What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing as a Key Digital Advertising Option

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In the past, brands used to rely on celebrities to gain recognition, and in fact, they do it today.  However, not all brands are able to use the services of celebrities as influencers for their brand and only giant businesses can tap that resource. Today, influencer marketing takes a different face with the rise of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. These channels are propelling increased demand in specialised content expertise. That being said, there are things you need to know about influence marketing in digital advertising including the visual focus, content creators, rules of the channels used by influencers and the cost of influencers.    There Is a Lot of Visual Focus The reason social media channels like Instagram have created an increased need for influencer services is because of the visual focus. Having an effective Instagram content will require that you understand how the tools of the platform work and the skills needed to post content. This way, you will be able to create content that stands out. If your visuals cannot stand out, you will have difficulties in gaining traction in the channel and your brand won’t surface.   It Requires Skilled Creators Influencer marketing requires you to have skilled creators behind your brand. Brands may try winging it, but without skilled content creators that will tell your story, it will be difficult for you to survive in those highly competitive channels. That is the reason you need to establish followings with influencers. People want to hear what the influencers are saying and the stories they are giving about brands.    There is Confusion in Finding the Right Influencers Since influencer marketing is uncontrolled and unregulated, it makes it hard for brands to find the right individuals to choose as influencers. Influencer marketing is relatively new in digital advertising so no rules have been set yet on how to go about it. This has led to a lot of confusion and most brands cannot find the right influencers. Also, there are no reliable numbers or data points that brands can trust. And, it is difficult to know how much to pay an influencer to post something about your service or product.   Niche, Nano-Influencers Have More Appeal A report from Klear has tried to provide some transparency about influencer marketing.  Klear surveyed in excess of 2 500 types of influencers from three major social networks, namely Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Klear wanted to gain perspective on what these influencers charge for sponsored content. Nano-influencers are not only highly connected with particular online communities, but they do charge less compared to celebrities. YouTube appears to be the most expensive channel for influencer campaigns having average...

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How to Use Facebook Ads For E-Commerce Marketing

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If you are selling products online, then Facebook ads should be a part of your marketing arsenal. The way that Facebook allows you to market based on demographics, interests and virtually any other criteria, combined with the low cost of marketing, makes this a must-have for people selling online. What most people get wrong when creating Facebook ads for their e-commerce sites is that they do their marketing based on their product instead of their potential customer. When targeting people on Facebook, you need to think about the following: What problem is the product solving? Who will the end user of the product be? Why do they have this problem? Strategies to Consider: Once you have carefully considered how your product can solve a potential customer’s problem and drafted your ads, you can move onto Facebook ad strategies, here you can learn what is social media marketing and how to work it on facebook, by our friends at Salesforce. Dynamic Product Ads One way to increase your sales with Facebook ads is by using Dynamic Product Ads. In the same way that Amazon remarkets to you based on your activity on their website, Dynamic Product Ads also let you remarket to people who have visited your site. Multi Product Ads Another tactic that works well for online retailers is Facebook’s Multi Product Ads, which lets you show multiple products in a single advertisement. The more relevant products a Facebook user sees, the greater your chances of a sale are. Install a Conversion Tracking Pixel  The last tip is to install a conversion tracking pixel on your checkout page. This enables Facebook to track who is visiting your site, what they are doing or buying on your site, and generate lookalike audiences for future Facebook ad campaigns. These are only some of the fascinating ways that Facebook ads can be used for e-commerce marketing. For help with your digital marketing strategy, contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Landscape Videos in Instagram

