Attention SME’s! Make Use of Social Media

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to escape the Social Media phenomenon. Whether you’re using it to keep in touch with friends and relatives, for search, to find out what your favourite celebrity has been up to or for business; Social Media has indeed taken the world by storm. If you’re not using it for business then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. And no, I’m not talking about big businesses. In any case the ‘Coke’s’, ‘McDonalds’ and ‘Ford’s’ are all over Social Media – and they’re using it well. In this post I am talking to SME’s and small businesses. When leveraged correctly, Social Media can be a valuable source for small businesses in terms of: Lead Generation Brand Awareness Online Reputation Management Customer Relations Customer Retention How your Small Business can start taking advantage of Social Media Ignoring what people are saying about your small business online can be fatal. Up until recently Hello Peter was the best online channel to report/praise service in South Africa. Now there’s a plethora of other online avenue’s consumers can pursue to voice their likes and dislikes – and all this information is publicly available so don’t let it become a missed opportunity. And even if they’re not talking about your business you should be staying abreast of what others in your industry are saying in Social Media. As a small business owner it has become your responsibility to use the nits of public information available to you so that you can: Build long-standing relationships with your customers Improve your service to them Enhance your products and services … Think about how easy market research has become for you because of Social Media. Keep your Social Media Activities Simple Finding the right way to execute your Social Media Strategy can be daunting especially with the big brands already pushing the limits of what’s possible. That said, many of the big companies that are actively engaged with Social Media Marketing often forget that it’s the simple gestures that work best. What are ‘Simple Social Media Gestures’ you ask? Start by acknowledging customers that mention you. For example, did someone tweet about their experience at your restaurant? Perhaps they shared a story about your small business on Facebook. These actions take place in the public domain and must be addressed as an opportunity to connect with an existing customer or a prospect. Make them feel special via Social Media platforms. It worked on me. A few months ago I booked a cheap flight from Johannesburg to Durban on Mango airlines. I mentioned the deal in a Tweet directed at Travelstart (a South African travel agency who are very active on Social Media). They...

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WSI Welcomes Kola Olusola from Nigeria

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WSI were pleased to welcome Kola Olusola in to our offices this week. Kola is a WSI Internet Marketing Consultant from Nigeria and was in South Africa to attend the recent WSI Internet Marketing Summit in South Africa. Kola had this to say about the Summit: “The Summit was knowledge-enriching and has helped equip me with the skills needed to face the ever-changing Internet Marketing World. The speakers were great and I’m looking forward to the next meeting.” After the Summit on Monday, Kola spent a few days at Francois Muscat’s WSI office learning from his team about SEO, Copywriting and Social Media Marketing. We wish him a safe journey back to Nigeria on...

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Use Social Media to Complement Your Existing Marketing Activity

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If you own a business then you should be taking advantage of the various Social Media platforms to complement your existing marketing activity. For example, if your company is actively involved with email marketing and other more formal advertising mediums, then you can use Social Media Marketing avenues like Twitter to balance them with a less formal approach. Use Social Media Marketing to Strengthen Your Brand Retweeting posts in Twitter is a popular form of Socia

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Make Social Media a Part of your Landing Pages

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The initial hype around Social Media Marketing is beginning to dwindle as it gathers momentum among businesses. Don’t get me wrong, Social Media is an extremely effective Internet Marketing avenue, however, it’s just not as groundbreaking as it was a year ago. This is because businesses are learning the importance of it and are adopting fully-fledged Social Media strategies in line with this. In essence, Social Media Marketing has become (or should be) another a

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Executing Your Social Media Strategy the Right Way

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You can’t ignore Social Media anymore. If you’re a business owner or marketer, Social Media Marketing should factor into your overall marketing strategy. Social Media Marketing – The Impact HubSpot surveyed 1500 consumers and found the following: 67% are more likely to purchase products from brands they follow on Twitter 51% are likely to support brands they follow on Facebook 79% are likely to recommend a brand they follow on Twitter Now that you’ve seen the kind of results Social Media can render, you also need to know how to execute your Social Media strategy the right way. It’s easier to assist you by first telling you what to avoid. Avoid these Social Media Mistakes Don’t get involved without a clear plan Don’t ignore your audience Don’t forget about your brand Don’t use the same strategy on all your Social Media sites Don’t self-promote or spam in excess Make sure you measure your Social Media results Read more on Twitter Business Mistakes. Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing Here are few tips to ensure your company is using Social Media the right way. Before you start your Social Media initiatives make sure you have the time and resources available to make it a success. Assign someone to manage your Social Media Marketing exclusively. In many cases you won’t be able to have an exclusive Social Media manager. Make sure you make time to post, Tweet and engage. Social Media managers must receive training on how to integrate Social Media into a marketing plan. Read more on Who should manage your Social Media. While Social Media Marketing may be a natural progression for some, we find that many struggle with getting started and keeping up the momentum. Contact WSI for a comprehensive Social Media solution. We have experience in creating successful Social Media Marketing strategies that have helped many small-big businesses achieve success on the...

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