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Launching your new website? Use these essential SEO tips!

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Search Engines, SEO | 0 comments

If you’re launching a new website, then you’re in the perfect position to get your SEO right from the start. While there’s a lot of work that needs to get done when it comes to launching a website, it’s worth your while to take a step back and give your link building strategy and overall search engine optimisation efforts some thought. Here are a few things you should do: Learn how keyword research works There are a lot of online tutorials which will show yo

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5 Tips to Help You Create Catchy Social Media Posts

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization | 0 comments

The backbone of social media marketing is in having great content to share on your newsfeeds, as well as great and catchy anchor texts to attract readers to links from external sources. From the short snippets that dominated the social network arena for a long time, there is pressure to create longer posts which drive better user engagement. Crafting an expertly written, catchy and informative post given a limited number of characters (on Twitter) or no limit (e.g.

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How to get your digital marketing campaign ready for the holiday season

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Digital Media Marketing | 0 comments

Want to end your year on a high note? Then start preparing your digital marketing strategy for the holiday season today. Many people procrastinate when it comes to gift shopping, so making sure your digital campaigns are tailored to those who want to buy now is definitely worth the effort. Even if you’re not necessarily offering products that people would buy as a year-end or Christmas gift, many people spend more time browsing the internet during this season, so

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Get Better Results from Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Digital Media Marketing, Instagram, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Using Instagram for social media marketing: Instagram is without a doubt; a great place to build your brand and get your products and services the attention they deserve. You might not be aware of it, but some companies make as many as 20 to 40 sales per day, through Instagram! Now that’s impressive! Many business owners find the Instagram concept confusing or difficult as there’s no opportunity to add a link or a “buy” button to your posts. And that’s rea

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Your guide to lifecycle email marketing

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in E-mail Marketing | 0 comments

What is lifecycle email marketing and why should you use it? Also known as ‘drip marketing,’ lifecycle email marketing refers to creating clear set of emails that you will send to potential clients at specific times to take them through your sales funnel. Your first step to creating an effective lifecycle email marketing campaign is to determine the different messages each interested person would need. For example, a person who has just become aware of your comp

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