’s what. Now users can gauge impressions and engagement rates for both promoted and regular Tweets. The new Twitter analytics dashboard presents three new tools to Twitter marketing as follows: Tweets – this dashboard tool allows you to access information on your Tweets for the past 28 days. This data will provide you with information on times of posts, media uploaded, hashtags and what call-to-actions you have used. Performance rates for every Tweet is provided and you will be able to see every Retweet, favourite, reply, impression and similar. The analytics dashboard will allow you to evaluate your content by comparing impressions and total engagement in real time. Followers – this dashboard tool tells you more about the people who form part of your target audience. Here you can gather more insight on gender, age groups and the varied interests of your followers. This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out which Tweets work best – you can now see who has viewed and engaged with your Tweets. Twitter Cards – these are used to help represent the content within your tweets. There are seven to choose from and they provide context of media and posts to viewers. Calls to action, additional media and content are provided by these cards, which drive traffic to your website or external links. The analytics dashboard ensures all users are provided with information that is scalable and valuable. If you are looking to create compelling and engaging messages for your viewers, this is the way to do it. Enhance your social media marketing campaign with the help of WSI You might have a presence on Twitter and other social media marketing platforms, but are they really working for you. If you want to ensure your business has an online presence that is noticed, recognised and trusted by your target audience, having a professional online marketing strategy is the way to go. At WSI we specialise in social media marketing and can ensure your campaign is achieving your advertising objectives by assisting you with creating and implementing high quality content and media for the enjoyment of your consumers. Our social media marketing services include social networking, social media marketing and social media optimisation. We can transform your online campaign into an effective advertising campaign that guarantees a great ROI for your business. Contact us at WSI for more information and advice on our social media marketing campaigns and strategies today....

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Your content marketing guide to getting the most out of Google Trends

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Google Trends is a relatively new tool from Google and they have added a few nifty features which will help give your content marketing a boost and ensure you get the results you want. In a nutshell, Google Trends allows you to search for any word, phrase or term in order to determine how it measures up in terms of search volume on the web. This enables you to see the popularity of the search term over a period of time. Tips on making the most out of Google Trends: Keyword Research. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, the keyword is one of the most important components of the entire search process as this is what customers are going to use in order to find you on the web. Google Trend allows you to see how popular certain keywords are. By using this information, you can optimise your online properties and create content that is more SEO friendly. Brand monitoring. This is an excellent way to see if people are searching for your business and will offer valuable insight as to where you stand against your competitors. You can also use this to track what people are talking about by searching words or terms related to your industry and this will allow you to tailor your content according to what your customer base is interested in. Trend research. Finding out what is popular and trendy at any given time is an incredibly valuable marketing tool. By finding out what is trending in general or specifically to your industry, you can attract plenty of buzz and interest by tailoring your marketing around a specific trend. Content inspiration. When you use Google Trends as a way to research, you will find inspiration that may trigger ideas for new content. Creating unique content that is relevant is the best form of SEO. Sentiment analysis. High search volumes do not necessarily mean all good things. By being able to determine where the division lies between positive and negative attention, you will be able to figure out where your business needs to improve as well as determine what it is you are doing right. When you use Google Trends correctly, it offers valuable insight into the minds and needs of your target audience and provides the inside information you need to create better content and potentially get ahead of your competition. At WSI OMS, we offer our clients world class solutions for all aspects of digital marketing and will work with you every step of the way to educate you and your employees on the various components as well as the value of digital marketing. To learn more about our services, contact us...

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Use efficient content curation to boost your digital marketing

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The key to a successful digital marketing strategy in today’s day and age is content. With the focus of business marketing worldwide shifting to online methods, the competition is fierce and getting noticed is becoming increasingly more difficult. Effective content curation is the key to ensuring that your business blogs, newsletters and social media pages stay ahead of the game. How to ensure efficient content curation When curating your content, it is important to have a reliable source of information. To avoid the inconvenience of having to go to multiple sources for high quality content, you can make use of tools such as Hootsuite’s syndicator which allows you to keep all your regular sources conveniently located in one place. To ensure effective content marketing, you need to ensure the content you share is useful and of good quality. The only way to do this is to actually read the content you choose to share. In order to encourage effective interaction, the content you share needs to be informative and interesting. Effective curating means using the right information at the right time. Make sure you have a direction for each week and hold on to pieces of info that may be applicable in the future. This is where an effective RSS system, such as the above mentioned Hootsuite syndicator, comes in handy as it enables you to keep valuable information until you are ready to use it. Content curation takes time, but the benefits are well worth it. Make sure you stick to a timetable when it comes to sharing content for the sake of your schedule and for the sake of your followers. For more tips on web design as well as an effective social media marketing strategy, invest in the expert services of WSI OMS. For more information, contact us today. Please follow and like...

