5 Ways to Tailor Your Email Marketing for Mobile

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In this fast-paced digital age, more and more people are viewing emails on their mobile phones. That is why it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to optimise their email marketing for mobile. Designing your emails for desktop just will not cut it any more, in fact, your audience is more likely to ignore or delete your mails, which is costly – to say the least. Here are 5 ways you can stay ahead of the game and tailor your email marketing for mobile:   Use Mobile-Friendly Templates Using email templates that have been designed for mobile ensures that your content will render well on multiple devices. Emails that look great on mobile are a sure-fire way to increase your open and click-through rates.   Make Your Subject Line Shorter Having a shorter subject line is an obvious requirement, given the limited character space on mobile. While on a desktop, you have about 80 or more characters to play with, a subject line that is more than 30 characters will get cut off on a mobile device. Having shorter subject lines is also a great opportunity to write succinct, attention-grabbing copy to captivate your audience.   Use Pre-Header Text Often, the pre-header text is what determines whether your audience will read your email or not. Despite this, most emails do not include it. When used well, the pre-header text is an excellent way to ‘sell’ your content, and on mobile, it is essential to maximise the limited space you have to do this. Depending on the device, there are between 40 and 90 characters available for the pre-header text.   Optimise the ‘From’ Name Your display or ‘from’ name is probably the least creative part of your email. But why? Well, it is because your subscribers are more likely to engage with you if they recognise you. That is why putting your company name in the ‘from’ field is more beneficial than, let us say, ‘Mike Taylor’ – who may have in fact sent the mail but is, unfortunately, less familiar to the reader. Although using a real ‘name’ may seem more personal, it does not give subscribers an idea of what content to expect from the mail.   Balance Image Size and Text Research shows that the human brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text. That is why using strong visuals in your email marketing is a powerful way to increase your conversion rates. But for this to work, your images need to be visible and clear on mobile. The ratio of the image to text also needs to be balanced. Too much text and your email will be a drag to read; too many visuals...

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LinkedIn training at Acer for Business Reseller Road Show in South Africa

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I recently had the privilege to provide Social Selling tips for Acer resellers. The company hosted the Acer for Business Reseller Road Show and booked WSI OMS to provide social selling insights at a number of their event locations, which meant I traveled to Mahikeng, Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Nelspruit to talk about everything from generating leads on social media to boosting your professional image online. The sessions that Acer hosted were focused on sharing the latest technology updates from Acer and Microsoft and showcase their device offerings to resellers. To add something extra to the event, the company booked me to explain the power of harnessing social media to generate leads for their reselling businesses. Harnessing the power of LinkedIn for B2B sales At the conference, I taught the Acer team and their Roadshow attendees how they can harness the power of LinkedIn for B2B sales. We went beyond the conventional advice of creating profiles and being active on the platform to delve into how B2Bs are using social media to get leads (because research shows that it works). On LinkedIn, you still need to work for your leads. I showed attendees a variety of ways that they can use social media to boost their online brands. Some of the benefits of using LinkedIn for B2B sales is that it’s a non-intrusive way to reach out to prospects and start networking. Having a complete and active LinkedIn profile validates that a sales person is engaged and knowledgeable, and it’s the start to networking with a plan. Book us for corporate LinkedIn training at your next event WSI OMS offers corporate training for sales teams. If your sales team is still relying solely on cold calling or leads from your website and events, then you’re missing out on a huge source of targeted leads. Our LinkedIn corporate training can show you how to start using the power of social media to not only find more leads, but to make more sales and decrease your sales cycle. We can offer flexible talks and training session to suit the clients requirements whether it be full day in-depth group training, individual coaching sessions or 30min basic sessions. Contact us if you would like us to speak at your upcoming event. Please follow and like...

