The Best Types of Blog Headlines

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While it has never been easier to create content, it has also never been more difficult to make sure that it stands out from the crowd. Even if your blog posts show up in the top ten search results, you need to be able to ensure the click through with a strong headline. While the way in which you create that attention-grabbing headline depends, to a large extent, on the specifics of your content, there are certain types of headlines that are likely to have the biggest impact on your potential readers and get them to click that link. Here are the five most likely to prompt a favourable response: The “Best” Way to Do Anything Readers want to cut to the chase. If they are searching for information, they want the best available – and they want it now! Giving them a headline that offers “the best” way to do something, promises them that immediate answer. This type of headline performs extremely well when it comes to SEO.   Make it Quick and Easy  Coming second to “the best” are blogs that offer the “quickest” or the “easiest”. Quick solutions that will make the readers’ lives easier will always be attractive. Sometimes urgency will be the motivation behind the click, at other times, ease and convenience. Either way, you can’t go wrong. An Air of Authority  For blogs that are more information-based and don’t entail a specific call to action, nothing is more enticing than an appeal to authority. Phrases like “According to science…” or “Experts say…” are always effective in this regard.  The Direct Address  It’s an old technique that dates back at least to the military recruiters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (“The U.S. Army wants YOU!”). The direct, second-person address is almost always impossible to resist. For example, “What YOU need to do to write better blogs.”  Contact WSI to help you create an SEO-topping blog. Please follow and like...

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5 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Blog

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Blogging is easy, right? All you have to do is pick a topic, throw together a paragraph or two and the job’s done. Well, that seems to be a common perception – but it’s quite far from the truth. Effective blogging is a specialised marketing skill. A good blog has the potential to make your brand a household name, while a bad one can see you relegated to cyber-obscurity. Fully conscious of the irony in blogging about blogging (call it meta-blogging, if you like), we are going to go through the five most common mistakes that bloggers make, why they should be avoided and how you can steer clear of them.  Formal tone and content A blog needs to be a quick, easy read, written in a conversational tone. If you make it too stiff or fill it with jargon, your readers are likely to click elsewhere before they even get past the first paragraph. Relax, think as if you’re chatting to a friend and then say what you want to say in the simplest, most informative way possible. Too Broad or Vague Topics Nothing annoys a reader more than clicking on a link only to find a blog that doesn’t deliver the information it promises or offers too little substance. This is often the result of a topic that is too broad, tries to cover too much ground or offers only basic, general knowledge on the subject. Once you have chosen your subject, zoom in and pick a very specific aspect of it, then address that with a sharp, narrow focus. Try to ensure that the reader sees your topic from a different angle.  Plagiarism This is probably the most common sin in the blogosphere. Keep your content original, use your own voice and viewpoint and never copy and paste. There are only so many ideas under the sun and it’s often necessary to draw on the ideas of your colleagues, but should you need to do so, make sure you cite your sources clearly. Random Posting No matter how good your blog is, it will have a diminished impact if you just post at random, writing on whatever idea comes to mind and not following a schedule. A reader can spot this randomness a mile away and it flags you as sloppy or unprofessional. Before you start writing, develop a content plan that serves your marketing goals. Then execute that plan according to a carefully drawn-up content calendar.   Not Substantiating Your Argument  Just because a blog is informal, that doesn’t mean that you can make statements without backing them up. It may not be an academic essay, but you still need to show proof for your...

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Software Testing Solutions

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Before a software product is released, it has to be tested so that problems can be picked up and fixed. Without this type of software testing, users will encounter problems and become unhappy. Inspired Testing recently published a series of articles on the often-confusing topic of software testing. From the basics and types of software testing to the core terminologies in software testing, you will have all your questions answered. Making Sure Software Is Fit for Purpose Software has to be fit for the purpose that it is going to be used for. Some of the questions that the software testing process needs to answer include the following: Does the software meet the requirements fully and correctly? Does it work correctly? Do all features work? Are there defects in the software? What is the quality of the software? What is the overall risk if the software is live? Agile Testing Many people in the software development industry have heard of Agile, which is a method of developing software that your organisation can learn. Agile is a set of values and principles. Much of the discussion around Agile has to do with following different practices using various methodologies and developing specific tools. While tools might help a team who is trying to follow Agile, they are Agile because of the way they work together, both with clients and other stakeholders in the business. Inspired Testing uses an Agile approach as it allows them to make hundreds of decisions each week in a collaborative way. The company’s software testers also make use of test cases and use cases to pick up bugs and gain insights about the software they are developing. In the software development process, a bug or defect has a life cycle. The defect needs to go through the life cycle in order to be fixed and closed. Inspired testing follows a standard defect analysis process to make sure problems aren’t repeated and that the process cycle time improves. Launching new products in the market requires a long list of software testing practices. From setting up coverage matrixes to make sure that a piece of software has been thoroughly tested to automating certain software testing tasks, performance testing, regression testing and usability testing, partner with them to set up a test plan that will give your software the best chance of success. Please follow and like...

