3 Tips for High-Performance Email Newsletters

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One of the best ways to communicate with your clients and customers is directly through their inbox. You can do this once per month with an email newsletter. It’s important that you make the most of this opportunity. WSI OMS has a few tips that you can use to easily improve your email newsletters:Tip no1: Subject LineThe first thing that a potential newsletter reader will see is the subject line. So, make sure it’s effective and concise. Using a boring email

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Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know about Google’s Featured Snippets

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 Google’s featured snippets are a massive talking point within the online marketing community at the moment – and there is no doubt as to why! They provide marketers with an amazing opportunity to get their content featured and, as a result, to generate more clicks to their website. Here is what you need to know about this relatively recent search engine revelation, and how best to use it to your advantage. Google Featured Snippets and Traffic to Your Website

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Signs That Google Thinks Your Web Pages Are Low Quality

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As most people know by now, Google’s algorithms are continuously updated.  If you have low-quality content or web pages, then you will start to lose rankings. The problem, however, comes when you’re trying to determine if your site is suffering from an algorithmic penalty or if the better content is simply outperforming your own content. You can go to webmaster tools to find out if Google thinks there is keyword stuffing or keyword cloaking on your site (you wi

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Content Marketing: Reasons Why You Should Do a Regular Content Audit

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Whether you have plans to repurpose your content, or you simply wish to re-evaluate your approach to content marketing, performing regular content audits is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Here are a few ways in which regular content audits can help to improve your business and your online marketing efforts in general.Enhance Your Website’s SEO If you would like to see a positive change when it comes to your SEO rankings, a c

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Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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Are you wondering how to get more traffic to your website so that you can get people interested in your brand and what you have to offer? Here are a few ways to increase your traffic:Video MarketingVideo marketing and YouTube can really boost your website traffic. You can link back to your website in your YouTube videos by including a link to your site in the first or second line of your YouTube video. Another way is to embed your YouTube videos on your website.

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