How Pinterest Analytics Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

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250 million people use Pinterest every month. Therefore, if you have yet to include this popular social media platform in your company’s social media marketing strategy, now is the time to do so! The great news is that, when using Pinterest Analytics, it is easy to gain insights into not only who your followers are, but also into what their online preferences are as well as how they behave. Here is what you need to know:  What Pinterest Analytics Can Tell Y

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Content Marketing Tip: Why You Should Put An Emphasis On Third-Party Sites

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Many people are already creating content and building their online profiles. To take it one step further, make sure you are putting emphasis on contributing content on third-party platforms versus only on your own native websites and channels. Hear me out. Many people disagree with this approach. They ask: is it not the end goal to drive people back to my website? The answer is yes and no. If you are trying to grow your personal brand as a thought leader in your ind

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The Power Of The Three Little Dots On LinkedIn

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Many of our blog’s readers are already very familiar with LinkedIn. We have noticed, however, that some people are still not reaping the full benefits because they do not have a solid grasp on the post sharing settings. Read our top three must-knows:The Company Follow Page Is Hidden On The Company PagesYou have to find a company’s LinkedIn page and then click on the three dots in the top right corner to find the follow button. Many people who are not used to

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Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs To Go Mobile

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If you want to make more sales from both new and existing customers and generate exponential profits, then going mobile is not an option. In order to achieve market domination with a greater return on investment while having more free time, you need to reach a hot market on the go. The majority of internet users now use their mobile phones to browse the internet, find information and effectively make buying decisions. When they land on your website via video, ads, s

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Geo-fencing – What it is and why it matters for targeted digital marketing campaigns

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If you are looking for a digital marketing solution that is more accurate and gives you more reach in your advertising budget, you need to start using geofencing. With geofencing, you can reach people in precise areas based on the places they go. You can build geofencing around events, building, competitor locations, and even convention centres and conferences. If you are a personal injury attorney who wants to reach victims in hospitals, for example, you can build

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