How to Make Your Social Marketing Strategy More Personable

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It’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks, if not the most important social network for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. The reason for this is the sheer size of LinkedIn’s database, which now boasts over 600 million professional users spread around the world. With so many people on the platform, how do you make connections that put your brand and marketing messages in front of more people? As anyone who has been doing social marketing for a while will know, it’s all about building relationships. Here are a few ways to start: Stay on Top of Your Client’s News  Find content related to the company that you’re trying to market to. The easiest way to do this is to set up a Google Alert. If you have a Google Alert set up for that company, you will be notified by email any time that company gets a mention in the news. Use that Content to Your Advantage Let’s face it, no one wants to be prospected. They want to be engaged! And, with the keyword in social media being “social”, you should find a way to socialise. The easiest way to do that is to congratulate or acknowledge your prospects based on company news and announcements that are public. This is something that you will be able to do on an ongoing basis thanks to the Google Alerts that you set up. What you are going to do is go back to your prospect, and in your dialogue with them, mention the news. Here’s an example of a message you will send them:  “Hi Brad,  I just saw on Business Insider that your company was named one of the top ten corporations in your industry – congratulations! Hey, by the way, if you have a few minutes, I’d love to hop on a call with you next week to see how business is doing.” It’s easy to see how the above interaction is different from just approaching someone and trying to market to them. Focus on the Individual The next tip is to make your conversations less about the company and more about the individual. Every single person at any company has a professional goal that might not necessarily be tied to the company goal, but it’s their goal and it’s important to them. If you really want to get down and dirty and be an amazing digital marketer, you have to make marketing personable. Really get to know your prospects, find out when they will be going to conferences, whether they are travelling to your city any time soon and how you can get more face time. Are you interested in digital and social marketing techniques...

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How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

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Blockchain technology; which has mostly been associated with cryptocurrency and the finance industry; could soon become the latest curve-ball to hit the world of digital marketing. Predictions from industry experts point to blockchain being a disruptive influence for the marketing industry, and it seems that artificial intelligence and analytics are set to take a backseat when it comes to game-changing technology. Blockchain technology is based on the principle of creating a publically available digital record of transactions across many computers. This record or “block” is connected to other blocks in the chain and can’t be altered without altering the other blocks connected to it. It creates a way for transactions to take place between two parties without needing verification from a third party.  4 Ways in Which Blockchain Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing:   Access to Digital Data  Blockchain can put a stop to businesses pulling and selling their clients’ information without paying the client for the use of that information. Certain browsers are using blockchain technology to allow clients to “sell” their attention to businesses. The client can watch ads and get paid for doing so, instead of getting bombarded by online advertising they never asked for. Blockchain will certainly change the way that digital marketers collect and use consumer information, and it will give consumers power over their own data. Marketers will have to get their data directly from consumers and may, therefore, pose opportunities to win customer loyalty. If the brand or company can win the customer’s trust, they will be rewarded with consumer information. Strengthened Security Blockchain adds security to online interactions because each transaction in a block is stored in a decentralised manner, which makes it incredibly hard to hack individual accounts and entire databases. Various companies are creating ways to allow consumers to use their information as a key to access apps without those apps storing information on their servers. These companies aim to give consumers back the rights over their own data. Digital marketers can use this added security to their advantage by supporting consumers in their efforts to control the use of their data and by being transparent in the way they use data that they have access to. If done correctly, digital marketers can gain the trust of their audiences by embracing extra security. Verification  With the verified chain of transactions, blockchain technology can help take the guesswork out of online transactions. Instead of hoping that manufacturers are being honest in marketing products, companies can verify conditions such as the origins of a product as well as how much workers are paid. There is no way to alter records once recorded in a block, which may give the consumer peace...

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Our Best Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

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For small businesses with limited budgets, email marketing can be a cost-effective way to target clients with a customised message and get measured feedback on its performance. We’ve gathered our favourite tips to incorporate email marketing in growing your small business. Get Your Business Growing with Email Marketing Successful email marketing focuses on a simple message, which is communicated clearly and highlights the value of the message to the client. Here’s how to succeed with your email marketing strategy: Give a Little, Get a Lot Start with an incentive to get your clients to sign up. This can be in the form of exclusive benefits like checklists, free templates and handy guides aimed at solving a problem your client might be facing. By providing value, you’re building loyalty and positioning yourself as a respected resource. Loyal clients will pay attention, engage with you and refer your business to others. Don’t Spam Want to know why clients unsubscribe? Spammy messaging and communication overload. If your message only sells and offers no real value or these communications clutter their inbox multiple times a week, you’re going in the trash. People don’t normally hang around to watch infomercials, so don’t mimic those tactics in your email marketing.  Customise Your Message Research your audience and find out what kind of voice they will respond to; then adopt that voice when communicating with them. Just remember that the voice isn’t limited to wording only, it includes visuals too. Aim for a message that is consistent and customised to fit your audience for maximum impact. The key to success in email marketing is to establish trust. So, always meet your clients’ expectations, offer real value and be consistent. If you implement these tips, you’ll see real results that you can keep reaping the benefit from. Need help with your email marketing? Contact WSI OMS today.  Please follow and like...

