How to Start Blogging for Your Business

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Do you want to include blogging in your digital marketing mix? Great! Not only is content marketing one of the best ways to boost conversations and engagement, but it is also a vital part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy For the purpose of this blog post, we are not referring to the maps or other items in the top of Google’s search results. We are discussing how to compete for organic space in the top ten blue links on page one of Google’s search results with local pages. By ‘local pages’, we mean pages by a national or international business that are location specific. An example of this would be, who has location specific pages for Seattle, NYC, and other cities in America. doesn’t have a brick and mortar premises in these areas . Here are a few things to do to get started with your blogging strategy: Consider Your Platform(s) Where will you be publishing your blog posts? You could consider the following: Add a ‘newsroom’ or ‘articles’ tab on your website, You could launch a separate WordPress blog, or You could decide that you will only be publishing LinkedIn Pulse blogs. Each option has pros and cons. So, chat with a digital marketer about the best option for your business. Frequency And Authors Content creation can quickly become a time-consuming process, especially if writing is not your main job, in some cases, you may need some help from Consider how often you intend to publish blogs, whether other people in your business will also be contributing to the content schedule, and whether certain writing tasks can be outsourced to a copywriter. Plan Your Content If you have decided to publish a blog post every second week, then you will need a calendar with topics and themes that you have to stick to. All too often, people kick off their blogging strategy with a bang but quickly stop writing after the first post or two. A calendar will make sure you stick to your content plan and help you map out what to write about according to seasonal trends, promotions, launches, conferences, or other relevant events in your industry. Make Sure Your Content Gets Read If you are publishing LinkedIn Pulse blogs but you only have 5 connections on LinkedIn, then you won’t be getting a lot of traction. Make sure you have social media profiles to share your content on, work on growing your online community and use other platforms (such as email, newsletters and your website) to distribute your content. Do you need help with your digital marketing, social media or content marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and...

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Bot basics

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All Chatbots are not created equal. What separates a good chatbot from a bad one? A good chatbot helps users accomplish something more efficiently. A great one makes it enjoyable. A bad bot wastes time and drives users away! Read this article by about why chatbots are big right now: Chatbot 101 Right now chatbots are big! Facebook has them and it seems as though every programmer wants to start making them. But why, and what are they? Chatbots are very simple artificial intelligence systems which we mere humans can interact with via text and typing. These interactions can be very simple, such as asking the time; or complex, such as asking for help with tech problems. They are being developed at a rapid pace. Chatbots have grown in popularity recently, and there is an expected explosion of them on the horizon. But, why are they so popular? Chatbots have existed for quite a while – some say from the early 1960s – but in the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of applications which enable people to interact with chatbots as though they are talking to humans. In 2016, a chatbot was first used by Nordstrom to help with online customer service applications, and by 2029, it is estimated that talking with chatbots will be virtually indistinguishable from chatting with a human being.  Although artificial intelligence and natural language processing are still very much in their early days, it is not a far-fetched idea that chatbots will become so advanced that they will be able to understand and speak to us as if they were humans, helping us out with our tech problems and providing five-star customer service. Chatbots are good at performing simple tasks and do make our lives easier, but they are not designed to replace human beings. The tools and platforms for creating bots are so vast that we could all be making our own bots in the next couple of years. This could become just as easy to complete as changing your Facebook account settings is now. Do you want to learn more about chatbots? Check out our infographic below for lots of interesting facts and predictions relating to them. Link to the infographic: Please follow and like...

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Content Creation – taking the slogging out of blogging

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Many business owners simply don’t have the time (or the skill) to write their own blog posts, which is why this kind of content creation is regularly offered as part of an SEO package or an online marketing campaign. Content for SEO: blog posts that bring traffic to your website  The key here…yes ‘key… is keywords. Your SEO service provider will be doing keyword research from month to month to determine what people are typing into the search bar to try and find your service or product. This is used for SEO of your static website content and Adwords campaigns, but it’s even more useful to help structure a content strategy that has the potential to drive enormous amounts of traffic to your website.   Sure, you are the expert on the subject matter, and you will get final editing say, but if what you need written is clearly defined as part of an SEO strategy, there’s no need to actually find the time to sit down and write it yourself.  In fact, it’s better not to. Regular posts, pre-planned, written as per schedule have been shown to be far more successful than sporadic posts that are not keyword based or part of an overall strategy.   Blogging for social media marketing Then there’s content creation specifically aimed at social media. You want posts that people will like and share on social media, but have no clue how to go about achieving it…or, once again…no time nor particular skill at writing. Again, there are methods that experienced content creators use to get attention on social media and inspire people to share posts.   It’s simply better to let the experts write your blogs for you – so let them take the slogging out of blogging and generate traffic, conversions, sales and ‘Shares’.   Contact us at WSI OMS to help you create regular blog posts as part of your SEO and content marketing strategy. We can create a content calendar and we know what works and what tried and tested formulas will drive traffic to your website – over and over, for years to come. Please follow and like...

