Local SEO: The Top 4 Business Types that it Benefits

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Many believe that the SEO landscape is a dog eat dog world where big businesses dominate and small businesses fall short – unless they turn to local SEO, that is. By focusing their budgets and attention on appealing to and communicating with the local public alone, they are sure to see an increase in customer trust, brand awareness and a pretty awesome improvement in the form of their bottom line. Here are the 4 main types of businesses that would benefit most fro

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3 Lesser Known Social Platforms That Could Benefit Your Brand

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Social media marketing has become way too predictable over the years. Isn’t it time that we did something different? Forget Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a minute. Let’s take a look at 3 lesser known social platforms that could benefit your brand.     Wanelo Wanelo is a wonderful digital marketing / social platform for both large and small businesses, regardless of how well-known they are or not. It is basically a products website that is curated

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New Website Design Trends to Use to Your Advantage

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A great website design inevitably leads to more conversions and, most importantly, a customer who is very impressed and who might spread the word about what they have just experienced! With this in mind, here are a few new website design trends that you might want to use to your advantage going forward… Age Responsive Design Let’s face it – a man in his early sixties is going to want something different from your website than a female in her early twenties wil

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Do You Still Believe These Content Marketing Myths?

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There is no cut and dry method when it comes to perfecting your company’s content marketing efforts. More often than not, it is all about trial-and-error, keeping an eye on consumer behaviour and measuring results. Unfortunately, this has led to the creation of a number of myths which, if believed, can actually cause your digital marketing strategy more harm than good. We dispel a few of these common myths below:  It’s Easy to Create Great ContentThis

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Working with Google Analytics

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To find out whether your website is performing as it ought to, Google Analytics is an invaluable tool. Here is how to make it work for you.  Install Google Analytics Double check that your “web guy” has, in fact, installed Google Analytics on your site. Then create your Google Analytics account, login, and check that your website shows up.  Audience Overview This section of Google Analytics allows you to track various things such as the num

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