Instagram has changed a lot over the past few years. Some brands are making a few avoidable mistakes. The social media marketing gurus at WSI OMS point out some of the top ones:

Not having a cohesive visual strategy 

If you are selling visual products, then you need to have a cohesive theme on your page. You don’t want to be posting memes one day, pastel coloured nature pictures the next, and wacky upbeat photos a few days later. Consider your brand, your corporate colours, and what you want to achieve from your Instagram page. Using a specific filter and consistent photo editing techniques can help you create a golden thread throughout all of your Instagram posts.

Ignoring Instagram Stories

Getting started with Instagram stories can be a bit intimidating, but this feature is so useful that companies can no longer ignore it. In June 2017, Instagram Stories was being used by 250 million people every day, far eclipsing Snapchat, which has 166 million total users.

The feature has also evolved and changed a bit over the past few years. After you have finished broadcasting a live video on Instagram Stories, you have the option to share it to your story for 24 hours before it disappears (you can also choose to discard it immediately).

Brands can use Instagram Stories in smart ways, for example by encouraging signups to an event or webinar by posting a link at the end of the video, by including location tags and hashtags (which are searchable), and by creating exclusive Instagram content that would encourage more people to follow you on this platform.

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