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Blog Basics

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It has been shown time and time again that content marketing such as blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, and emails are an excellent method of enhancing the reputation of your business, thereby increasing your lead generation. In turn, this should lead to a better bottom line. To get maximum return on your copywriting investment, there are various elements which you should include in all your copy. Here is a checklist for you: An attention-grabbing title A title which catches your readers’ attention and prompts them to click through to read more is essential. Spend time crafting a title which tells your audience exactly how they are going to benefit by taking the time to read further. Do not be tempted to over-promise in the heading – keep the objective of building trust at the forefront as you write your title.   A “pinnable” thumbnail  Pinterest is the most rapidly expanding social network. Even if you do not have a Pinterest business account, create vertical images which clearly label your blog and include your website address. This allows others to spread the word on Pinterest for you.   Manageable units of data  All that is available to us online has meant that consumers of information are spoiled for choice and have shorter attention span. Having drawn readers in with the steps above, ensure that they grasp your message by writing shorter paragraphs which have relevant sub-headings.   Opportunities to move readers down the funnel  Make sure that you label all your images so that they link back to you. Alt tags are also essential in case the recipient cannot download your graphics. Within your article, link back to other related posts. Finally, spell out what you would like your audience to do next with strong calls to action.   While a company without a digital presence suggests a lack of credibility, content marketing is a sure-fire way to boost awareness of your brand and to engage your customers. If you are curious about how to leverage content marketing in your business, then get in touch with the team at WSI OMS today for all your digital marketing needs. Please follow and like...

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Five Benefits of Social Selling

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Research has shown sales professionals active on social media outperform those who are not. Yet as many as 69% of sellers still do not use social selling. Just as technology has irrevocably altered the way we buy, so we need to update he methods we use to sell our products or services. Think of it this way, “To not sell socially in today’s competitive environment is like leaving money on the table and walking away.” The Value of Social Selling Most companies could benefit from shortening the entire sales cycle while also achieving more success, you definitely need to give social selling a go! Buyers today reach a purchasing decision before setting foot out their doors thanks to the internet. Pre-purchase research has never been quicker or easier. By sharing valuable information and interacting with prospects on social media platforms, your brand earns trust. Potential customers will already have selected you before meeting your sales team. Social selling provides insights into your customers’ needs and wants. By closely monitoring what problems prospects encounter, your sales team can identify and target possible leads. How often do you make a decision about the purchase of a big-ticket item entirely on your own? More often than not, people tend to weigh in the opinions of those they trust. With online selling, you can inspire confidence in your brand by sharing online reviews. Another way that social media allows you to establish a positive reputation is by enabling almost instant feedback and communication. Because social selling is all about engaging and attending to customers and prospects in a meaningful way, relationships are built. Once a trusting connection has been made, buyers will naturally turn to your company when they are ready to buy. It is six to seven times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. To maintain the relationship you established with your buyers, you need to keep them engaged with and excited about your brand. To keep them coming back, share special offers and stimulating information on social media networks. WSIOMS can help you find a Solution to online selling. For more information on integrating social selling into your existing marketing strategy, please contact the team at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Ten Tips to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

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Just recently, LinkedIn updated its look which may have sparked you to overhaul your own LinkedIn profile. How often have you bumped into someone at a networking event, only to hear them say, after introductions have been made, “It is so nice to put a face to the name’. So start with a proper photograph of yourself. Make sure that you look professional in it – wearing appropriate dress, with a distraction-free background, and an approachable facial expression. Be thorough when completing your profile. Statistics from LinkedIn reveal that members with 100% complete profiles get 46% more profile page views than those who do not. Pay particular attention to your summary section as this is where you truly connect (or not) with others. Liberally (but naturally) use relevant keywords throughout your profile to be found by the LinkedIn search algorithm. Include them in your summary, your experience, and your title. To boost your credibility as an expert in your industry, publish some content on LinkedIn. Generate interest by uploading PDFs, Slideshare presentations, and videos. Join LinkedIn groups to connect with relevant influencers. To avoid being regarded as a stalker, visit and share on a regular basis, and always thank others for their comments. Strategise your connections to ensure that they are adding value to your profile and your professional network. On the flip side, be wary of sending invites to people that you don’t know well without showing some value as a potential connection. Endorsements are quick and easy, but when someone goes to the trouble to write a recommendation, it carries a lot more weight. Customise your URL to better identify yourself. WSIOMS can help you master LinkedIn If you need to leverage LinkedIn by strutting your stuff with a top notch profile, WSI OMS will write it for you. To find out more, please contact us. Please follow and like...

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