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Importance of a Facebook Presence for Brands

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016 in Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

The upsurge of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media marketing platforms has brought to question the relevance of Facebook. This is because the once overwhelmingly popular platform has seen a decline in popularity, a factor that has seen businesses shy away from setting up a page for their brands. If you are one such business, then you will be surprised to know a Facebook presence is still beneficial for your digital marketing efforts. In fact, a 2015

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Get More Instagram Followers with These Tips

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization | 0 comments

Instagram has become a necessity in social media marketing and for a good reason. Top brands which use Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategy have seen an interaction rate of 2.3% per follower. This is 0.2% higher than Facebook and 0.02% higher than Twitter. This, combined with the high active monthly users (more than 400 million), have made Instagram a top priority for businesses looking for ways to take their social media marketing strategies to the

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Making an Infographic: Tips for Non-Designers

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Digital Media Marketing, Website Content | 0 comments

Infographics have taken over digital marketing. They are not only attractive and easy to share on social media platforms, but also communicate a lot of information in a simple and eye-catching way. You don’t have to be a designer with killer graphic design skills to create infographics to enhance your content marketing strategy. The following tips will help you develop killer infographics and take your content to a whole new level:Make use of paid user-friendly

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How to Create Real Sales Leads from Social Media

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

These days if you ask any digital marketing expert for advice on advertising, he or she will immediately start talking about why you should get into social media marketing. However, actually getting sales leads from social media marketing often leaves these people flustered. One type of content marketing strategy which has proven its worth is the personality quiz. In fact, of the top five publishers on Facebook, three are well-known for their quizzes. However, if yo

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Why you still need to focus on mobile marketing

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Mobile Marketing, Website Optimization | 0 comments

Social media may seem to be the darling of online marketing, but mobile marketing is here to stay. With most people accessing the Internet with a mobile device, your brand can ignore it at its own peril. Look around: everyone is on their smartphones. The trick is to get your brand onto that small screen in front of them. Here is why (and how) you need to focus on mobile marketing.More people have mobile devices than PCs According to Smart Insights, mobile devices

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