Have you been wondering why the internet has been swarming with filtered hipster-style images on platforms like Facebook and Twitter? That’s because people are no longer posting direct images from these social networks but pretty, tweaked and perfected pictures from Instagram. Facebook provides a platform to connect and banter with friends, Twitter gives you 140 characters to speak your mind but with Instagram a picture is worth a thousand words.

Instagram has over 90 million active users whose fingers are never too far from the follow selection. With the correct use of this platform, your brand could be seen in a more personal light by existing and potential clients. Familiar with the Twitter hashtag? Instagram has this option which only increases brand exposure through popular and widely-searched keywords that are related to your company and services. Humans want human engagement and the need for brands to engage with their customers on a social networking level cannot be stressed enough.

How to make Instagram work for your brand

Be interesting with your photo ops. Boring pictures will get you nowhere with the Instagram crowd. Go crazy with the filters and make the image appealing and attractive to even a passer-by. Your photos are your front line and the only way to draw in potential customers, so make the best of them!

Be present. Instagram is all about the followers. The more you post, the more your images get out there and this means more followers for you. Quality, exciting images will definitely draw the crowds. Post beautifully and post a lot.

Interact. Check out the notes at the bottom of your image posts – who just followed you, what comments do you have and how many likes are there? Engage people by replying to their comments or even try to follow loyal likers.

Make good use of the hashtag project. This is great for grabbing the attention of your target market through keywords. Let your picture tell your brand’s story and let the hashtag lead the people to it. Enter a brief description of your photo for good measure.

Give your brand a human face. Literally. Take selfies or photos of your team doing something fun or cool once in a while. Instagram is big on capturing moments. A product picture or two is okay, but keep it to a minimum to avoid unfollows.

Instagram gives your business another opportunity to engage your customers through beautiful pictures to help them get to know you.

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