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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

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In digital marketing, trends change rapidly and non-stop. There is always some new technique, software, algorithm change or expert opinion to take into consideration. With the end of this year fast approaching, we’re looking at some important trends that digital marketers need to be aware of for the year to come.   The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020: Messaging Apps With the introduction of Whatsapp for Business and similar features on messaging apps, digital marketing has found a way to become even more personal. Businesses can now manage a multitude of interactions through these apps, including digital marketing. The ability to create targeted groups, share promotions, host flash sales and bring a personal touch to all these messages is highly valuable to digital marketers, and we predict a steady uptake in using messaging apps for various digital marketing purposes. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Experts predict massive growth in the use of AI in managing the customer experience by implementing chatbots to drive targeted marketing interactions and manage customer queries. Chatbots can provide real-time feedback to questions without any delay or bias and in this space, they far outperform their human counterparts (who suffer from the normal side effects of being human).  Hyper Targeting Companies investing in digital marketing expect to see results from their efforts.  Hyper targeting turns customer insights into personalised messages to ensure that niche messages reach the correct audience, which improves the return on investment. It also creates brand awareness in the correct way by avoiding customers outside of the target market who may become brand-averse through repeated exposure to unsuitable messaging. Content Marketing  It shouldn’t be news that content marketing is still a hot topic in digital marketing. The trends in this area are based on the type and format of content marketing. Interactive content and video content are set to take the lead in content marketing. These types of content are engaging, transparent and easy to digest. Consumption of live videos on social media is on the upswing as influencers and content creators become more comfortable in the medium, and consumers are actively seeking to engage with creators they follow in this space.  Shoppable Posts and AR/VR Experiences Digital marketing meets online shopping in the advent of social media posts that link to e-commerce stores. The idea is to create a seamless experience by showcasing products, enabling the customer to try on the item (or view it in their own home) through AR/VR technology and simplifying the purchase process. Instead of looking at a digital catalogue, the virtual shopping experience is even closer to real life, and that is a powerful extension of digital marketing. Early adopters will be large retail...

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Drive Traffic to Your Restaurant with These Digital Marketing Tips!

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Getting traffic to your restaurant can be simple and cost-effective – if you use digital marketing to your advantage. Digital marketing is a powerful tool in getting more traffic to your restaurant, but there’s more to it than posting a few images on social media and having a website. To increase the effectivity of digital marketing for your restaurant, we’ve gathered our favourite tips that you can easily implement in your marketing strategy: Use Social Media for Your Marketing Social media loves visuals and is the perfect medium to advertise your restaurant.  Thanks to smartphones with great cameras, you can easily shoot high-quality images of your signature dishes, beautiful décor and helpful staff. Shoot some good-looking images, add your location (a function on most social media channels) and post it to social media. These posts will entice hungry clients in your neighborhood to drop by and experience your ambience. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to help your audience find you.  Bring Digital Marketing Home with Your Own Website If your restaurant doesn’t have a website, it is basically invisible to a large number of people. In this digital age, a website will lend your restaurant credibility and will help potential clients to find valuable information (like trading hours, address and contact details) quickly. You need to invest some time (and possibly a little bit of money) in getting a website so you are visible on the digital map. A website also gives you a home for your content and can help you to connect with potential clients through a contact form or newsletter sign-up.  The most important aspects of a restaurant’s website? It should load quickly and be easy to navigate. Keep it simple and stick to your brand. Use Content Marketing to Set Your Restaurant Apart Content marketing takes the approach of educating or stimulating interest instead of explicitly promoting a product or service. Experiment with creating a blog to showcase inspiring recipes, give tips on seasonal ingredients and educate your followers on topics related to your industry.  Make the most of  special events and holidays to create highly shareable content. This can include special cocktail recipes for Christmas or New Year, yummy cookies for the school holidays and food-related crafts your followers can make with their kids.  If you want to outsource your content marketing, why not collaborate with local bloggers or personalities? Offer incentives and set-up ways to post each other’s content that will be beneficial to both parties.  Get Listed, Everywhere Make use of the myriads of business listing platforms and focus your attention to platforms specially created for the restaurant industry. You want your restaurant to appear on every possible listing website, restaurant...

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