Internet Marketing Services in Kansas and Missouri

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We recently worked with Greg Stollsteimer to optimize his online marketing website. Greg leads our WSI office serving Kansas and Missouri. He is a business leader with extensive systems and operations experience. His office offers a wide range of services to help you take advantage of the power of the internet. The main services offered on his website include; Paid Search Marketing Organic Search Marketing Social Media Marketing Web Analytics Conversion Architecture Link Building eMail Marketing Landing Page Design So, whether you want to increase your leads, improve your online presence, or communicate more effectively with your customers, they will have the right solution. Contact them for the best Internet Marketing Services and Online Marketing Strategies today! Please follow and like...

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Managing your social media corporate identity

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Any company needs to take positive steps to manage its corporate identity. This post presents rules to guide companies to protect their online identity, build trust and how they can assure their clients that they are dealing with an authorized company representative empowered to speak on behalf of the company and to help them if they have a problem. Create a profile that helps people verify your affiliations – Many purported companies on social networks have turned out to be bogus. You need to link your online profile to your company website to give consumers a place to go if they have questions. Use your company logo as your profile picture and use it with supporting graphics. Let consumers know who they are talking to – Explain briefly who is managing your page / account. Publish your social media affiliations on your website – List your companys social media profiles on the news page of your website. This allows your clients to quickly verify which social networks you are part of. Live and let live – Weigh the risks and benefits of any unauthorized use of your corporate identity. Often there are hidden benefits that outweigh traditional concerns about logos & trademarks. Please follow and like...

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The rules of creating powerful landing pages

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Every landing page should be a reflection of what you know about your customer and provide what they need to know to make a buying decision. Landing pages are companion pages to your ads but they are also valuable little tools that can make or break your online advertising success. This post presents the 6 rules of creating powerful landing pages Determine your customer goal – Determine the final action you want your visitor to take and make that the goal of the landing page. When you achieve this result you can deem your landing page campaign a success. If you are not clear with your goals then most of your visitors are likely to leave without taking any action. Make it consistent with the ad– Consistency will ensure that the customer knows they have found what they are looking for. You need to make sure that the ad and the landing page go together to create a cohesive message. If your message is inconsistent, the path to your goal will be lost. Present a professional design – Your landing page must equal or exceed the quality of your website. The fact that landing pages functions as a single ad doesn’t mean that visitors wont expect a well designed page with graphics. Don’t include extraneous links – with landing pages you need to carefully lay out the path that you need your visitors to take. Don’t throw everything on the page and hope that you will hit on something that interests them. Call for action – you know that anyone who visits your landing page is interested in your products or services since they had to click on your ad to get there. Make sure your visitors know what to do when they get on your website. Track your results – To determine if your pay per click campaign is cost effective, you will want to measure your results. There are two most important statistics to track; the conversion rate & the marketing cost per sale. Please follow and like...

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Social Media Marketing – Promoting your YouTube Videos

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With millions of videos posted on YouTube everyday it’s increasingly becoming tough to get videos noticed. The main question is – How do you attract viewers to your YouTube videos to create more potential customers for your business? Here I discuss some of the ways your videos can get noticed on YouTube. Great content – You should always post a video that offers some distinct value. Avoid posting lousy videos as these bore viewers. Your content should be informing, entertaining and educating. Target your content – The more targeted your videos are the faster they are likely to find an audience. When you niche target your videos you can easily promote them via YouTube’s community features. Optimize your tags – Your video tags should include a combination of both generic and specific keywords. In this way you can attract viewers that are just browsing or those looking at your specific topic. Write a compelling title – The title of your video is crucial to attracting viewers. Not only is your title searched by YouTube when viewers submit queries, it’s also how most viewers determine what your video is about. Pick the best thumbnail image – The best thumbnails are clear, not blurry and have a dominant subject.  You can also stand out from other listings with a brightly colored or high contrast image. Please follow and like...

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How to create a winning landing page

Posted by on Jan 11, 2010 in Online Marketing |

A landing page is a web page that is created for a purpose of driving your target market towards some intended action. It is essential for you to create a landing page that your online visitors can quickly relate to, thus your landing page needs to focus on only what needs to be present for you to get the conversion. Here are some tips for creating effective landing pages for your Google pay per click campaigns Your landing page should clearly define the benefits of your offer. You should state the benefits that your target audience receives from the product or service you are offering. The landing should have a captivating header that creates a sense of urgency. This also means that you need to include compelling call to actions such as ‘limited space available, Book Now!’ Always optimize your landing pages for the search engines. If done well then your page will start featuring on the organic side of search engines and you will start getting clicks for free. Your landing page should deliver on the promise of your ads. Content on your landing pages should be directly related to your ads. This will also help improve your quality score Always put a form on your landing pages. This will make it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you. Your landing page should eliminate anything that may distract your visitors from their original goal. It’s advisable to get rid of excess clutter such as unnecessary navigation. Please follow and like...

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