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Even experienced inbound marketers make mistakes

Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Inbound Marketing | 0 comments

A major part of any inbound marketing strategy is an assessment of what a company is doing, what other opportunities may be out there and the ongoing results of the strategy. Sometimes, even companies that have been actively engaged in inbound marketing for several years find they are making mistakes, leading to a decline in their results. It’s surprising, since online businesses know the importance of increasing their reach through blogs, podcasts, videos or news

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Riding the Pokémon Go wave

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Mobile Marketing | 0 comments

The new location-based augmented reality mobile game by Niantic, only released a month ago, has taken the world by storm, for kids, teens and adults alike. Not only has it unleashed hordes of people onto the streets in search of game characters to catch, but has sparked a few business ideas, completely transforming some retail businesses. For the unenlightened few, the game makes use of the GPS and camera of compatible devices, allowing players to capture, battle an

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Determining the real value of your blog post

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Blogging | 0 comments

Writing and posting regular blogs are an essential part of online communication, something every digital marketer and any business with an online presence knows. Churning out blogs just to get noticed is not really the point though – writing a quality blog that educates and entertains is likely to have a bigger impact. So how do you determine if your blog is good quality? The real value of an article is its ability to resonate with its readers and to achieve this,

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What is social media’s Rule of Thirds?

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization | 0 comments

It’s not a new term, but one which some people may have missed – the Rule of Thirds. What this refers to is dividing your social media content into thirds and using it in different ways, to increase and maintain an engaged audience. These are:1/3 of your social content promotes your business, converts readers and generates profit. 1/3 of your social content should surface and share ideas and stories from industry thought leaders or like-minded businesses. 1/3

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Using hashtags to increase your content reach

Posted by on Aug 16, 2016 in Content Marketing | 0 comments

Hashtags are funny little things, previously the domain of Twitter, but now realised as an effective tool in content marketing. Largely used on social media, hashtags make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.  They are a great way to promote your brand, create conversations, generate feedback and follow trends. Here’s how you can use hashtags to increase your content marketing reach.Amplify your contentPeople use hashtags to

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