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Better online reputation management with blogs

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In today’s society, social media marketing is one of, if not the most, powerful tool for internet marketing. Social media is an excellent way to manage the online reputation of your business and maintaining a good business blog is one of the many ways this can be done. The feedback people post with regard to your brand can either make it or break it in an instant. As with anything on the internet nowadays, you need to make sure the content you place on your blog is of a good quality and serves the purpose you had in mind when starting the blog in the first place. How blogging can help improve your online management reputation A blog is an excellent tool for digital marketing as it is a direct insight into the thoughts and personality of your brand. When readers subscribe to a blog and read the blog content, it creates a more personal connection and creates the feeling you are speaking directly to them. People today enjoy feeling important and like the idea that their needs and interests are a priority. Connecting with clients on this level creates a sense of loyalty while still allowing you the opportunity to promote your business. Another advantage of this channel of communication is the fact that readers have an open platform to express their views and this is something people appreciate in modern society. This may pose a challenge to you as this freedom of expression may not always be positive, but view this as a good opportunity to right the wrongs and show your readers you are paying attention to what they want. At WSI OMS, we understand all the components necessary for an effective online marketing strategy. We will guide you in web design, Search Engine Optimisation, content marketing and more. Contact us today. Please follow and like...

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How to ensure your content gets found

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With the popularity and convenience of online applications, content marketing has now become the key to getting yourself noticed by the right people. Getting onto the internet is the easiest thing in the world, but getting noticed is a whole different ball game and knowing how to correctly market your content will go a long way in improving the overall success of your digital marketing strategy. The massive amount of people that make use of the internet every single day means that if you want people to actually pay attention to you, your content must be of high quality. Do your research and find out what people are hungry for. When you cater to the desires of the masses, you are already halfway there. Content marketing tips Networking. Get involved with influential people on the net as these are the people who have the connections you need to get your content out there. Format your content. In order for your content to reach a bigger audience, it needs to be reader friendly and easy to share. Be unique. Originality is crucial to the success of your content. People want fresh ideas and to believe that you are new and different. Quality trumps quantity. It is no use bombarding people with tons of useless information. Take your time and put the necessary effort into your content in order to get people to listen. By investing in the services of WSI OMS, you will gain a valuable edge in the world of digital marketing. We can help you implement effective social media marketing strategies, web design and mobile marketing that is guaranteed to put your business on the map. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation and much more, so for more information, contact us today. Please follow and like...

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How small businesses should use video marketing as part of their content marketing campaign

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Content marketing is the way forward and presenting your audience with relevant and useful videos forms an integral part of this. Just because you don’t have a hefty advertising budget to support big video productions does not mean that your business cannot create and benefit from compelling video content. If you want to ensure your marketing strategy offers relevant content to your target audience then the time to get working on an effective video marketing campaign is now. Creating a video for your business does not require a great deal of skill or access to state of the art video equipment. If you have a decent Smartphone or video recorder, you can create content that is clear and well presented. You can use your marketing video in the following ways: Upload how-to videos to YouTube. Supply clients with useful product information. Provide a company product profile to interested parties. Tips to creating a marketing video for your business Keep it short and sweet – consumers aren’t going to watch hours of videos to learn how to complete a home DIY project or make use of a product correctly. By keeping the videos short you can present useful content without losing the interest of your consumer. Set up a YouTube channel – this is both simple and absolutely free. You will also benefit from your video being highly searchable as Google owns YouTube. It is important to make use of keyword relevant titles, tags and descriptions if you want your marketing video to be easily found. This is a key element in any content marketing campaign that makes use of videos. Video editing – the last thing you want to do is upload a video that looks unprofessional and you will find there are a few free video editing apps that you can download. Make use of these to put the finishing touches on your video before you upload it. These are just a few tips to consider when piecing together a marketing video for your business. Contact us at WSI OMS for useful tips and advice when it comes to using video for content marketing today. Please follow and like...

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