Setting up a successful online community

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Establishing your own online community is a great way to start conversations with like-minded people or people who wish to come together to share information, comment on discussions, give advice or collaborate on projects. Having common ground is a great way to promote yourself or your services, to others who want to hear what you have to say. Communities can take all forms – from LinkedIn groups to Facebook groups, there’s an online community covering just about everything. So, if there are already so many communities, why start one of your own? There are a number of reasons, an obvious one being that as manager of the group, you get to set the tone and pick the conversation. It helps you to build stronger connections with your customers or followers and can be a good way to give back – questions can be directed to a group instead of an individual, sharing information. And most importantly, communities can be a great way to generate leads. Setting up a community doesn’t take long, but running it successfully is quite a commitment. To be successful, you need to contribute regularly (daily, if possible); set up guidelines and stick to them; reply to questions promptly; and listen – encourage conversations, take criticism, show you care. The guidelines for your group should be clearly stated and easy to identify. These are essentially rules and should cover how to use the group; who can post what, when; when people are allowed to self-promote; and what kinds of comments or posts will get them kicked out of the group. It’s a good idea to post a mix of information, like quotes, memes, tips and advice, other people’s blogs, success stories, video clips or personal experiences. Using an online community to blatantly self-promote is not a good idea, you’ll quickly lose your followers. It’s more positive to turn leads into conversions gradually and subtly. To make your community stand out from the rest, you need to give it a personality. Once you’ve decided on your tone, stick with it – you may alienate some followers, but a core group will most likely become very loyal. It’s not a good idea to use your platform to whine or pontificate; being prepared to learn as much as you can from your community is the point here. Don’t delete negative comments outright – rather use the opportunity to get feedback on your business or product and tackle it head-on. Online communities can be extremely valuable, often connecting business partners for life. You’ll learn more about your customers than you thought possible, as well as getting great ideas. To find out more about digital and social media marketing, contact us...

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Social Media Marketing Mysteries Explained

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With so much out there, social media marketing can seem like a very complicated thing to manage. As always, it starts with a solid strategy and getting the basics right. There are a lot of common issues that social marketers face, so here are some of these explained. Having a presence on every social network This is not necessary – you need to be where your customers are. Different social networking platforms appeal to different people, as well as various industries or sectors, so having a presence everywhere will not be as targeted and specific as you need it to be. Don’t dabble in areas you are unfamiliar with – it will weaken your business image. Consistent handles Make it easy for people to find you, by using the same usernames across every network you are on. Using different social media handles might lead to missed opportunities, when someone tags you. Checking if your choice of username is available across multiple networks is a good idea. Relevant content Generating and posting content for your posts can be difficult, but by finding out what your customers are interested in, makes it easier. Following influencers in your industry is a good place to start; keeping abreast of what is trending is a good way to stay relevant. You can also ask your followers to tell you what they want to see. Regularity of posts There is no magic answer here. How often you post depends on a number of factors, such as resources and time. If you find it hard to come up with regular content, then post when you can, but keep it consistent. One blog a week, of good quality, is way better than numerous sub-standard posts. Content can be reposted on different networks, just remember to tweak it slightly to suit the platform, as the followers are not always the same. Getting more followers The simplest way by far is putting the right information in front of your follower at the ideal time. If you can get great content, that is relevant and interesting, in front of your followers, you are more likely to engage with them and gain their loyalty. Every follower has their own contacts they could potentially recommend you to, so don’t miss out on any opportunities. Use social media to drive traffic to your website. Is bigger, better? Having more and more (and more) contacts is not the best idea. You do not need to accept every LinkedIn or friend request. Try to acquire a following of like-minded people and build a network that has substance. Who you follow is just as important as who follows you. Investing in social media advertising With so...

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Three reasons to hire professional social media managers

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While social media is a necessary part of almost every business, it can be a confusing field and you’ll quickly discover that in order to establish a quality social media presence, it takes time and skill. At WSI we have social media professionals who can assist you in establishing a social media presence, maintaining and growing your social media pages and creating content for a variety of social media platforms. Why hire social media marketers? We’ll evaluate your company and determine which social media platforms are best-suited to it. You may be tempted to create a profile on every available social media platform, but not all platforms are ideal for each company. It’s best to identify the ones that will work best with your company and focus on building them. We understand strategy. Social media isn’t just about posting daily updates; you need to have a strategy and measurable goals in order to evaluate your performance. Our team can create a customised strategy that suits your company and assist you in carrying out the tactics. We understand the importance of online community management, which means regularly interacting with people on all of your social media pages. Simply posting content and never replying to comments, questions or concerns is not good practice; many people rely on social media as a way to get in touch with brands or companies and they expect to be acknowledged. Managing your social media presence is a time-consuming task. Rather than spend your valuable time cultivating a presence and managing your social media pages, let the professionals at WSI handle it for you. We’ve got the experience and the know-how to help you succeed. For more information about social media marketing or if you have any questions, please contact WSI today. We look forward to hearing from you. Please follow and like...

