How to increase your search engine rankings through blogging

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Adding a blog to your business or personal website can boost your organic search engine results dramatically.  This can help many websites that doesn’t have enough content on them, to get more traffic.  A blog adds regular fresh keyword rich content to your website – if you implement various on page SEO strategies correctly. A blog is also an excellent tool that you can use for various internet marketing strategies. Blog posts with original interesting content will start a conversation and it can attract links from other blogs and websites which will build up the link popularity of the main website. Most blogging platforms includes a RSS feed directly linked to the blog.  To give you a quick non-technical explanation of what it does – visitors of your blog can subscribe to your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed and as soon as you publish a new blog post, they will be notified of any updates and new content that you have made on the blog.  You can also link the RSS feed to RSS aggregation websites like that displays your feed on their website. Find below a couple of tips to help you increase the organic search results of your website by using and optimizing a blog. Keywords Select a topic related to your website and services before you start blogging.  These will usually be the topics that your best customers will find interesting.  If your company and website is about weddings, maybe your blog postings could be about wedding venues, wedding dresses, tips, etc.  Prepare a list of keywords from your topic that you can use in your content, titles and links of the blog post. Writing Blogging is not about selling, it is about educating and engaging your readers with informative interesting writings that will benefit them.  Most if not all search queries begins with a question.  Write down a couple of questions that your perfect customer might ask and write topics around it.  You are branding yourself as the authority on your blog and you can be the expert in your field. Link popularity If what you write is informative and interesting, you will develop a readership that will often return to your blog to read about what you have to say.  Others will comment about your postings on their own blogs and it will start a natural linking process.  These links will help your blog, website and domain with its link popularity to increase your website rankings. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) As stated in the beginning of this post, when you publish a new topic, your RSS will ping out the title, couple of words of the post and the URL of it to...

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Blogging: How to measure if all your effort was successful

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You have a blog (the swiss army knife of social media) and you have been blogging for a couple of months now.  How do you measure if all your effort was successful?  What topics that you have written on your blog are best received?  You can use web analytics from your hosting company or another third-party statistical software package to measure this to give you the best answers. What is the purpose of your blog? You need to have a purpose for your blog before you can start to measure success.  It has been proven that a blog that addresses a particular audience about a particular audience will build a larger readership base.  Visitors will return to your blog if they like what they read.  You can do this by writing informative unique content.  If you write about a wide variety of subjects and topics, you won’t develop many repeat visits. What is the feedback you have received? What feedback have you received from your visitors regarding your blog?  When you have written something interesting, you will notice an increase in the number of visitors to your blog and the comments.  Listen and watch the feedback.  You can use this to deliver more of the same content that your audience likes. Find below simple steps on how you can measure the success of your blog The number of visitors:  If no one visits your blog, it is not effective.  If you write a couple of blog posts a week, which of these postings creates the highest number of visitors?  Figure out what you did right and do more of it. Comments:.  Which of your postings yields the highest number of comments and discussion?  Was it the subject you have used?  Your writing style?  Maybe the questions that you have asked in your post? Length of stay:  How long did the average visitor stay on your blog?  Were they only there for 10 seconds or 5 minutes? Entry pages:  What postings that you have made attracts visitors over time?  These postings are the ones that visitors find on the search engines long after they have been written.  These are usually your reader’s favourites. Location:  Where are your readers coming from?  With Google analytics and other analytics software you can usually see where your visitors are originating from.  Which country and city.  This can be very important if you focus on local markets. A  blog’s success can only be measured over a long period of time as it takes time and dedication to maintain it.  It’s not an overnight success. Please follow and like...

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Does Google use data from social media channels in ranking?

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Does Google use any data from social media channels on their search algorithm? Google and Bing have confirmed that the links shared from Web 2.0 sites such as Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on organic search result rankings. It is calculated by the social authority of a user. That means that it counts how many people you follow and how many follow you – doesn’t sound right to me. The higher the social authority, the more trusted the link will count. In effect, this means that Re Tweets will be counted as links? These links will count even though the links from Twitter are already nofollow links and most are shortened with URL shortener’s such as where there are no keywords in the anchor text of the link. View the YouTube video below where Matt Cutts explains this.   Please follow and like...

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Social Media Marketing: Definining your goals

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Most of your clients are reading and are participating using social media.  Social Media is in such a high use today that every business should be blending Social Media Marketing (SMM) into their existing  marketing strategies.  How do you get started using Social Media? The first step in any SMM campaign should be setting up goals on what you want to accomplish. Before you start with any SMM initiative, you always need to establish your goals first.  What do you want to accomplish with your Social Media strategy? How will SMM going to help your business? Quite a lot of companies venturing into the Social Media playing field have a hard time understanding this because they do not clearly understand what is possible with Social Media. Just to get your thinking hats on: The Social Media Opportunity On Facebook there are more than 500 million users.  If Facebook were a country, it would have been the 3rd largest in the world. By looking at the top 10 highest traffic websites by Alexa, 5 of those are Social Media Sites (Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, WikiPedia, Twitter). Millions of videos are watched every month on YouTube. Find below a couple of goals that we are using with our Social Media Marketing strategy. Social Media Goals Measure and monitor the number of mentions of company name and brand online. Gain a better understanding of how your targeted audience and existing clients feels about your company and brand. Develop and build relationships with your current clients. Increase brand awareness. Increase your organic search engine listings. Generate more quality sales leads. So now you have an idea on setting up your Social Media Marketing Goals.  Where do you start and what are the next steps? How do you start your SMM campaign? Your first step should always be listening and monitoring.  By listening, you will see where the buzz is happening at the moment and where your targeted audience spends their time socially online.  The next step will be to choose specific Social Media channels that you can use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. There are thousands of different Social Media channels you can use.  Always start small and stay focused.  Measure your results and make adjustments where needed. When you are comfortable with your Social Media Marketing campaign, expand it. Please follow and like...

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Get more traffic to your website or blog through social media

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To get targeted traffic to your website or blog is the heart and soul of Internet Marketing. More targeted website visitors means there are more people who can learn about your site and the services that you offer. Social Media Marketing is a powerful way and method to bring more interested prospects to your online profile. It has been proven that you can increase your ROI by implementing the right social media strategies for your business. How can your business use social media effectively and to what standards? Businesses needs to build credibility and trust by offering value and interacting with people. This doesn’t mean one way conversations, it means discussions. So how to get started using this marketing medium? Targeting Social media websites (Web 2.0), blogs and forums are generally category specific on a subject. Participate and be active on these sites related to your industry and niche. This will increase your online visibility. This can be a great method in obtaining targeted customers as you are directly communicating with them. Participate Be an active participant in selected social network communities. Be involved and post regularly. Interact with others in the community and become known. If you don’t have time for direct participation, find someone in your organization that will take this on. This is very important. Blogging My favourite. A blog is an essential tool for any business participating in social media. Write interesting topics that will interest your ideal targeted customer. Write fresh, original and important content and you will attract attention and links from other blogs. Links Links from social media websites and blogs can be very valuable in building your website search rankings. Original posts serves as link-bait which will drive your search rankings higher. Authority By participating and interacting in forums and social networking sites, you will build a reputation as an expert in your field. People like to do business with people they know and respect. There is no correct way to make use of social media. The key is to get involved and network with other. This will pay dividends to your business with increased visitors, prospects and customers. Please follow and like...

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