5 types of social media posts you need to stop immediately

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Building a strong social media presence is hard work and it takes time. Yet even the most well-established presence can be tarnished in a second by a single post. If you are posting, have posted or are planning to post any of the following five types of social media content, you should stop yourself straight away. 1. Hard-Sell Promotion Yes, you’re trying to promote yourself or your product… But, your social media channels are not the right platforms for heavy selling. Keep it fun, personal and conversational while gently raising awareness of what you do. Your friends and followers will not appreciate attempts to shove your services down their throats. 2. Viral Content That People Have Seen Elsewhere Your social media schedule tells you need to post now and you’re low on content. So, you grab a viral piece of topicality, that somewhat relates to your goals and strategy, and quickly post it. Big mistake. You can rest assured that your audience has already seen it and any reputation you have built for good, original content has just taken a serious knock. 3. Negative Content It’s never a good time to criticise your competitors or say something that might make your clients and prospective customers feel bad. Don’t draw attention to your competitors at all. And, always make your clients feel good. Simple. 4. Off-Brand” Posts If you have properly devised your social media strategy in line with your overall marketing aims, you should be posting content that is consistent with your brand’s look, feel and voice. Avoid posting anything that doesn’t fit these. It will strike your audience’s ear like a musician playing a bad note and will be a definite black mark against your name. 5. Copied and Pasted Content Across All Platforms It’s tempting to try and kill several birds with one stone by just posting the same message across all your social media accounts. This is definitely a mistake, however. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all facilitate different kinds of messages and communication styles. You need to bear this in mind and tailor your message to each one. WSI OMS is an established expert in social media marketing. Contact us for help to plan your social media strategy. Please follow and like...

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What Is Partnership Marketing?

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Partnership marketing is something that almost every single business can do (and do well) regardless of its budget. Partnership marketing is not about creating a legal arrangement with another person or business. Rather, partnership marketing involves collaborating with another business or influencer, so that you both get an opportunity to reach the other audience in some way. Many times, teaming up with a partner can get you the same reach that would have cost a lot more                                                                        through traditional advertising methods.   For partnership marketing to be effective, you need to be thoughtful about the type of partners you pursue. You’re not looking to collaborate with any business. There are several types of businesses that could be worthwhile collaborators, such as businesses that share the same target market but have different offerings, businesses that are local to you and could potentially draw foot traffic, competitive businesses in different locations, or competitor businesses in the same location that are able to refer overflow customers or have a unique point of differentiation from your business.   Every business invests in marketing to its audience in some way. As you know from your own business, a lot of hard work goes into building a client base, nurturing leads and retaining customers. If a business is isolated and it is marketing and functioning in a silo, the only benefit to be gained comes from reaching an audience with its own voice. If two businesses partner together, however, they stand to gain exponentially without spending much more time or money on marketing by gaining exposure to each other’s audiences.   Some of the methods that you can consider include social media shares, verbal testimonials, newsletter mentions or guest blog posts on each other’s sites.   Need help with your SEO, digital marketing or partnership marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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4 Web Design Factors for Great Online Customer Experience

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As sales and service move ever more into the online space, it is vital for any business to have a recognisable, attractive and functional online presence. The best way to achieve this is by making sure that your website design is spot on from the very start. Web design that is geared towards great customer experience and brisk sales, should always be based on the four fundamental elements discussed below. Keep these in mind while designing and maintaining your website, and you should have no problems keeping your customers happy. 1. First Impressions Last It takes between 4 and 8 seconds for a visitor to your site to either become a customer or click away, possibly to a competitor’s site. That is all the time you have to make a good impression! So, you need to make sure that your site is visually appealing and attracts and retains a visitor’s interest. Put a lot of effort into the look and feel of your site and do research to determine what would be most attractive to clients in your particular market. 2. Ease and Speed of Use Is Essential It may look pretty. But, if it doesn’t work, a frustrated customer will gladly look elsewhere. Not only should you ensure that your website’s various functions are always working properly, but you should also research the design and programming of those functions to check whether they are optimised for customer use. If an element or function is slow or counterintuitive, customers are not likely to be patient and give you the benefit of the doubt. 3. Sales Are Made Through Emotional Connections You can’t keep your site impersonal and generic and then expect to generate the kind of brand loyalty that comes from good customer experience. Think hard about your brand and how it is presented to customers. Also, be sure to put names and faces to your brand. Team photographs and bios, or endorsements from well-known personalities, can go a long way towards building trust in your brand. 4. Customers Need Information Don’t let the information on your site get dated. Update it constantly. Keep a blog that you add to on a regular basis, encourage customer reviews on your products so that future buyers have something to refer to. Always make sure that your basic product info is as complete as possible. A major frustration for customers is clicking on a product they may want to buy and seeing no information to help them with their purchase decision. WSI OMS is a well-established expert in web design. Contact us to assess and discuss your customer experience. Please follow and like...

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What are E-A-T Factors? And, Why Should You Focus on Them?

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Google E-A-T quality standards revealed a huge part of the Google search algorithm. Basically, every top-ranked website follows these criteria because Google loves their content. E-A-T is an acronym that you need to learn in order to boost your SEO efforts. • E Is for Expertise  If you are a leader in your industry, you need to showcase this on your website. For a digital marketing agency, certificates and badges such as those that are given to Google Analytics Qualified Individuals, are great to put on your website. Other options are the Udemy database, which offers a variety of digital marketing courses and certificates, or the HubSpot Academy.   • A Is for Authoritative  When it comes to building an authoritative website, you need to focus on two things, quality and quantity.  1.Quality  From a search engine point of view, a quality link is one from a famous person. For example, if Neil Patel mentions you in a video or links to your website, it will boost your authority.  2.Quantity Quantity is the opposite. If a lot of people share your content and a popular blog post on your site shows there were 1 228 shares on Facebook, this will also boost your authority. If you are just starting out, it may be easier to focus on quantity instead of quality. Start to participate in social discussions on YouTube or Facebook, join some expert groups and so on. You need to put in the time and effort, as well as consistently engage online, to make this work.   • T is for Trustworthy Just ask yourself – who do you trust?   Contact WSI OMS for more help with your digital marketing efforts.   Please follow and like...

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Why you should be using influencer marketing

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Influencers used to be celebrities who would lend their fame to various product endorsements. This has changed over the years: being an influencer is now a full-time job and a source of fame and fortune in its own right.  Influencers have become such an integral part of the social media landscape that they are rapidly becoming an integral part of marketing strategies. They form followings of loyal social media users who are more than willing to accept their product advice and this means increased sales for online businesses and digital marketers.  With this in mind, influencers should now be taken into consideration for any marketing plan. At the end of 2018, influencer marketing agency Mediakix surveyed marketers to gauge the industry’s stance regarding the effectiveness of influencers. The survey revealed that 89% of marketers felt that return on investment on influencers was comparable to, or better than, that of other marketing channels. Sixty-five percent planned to increase their expenditure on influencers. Why are influencers so popular? Simply put, they have the potential to give your brand a human face, if it doesn’t already have one. Influencers offer consumers someone to turn to for advice on their particular field of interest. Users test the opinions and endorsements of influencers and gradually build trust in them as they find that their points of view yield favourable results. They thus come to take influencer opinions to heart and make purchase decisions on that basis, meaning that if your product is promoted by a particular influencer, his or her following becomes a captive market for you.  Influencers are also quite a bit more affordable than casting well-known actors in ad campaigns – for now at least. Contact WSI to assist you in creating a great, easily-manageable social media strategy.  Please follow and like...

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