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How social media marketers can build a governance policy

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Social media managers and social media marketers have to juggle a great deal of responsibility, a lot of content and sift through many posts on many social media sites every single day. With so many opportunities for something to go wrong, it’s critical a governance policy be in place and that everyone is on the same page regarding social media policy within a company. What makes for a good social media governance policy? Begin with an audit of your brand’s current social media presence. You should take into account all of your company’s social media pages as this allows you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and opportunities for growth. Perhaps you’re particularly active on Twitter yet tend to neglect Facebook, or only post updates once a week, which is not frequent enough. Get the complete picture before devising a strategy. Create guildelines and policy for the entire social media team. Spend a day with your social media team and come up with a concrete set of rules which everyone can agree on and ensure everyone understands what to do in certain situations. Put your guidelines into place. Social media marketers need to be very aware that it’s necessary to come across as a brand or company which actually cares about its customers, not just a name that keeps pumping out self-serving information. In the event of a social media mishap or a crisis, a governance policy will be beneficial in helping you handle it in the most effective and professional way. Everyone on the social media team should know what to do during a crisis or a mishap and your governance policy serves as your guide. For more information about social media marketing or if you have any questions, please contact WSI today. We look forward to hearing from you. Please follow and like...

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Deep Analytics Offered by New Twitter Activity Dashboard

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If you thought Retweets and favourites were a great way to market on Twitter, think again – the new Twitter activity dashboard takes social media marketing to the next level. What does this dashboard offer that’s so different? Deep analytics – that’s what. Now users can gauge impressions and engagement rates for both promoted and regular Tweets. The new Twitter analytics dashboard presents three new tools to Twitter marketing as follows: Tweets – this dashboard tool allows you to access information on your Tweets for the past 28 days. This data will provide you with information on times of posts, media uploaded, hashtags and what call-to-actions you have used. Performance rates for every Tweet is provided and you will be able to see every Retweet, favourite, reply, impression and similar. The analytics dashboard will allow you to evaluate your content by comparing impressions and total engagement in real time. Followers – this dashboard tool tells you more about the people who form part of your target audience. Here you can gather more insight on gender, age groups and the varied interests of your followers. This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out which Tweets work best – you can now see who has viewed and engaged with your Tweets. Twitter Cards – these are used to help represent the content within your tweets. There are seven to choose from and they provide context of media and posts to viewers. Calls to action, additional media and content are provided by these cards, which drive traffic to your website or external links. The analytics dashboard ensures all users are provided with information that is scalable and valuable. If you are looking to create compelling and engaging messages for your viewers, this is the way to do it. Enhance your social media marketing campaign with the help of WSI You might have a presence on Twitter and other social media marketing platforms, but are they really working for you. If you want to ensure your business has an online presence that is noticed, recognised and trusted by your target audience, having a professional online marketing strategy is the way to go. At WSI we specialise in social media marketing and can ensure your campaign is achieving your advertising objectives by assisting you with creating and implementing high quality content and media for the enjoyment of your consumers. Our social media marketing services include social networking, social media marketing and social media optimisation. We can transform your online campaign into an effective advertising campaign that guarantees a great ROI for your business. Contact us at WSI for more information and advice on our social media marketing campaigns and strategies today....

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SEO tips on understanding AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

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There is no denying that Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns offers some of the best new SEO tools available for online marketing purposes, but if you are not an IT genius that keeps up to date with the latest developments, understanding what they are and how to utilize them correctly can be tricky. It is therefore advisable to get in contact with experts like WSI who know all there is to know when it comes to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. They will ensure that all aspects are considered and that you don’t end up wasting your time and money. However, for those of you who still like to know what’s going on or want to get a head start, here is a little information on the best new features: One of the best new features of the Enhanced Campaigns is a function called geo-bidding. This function makes it possible for you to see how many people have been looking you up in specific regions over the past months or years and allows you to edit the location info for your AdWords account to focus on those regions. The enhanced AdWords Keyword Tool now also makes it easier to find the right keywords you should utilise. It even goes as far as suggesting keywords best suited for your campaign. It has also become easier to keep an eye on your conversion rates and a new function called ‘call conversion tracking’ makes it easy to identify just how many of your clients’ or potential clients’ website visits were converted into calls. There are also new ad formats to be considered if you don’t want your account to look like it’s old and forgotten and waiting to be deleted. It is probably a good idea in any case to enlist the help of experts and so ensure your company gets the most out of these Enhanced Campaigns. So contact us today if you need our help or if you want more info our SEO services and AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Please follow and like...

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