Social media has become an essential online marketing tactic used to make your business grow and to boost your sales. Having a presence on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like is imperative. Social media is not only additional platform for promotion, but it also allows you to speak directly with customers. This increased communication will make your company seem more open and accessible, and encourages feedback about your business straight from the horse’s mouth.

Get Social with your Target 

Just as the internet has made it simple for your customers and prospects to research what they need, it has also made researching your customers easier. Especially when it comes to B2B marketing, you can go online to research products, read press releases, and get a feel for a prospect’s organisation. Why stop there? Visit websites to gather information about key executives, company size, the number of employees, and other quantifiable information.

Be Current

When you register your business on social media websites, enter all the required information and be careful that it is valid and accurate. Should anything change in your organisation, ensure that your details are updated on social media too.

Your social media presence should make it easy for potential clients to contact you to ask questions or discuss what they need from your products or services.

Be Active

To attract an audience, post significant content or images that people will appreciate. When people are inspired, entertained, or enlightened, they will share your posts and so the ripple effect begins.

This leads to a golden rule when it comes to social media marketing, and that is to use the Pareto ratio: 80% generally interesting posts to 20% selling.

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