What are you using to read this blog right now? If the answer is “a mobile device”, you are in good company. Mobile users are increasing so quickly that their number world-wide has exceeded the total of global desktop users. Internet usage via mobile is also rapidly escalating. It, too, has surpassed desktop figures, with the average adult spending 2.8 hours per day surfing the Internet on their mobile phone. Mobile marketing needs to be high on your list of priorities in the year ahead.

Best practices for mobile optimization

Mobile device users are increasingly responsive to digital marketing. Recent research found that 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour. Digital marketers need to be aware that mobile users are a substantial source of converters – it is just that they do it differently to non-mobile users. It is paramount, then, to be proficient in both traditional as well as mobile optimizations.

  1. Keep it simple so that navigation of your website on the go is easy. Typing with thumbs on a tiny screen absolutely must be accommodated without lots of uncomfortable zooming in and out.
  2. Keep it sleek – like the way an app is designed – to ensure that the download speed is fast. Otherwise, you risk losing an audience who wants quick results.
  3. Keep it straightforward so that there are no obstacles to hinder the flow of the mobile sales funnel.
  4. Keep it suitable for bite-sized chunks of entertainment. Ensure that your content marketing is engaging, shareable, and easy to consume when time is short, but mobile devices are in hand.

Whether you are a digital marketing newbie or purely want to boost your results, using innovative and assessable digital marketing solutions will enhance your exposure, brand awareness, leads, and sales. For more information on mobile marketing optimization, please contact the WSI team today.

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