The Google Adwords Professional Certification

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I recently sat (and passed!) The Google Adwords Search Advertising Advanced exam meaning I’m now ‘Google Adwords Qualified’. I’d suggest the Google Adwords Professional Certification for anyone involved in Internet Marketing, and especially PPC Campaign Managers. It will expand your knowledge considerably and allow you to sell yourself as an Adwords Certified Internet Marketer as opposed to the “School of Hard Blogs” chancers out there that don’t always know what they’re talking about when it comes to Internet Marketing Services and Search Advertising. About the Google Adwords Qualification The exam takes two hours (120 multiple choice questions = 1 minute per question) and you can do it online from the comfort of your home or office. You can use the Adwords Learning Center as a good place to practice for the test. It’s pretty comprehensive and the general rule is that if you can score highly in the mock exam then you should pass the real one with ease. In order to qualify you have to take two tests. The compulsory one is the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam Therafter you must choose one advanced exam which could be any (or all if you’re feeling inspired) of the following: Search Advertising Advanced Exam Display Advertising Advanced Exam Google Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam Be warned – The Google Exams are not a walk in the park. Take advantage of the Google Adwords Learning Center and study hard before you attempt to sit the test. Please follow and like...

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Vuyiswa Monageng Joins WSI

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WSI would like to welcome Vuyiswa Monageng to our team. Vuyiswa joins us in our Kyalami offices for the next 6 months as an office intern. She’ll be tasked with a variety of Internet Marketing duties including: Web Administration Link Building Website Updates Vuyiswa is 24 years old and finished studying Web Development at Tswane University of Technology in 2009. Her internship at WSI will ensure she completes the requirements for her Web Application and Development qualification. Vuyiswa is keen on starting her own business in the online environment and we hope she learns some invaluable Online Marketing skills in her time with WSI. In her spare time she is an avid shoe designer and Social Media enthusiast. You can follow @Vuyiswa on Twitter Please follow and like...

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WSI Visits the Inaugural Internet Show

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The inaugural Internet Show took place at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2010 and the WSI team was there to take in the informative seminars on offer. The show was a must for Internet Marketers and business owners wanting learn how they can leverage the Internet for their business. Social Media and Social Networking were trending topics (excuse the borrowed phrase from Twitter) and we listened to some excellent talks by South African Social Media pioneers: Mike Stopforth from Cerebra Mel Attree from 5fm Paul Jacobson from Jacobson Attorneys – Paul’s site is currently down for maintenance but be sure to check back so you can get his insights about Social Media ‘giving the finger’ to legal paradigms Jason Norwood Young from the Mail & Guardian Online Besides providing some useful tips about how to use Social Media platforms like Twitter for business, most of the seminars rung true with the fact that if you aren’t using Social Media yet, and more importantly correctly, then you need to start. We hope that The Internet Show becomes a fixture on the South African technology expo calendar. Please follow and like...

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Does your Small Business have a LinkedIn Profile?

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Are you using LinkedIN for your small business? My last LinkedIN Blog Post generated some interest from WSI Internet Consultant Lou Unkeless so I hope this post helps him. While you may have a LinkedIN profile, are you really leveraging the power of it? It’s great for small businesses for many reasons among them: Brand Asset Optimisation An excellent platform for service oriented professionals Useful Tips for Small Businesses Using LinkedIN Use these simple tips to make the most of your small business LinkedIN profile. Your Profile Page Make sure you add a photo. Your profile will appear dormant without one. There is also an option to choose a branded url for your profile – For example Login regularly and show that your account is active. Post updates and interesting industry related topics that help you to become a thought-leader in your market. Alter your email signature so that it links to all your Social Networking profiles (including LinkedIN). Giver’s Gain Use the Question & Answer feature on LinkedIN wisely. By answering questions throughtfully you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the field. In addition to this you will attract/gain leads that are drawn to your knowledge. If you’re really good you will be rewarded by LinkedIN’s rating system and you will gain extra exposure. Remember to ask questions too. Aside from gaining the information you’re looking for, asking questions on LinkedIN is an excellent way to create discussions and engage with other connections. Start a Group on LinkedIN Anyone can start a LinkedIN group and begin networking on a specific topic. With some added effort you’ll be able to gain influence with your network and some professionals have found this to be one of the surefire methods of building a strong following. Building a group around an established brand is also a great way to bring users or customers together. Start a Poll Another feature worth exploring is their poll tool. You can create and send polls to your networks for free, or send polls to a targeted community for a fee. Great conversation can come from starting a poll on LinkedIN. Read more about Optimising your LinkedIN profile for search. Please follow and like...

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WSI Offices on Google Street View South Africa

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We were very excited to see our offices appear on Google Street View South Africa. I remember when the Google Prius drove passed our office in 2009 and here’s the image they captured at 149 Goodwood Street in Kyalami. What is Google Street View? Google Street View is the new addition to Google Maps and it allows you to explore a certain area with panoramic street-level photos. Where is Google Street View Available? It hasn’t been applied to all Google Maps yet but it is active for the following countries: South Africa Australia USA Japan Singapore Italy France Spain New Zealand Although Google Street View isn’t available worldwide you can follow the link to track where Google Street View is becoming available. Although there have been concerns about the safety aspect of Google Street View, the Internet giant has taken preventative steps to ease worries. Using Google Street View Google Street View has a number of useful functions for users including: Find the location for you work meeting and check out the parking that’s available in the area (not in real time) Find the best spot to watch a marathon Explore your travel destination before you fly Look at areas where you have intentions of buying property Google Street View is a great tool and the only way you’ll be able to unlock its potential is by having a look for yourself. Please follow and like...

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