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Starting a Blog? Read Our Advice

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Content marketing is still a huge part of any successful digital marketing strategy. If you have started a blog, then you probably know how time-consuming (and hard!) it can be to stick to a blogging schedule. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:   Set short term and long term blogging goals Don’t overextend yourself if you have just started blogging. Commit to one post every two weeks to make sure you are consistent with posts. This can be your short term goal. Your long term goal, however, should be a big picture plan. Here are a few goals to consider: Rank highly for your chosen keywords Do four guest posts that link back to your blog Invite four people in your industry to do a guest post on your blog Start a newsletter Increase your blog’s traffic by 40%   Branch out to different topics Did you start your blog to write DIY tips and now you’re not sure what to cover? Consider themes that relate to your blog’s topic. If you started out writing about DIY projects, you can also write about renovation jobs, pitfalls to avoid when completing certain projects, how to find good contractors in your area etc.   Share a bit of personal information Many people balk at the idea of sharing personal stories, but your followers will love it. Give them insights into your personal life, your team at work, or anything that can help you forge a stronger connection with your followers.   Need help with your content marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Top UK Software Testing Companies in 2019

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As innovative technology emerges, there is an increase in software development companies that provide these professional services and skills to the industry. Good software development companies are able to develop custom solutions that help their clients maintain a competitive edge. We took a look at the top software development companies in 2019.   2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services specialises in delivering software testing services for organisations with a special focus on investment banking and asset management. They deploy nearly 100 staff across the UK for the best customer service. 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company information: Established in 2005. 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company location: Edinburgh – 117 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Company services: Sector Expertise – Investment, Asset Management. 2i Software Testing and Consultancy Services Key industries:  Financial.   A1QA With clients like Adidas, it is no doubt that A1QA is one of the most independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries. A1QA Company information: Established in 2003. A1QA Company location: Lakewood, Co – 900 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 485, Lakewood, CO, 80235, Lakewood A1QA Company services: Software testing, web testing. A1QA Key industries: Multiple industries.   Acutest Acutest is a specialist software testing consultancy that has extensive test services. These services range from disaster recovery through to outsourced testing and they have clients from BBC to HP. Acutest Company information: Established in 2002. Acutest Company location: London – Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE Acutest Company services: Software testing, Test automation. Acutest Key industries:  Technology.   Anadea Anadea is an international custom software development services provider with a staff of almost 100 IT experts. They have customers from all over the world who come to them for their unique web and mobile applications. Anadea Company information: Established in 2000. Anadea Company location: LA HQ – 723 S Casino Center Blvd. Fl 2, Las Vegas, NV, USA Anadea Company services: Server side development, Mobile Platforms. Anadea Key industries: Gaming.   BugFinders BugFinders is a leading crowdsourced functional testing company that has worked with huge brands such as Visa and Calvin Client. They ensure that your most critical digital assets get the very best experience. BugFinders Company information: Established in 2011. BugFinders Company location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire – 3 Rockfield Business Park, Old Station Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 0AN BugFinders Company services: Software testing. BugFinders Key industries: Not specified.   Caltek Technical Services Caltek Technical Services has worked with a wide variety of blue-chip organisations to develop technical publications for many new start-up companies. Caltek Technical Services Company information: Established in 1995. Caltek Technical Services Company location: Worcestershire, England Caltek...

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How to Start Blogging for Your Business

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Do you want to include blogging in your digital marketing mix? Great! Not only is content marketing one of the best ways to boost conversations and engagement, but it is also a vital part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy For the purpose of this blog post, we are not referring to the maps or other items in the top of Google’s search results. We are discussing how to compete for organic space in the top ten blue links on page one of Google’s search results with local pages. By ‘local pages’, we mean pages by a national or international business that are location specific. An example of this would be, who has location specific pages for Seattle, NYC, and other cities in America. doesn’t have a brick and mortar premises in these areas . Here are a few things to do to get started with your blogging strategy: Consider Your Platform(s) Where will you be publishing your blog posts? You could consider the following: Add a ‘newsroom’ or ‘articles’ tab on your website, You could launch a separate WordPress blog, or You could decide that you will only be publishing LinkedIn Pulse blogs. Each option has pros and cons. So, chat with a digital marketer about the best option for your business. Frequency And Authors Content creation can quickly become a time-consuming process, especially if writing is not your main job, in some cases, you may need some help from Consider how often you intend to publish blogs, whether other people in your business will also be contributing to the content schedule, and whether certain writing tasks can be outsourced to a copywriter. Plan Your Content If you have decided to publish a blog post every second week, then you will need a calendar with topics and themes that you have to stick to. All too often, people kick off their blogging strategy with a bang but quickly stop writing after the first post or two. A calendar will make sure you stick to your content plan and help you map out what to write about according to seasonal trends, promotions, launches, conferences, or other relevant events in your industry. Make Sure Your Content Gets Read If you are publishing LinkedIn Pulse blogs but you only have 5 connections on LinkedIn, then you won’t be getting a lot of traction. Make sure you have social media profiles to share your content on, work on growing your online community and use other platforms (such as email, newsletters and your website) to distribute your content. Do you need help with your digital marketing, social media or content marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and...

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