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Why Progressive Web Apps Are the Future

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2018 has seen the rise of the Progressive Web App (PWA). In short, a PWA is a mobile app downloaded from a web application. They load like regular web pages/websites but feel and behave like native mobile apps. In this mobile-first era, PWAs are quickly becoming the next best thing for an optimised user experience. In fact, companies like Forbes and Alibaba have turned to PWAs to increase their conversion rates. Here are some of the ins-and-outs of progressive web apps and why they could be great for your business:   Instant Download You don’t need an app store to download a PWA. Although, search engines see them as apps, installing them simply involves visiting a site and adding the progressive web app to your device’s home screen. Since PWAs are accessed via search engines, SEO can be used to make the app more discoverable – a great cost-cutting exercise.   Integrated User Experience Much like a mobile app, PWAs can send push notifications, and have access to your device’s functionalities. They also offer an immersive full screen experience – without the URL bar floating on the top.   Fast and Reliable According to Google, 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! When accessed from your device’s home screen, PWAs load instantly – even in poor network conditions. They respond quickly to user interactions and also function offline, just like a native mobile app. Because of this, PWAs use less data.   Responsive PWAs render well on multiple devices, including desktop, tablets and soon will fit smaller interfaces like smartwatches.   Self-updates Progressive web apps can update themselves automatically, which eliminates the fuss of having your updates approved by an app store.   If you need digital marketing services for your business, contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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An Explanation of The Different Types of Sponsored Ads on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn offers various ways in which you can market your product on their platform. Users can pay for three different types of advertising, which will reach people and businesses on LinkedIn. Here is a quick overview of the ads you can buy on LinkedIn:   Text Ads Text Ads are simply pay-per-click (PPC) ads. With this option, you can choose the audience you want to attract, which makes this option very economical for you and your business. You only have to pay for how many times people click your ad – a very budget friendly option.   Sponsored InMail Ads Sponsored InMail Ads allow businesses to personally message other individuals and/or businesses through LinkedIn messenger. This may be an easy alternative for you if you know exactly who you want to attract and what message you want to send. Still worried that your message might not get delivered? Do not stress. LinkedIn will send through the ads to businesses that are active online and will guarantee that your ad will be seen, and not lost in amongst a dozen other messages and spam.   Sponsored Content Ads Sponsored Content Ads appear on the feeds of other businesses you want to attract. This method is highly effective in that it will get your message across onto desktops and mobile devices, as well as allows you to choose how big and bold you want to digitally market your business across on LinkedIn. This form of advertising allows you to promote your business in a professional manner, as well as allows you to target the audience that you want to attract.   Still not sure where to begin? Let WSI OMS take care of all the confusing details and take control of your digital marketing. Contact us today.   Please follow and like...

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How to Create the Best LinkedIn Summaries for Professionals – Dr. Cheryl Potgieter

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We have helped many people use the power of LinkedIn (see this example of Dr. Cheryl Potgieter) to connect with their ideal target audience. Whether you are an established thought leader in your industry or you whether you just recently started working in a new niche, you need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is: Attention-grabbing, and That it explains the value you can bring to a client’s business. Here is advice on how professionals like Dr. Cheryl Potgieter can go about creating a winning LinkedIn summary: Your Purpose Write what the ultimate goal of your job is. If you are a software developer in the financial industry, write how you believe digital disruption and technological change will help companies differentiate themselves in the market. Say that you are committed to advancing the field of software development and engaging in meaningful conversations on how the industry can become more agile, for example. Your Passion Your passion is what makes you tick. If you are a teacher, you can say that you love facilitating those ‘A-Ha’ moments when a learner understands how to solve a complex problem. If you are a Doctor, you could say that helping people live their best lives is what keeps you going every day. Your Promise What do you promise clients? An accountant can promise that they will ethically guide a client to efficiently navigate the tax landscape and meet all their regulatory requirements while looking for opportunities where growth may exist for their business. Your Statement This can give readers the information they need to resonate with you. You could, for example, write about where you were in life before you found your true calling.  Coach Lisa Berndt’s summary reads, “I was sitting in a New Zealand forest at midnight, wearing sunglasses and catching moths. It was not where I wanted to be. Although midnight light trapping was never my favourite part of being an entomologist, I stayed committed to my path as a scientist for another six years. Then I realised my true passion was…” Do you need help to create your best LinkedIn summary like Dr. Cheryl Potgieter. Then contact us today. Please follow and like...

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