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Following the news in mid-2018 that they would be enabling longer-form content, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly users. While still less than Facebook, the steep increase in user growth and engagement were in sharp contrast to the stagnant growth rates of Snapchat and Facebook. This impressive growth means that Instagram cannot be ignored as part of your digital marketing strategy.   What is IGTV?  On their blog, Facebook-owned Instagram explains that IGTV is “a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favourite Instagram creators. While there is a stand-alone IGTV app, you will also be able to watch from within the Instagram app so that the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start.” Originally, the thinking was that being an app which was designed for mobile use, IGTV was “built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical.” However, two factors came into play which made Instagram relook at their new app: IGTV was slow in taking off. Those who share videos did not want to reformat each of their YouTube videos.   Recent Changes to IGTV The result of this reassessment is that it is now possible for horizontal format videos to be uploaded. “We’ve heard from creators who want to upload landscape videos for IGTV. Similarly, we’ve heard from viewers who come across landscape videos in IGTV but want to watch them in a more natural way. That’s why we’re announcing support for landscape videos in addition to vertical.” Kudos to Instagram for listening to their users and adjusting their product accordingly.   Learn More  Would you like to garner new leads or enhance your reputation through digital marketing? Then contact WSI OMS for social media marketing, website design and SEO services today. Please follow and like...

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How To Win at Video Marketing

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There used to be a saying in the world of digital marketing that “Content is king!” While it still holds true, it should be updated to “Video content is king!” With research showing that mobile video consumption increases in volume by 100% every year, video marketing has become increasingly important to master.   The Rise in Popularity of Video  Did you know that video makes up approximately 80% of all current consumer internet traffic? Some of the reasons for this could include that reading on smaller screens strain our eyes, a hunger for ever more beautiful images or perhaps just plain laziness. But the most compelling reason is that consumers like the personal connection that video marketing provides. When they get a chance to get to know your business via video, it almost feels as though they are getting to know you face-to-face.   A Winning Video Marketing Strategy  Two reasons why many business owners are still so hesitant about video marketing (despite the leads it can generate) are the following: The perceived costs, and  Self-consciousness.  Both can be addressed with the same solution: DIY. Creating a winning video does not need to cost an arm and a leg because authenticity trumps dazzle when it comes to developing strong relationships. The public respond well to videos because they enjoy seeing the person or people behind the company telling their story in a sincere format – one that you could easily create yourself. Follow these steps for a winning video marketing strategy:   Be Audience-Centric  You may feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, but the audience is only actually interested in one thing – themselves. Instead of trying to please everyone out there, work with your model client in mind. Not only does this take the focus off you, but it also improves your video marketing strategy.   Keep Branding Consistent Best case scenario – your video goes viral! Wouldn’t you want everyone who watches it to know who you are? Even if it is only shared among your fans, all your videos need to have consistent digital branding – from a colour scheme to a unique intro or having your logo in the corner.   Short and Sweet Do not try to showcase all your expertise in one go. Shorter videos are more popular, and a clear description of your topic will interest your ideal prospects.   Tell Your Story Volumes have been written about the impact of storytelling. Video is a captivating storytelling medium because you can leverage your facial expressions, voice, body language and setting.  Even though it is a story, remember to include a call to action at the end of your video.   Digital Marketing...

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5 Easy Ways to Ensure that Your Post Does Well Even after Posting It

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Content marketing is hard work. After crafting your post, you should already be aware of the fact that it takes time, creativity and skill. You don’t want all the hard work to go to waste, do you? Instead, you want your content to “work for you” even when you’re not physically at your computer. How can you get your post to do well after posting it? Keep on reading to find out.   Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Make Sure that Your Content Marketing Efforts Are Working:   Use Keywords to Optimise It You require consistency when it comes to producing great content. This includes creating optimised content for your websites and blogs. Use adaptive SEO to your advantage so that viewers can find your ads in search engines. Engage with Others To increase engagement and traffic to your post, it helps if you talk with others. Engagement not only means to like another person’s post, but instead, it also means to comment on their posts or offer advice. Share Your Posts with Customers If you’re already aware of some people who are watching and following your blog then why not send them a link to the post you’ve just published? Use Your Blog Posts in Newsletters Newsletters are a good way to influence your audience. Why not assign your post as a newsletter and provide your readers with something extra? Newsletters are an effective way to reward your subscribers with a bit of advanced news and information. Lend a Helping Hand to Others People usually search for help online. Share your post to help your viewers who are seeking for guidance. If your post can lend a helping hand, then why not.  Need help with content marketing? Contact us today! Please follow and like...

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