One of the most important metrics tracked in Analytics is Bounce Rates.   Bounce rates measure the % of site visitors who view the page they have landed on and then click off the site. It is an algorithmic indication that they did not find what they were looking for when they searched for, or clicked on, ‘xyz’.


While there will always be a certain bounce rate, high bounce rates can be very damaging to your website’s performance in Google search – and devastating to your digital marketing campaign.


Reasons for high bounce rates 

  • A website visitor didn’t find what they were looking for
  • They don’t think they’ll find what they are looking for if they browse further through the website
  • They don’t like the website:
  • the way it looks,
  • displays, and/or
  • content
  • They don’t trust the website
  • They can’t or don’t want to try and browse the site because:
  • it doesn’t display properly,
  • there are too many pop-up ads,
  • ads obscure the content,
  • menus don’t work properly, etc.
  • There’s nothing wrong with the website, but you are getting hits from the wrong market
  • You used the wrong PPC keywords or landing page
  • There’s nothing wrong with the website, but it’s not the one they heard about


A high bounce rate can indicate one or several problems.  It is usually measured at between 50 and 70% of site visitors bouncing off immediately, after reading only one page or browsing to only one other page, then leaving the site.

There could be myriad reasons why site visitors ‘bounce’. Some of these can be measured through Analytics, and /or they can be deduced quickly and accurately at the outset or during the process of SEO and the online marketing campaign along with on-going Analytics.


Why Analytics and bounce rates matter so much

To Google it doesn’t matter what is making your site visitors bounce off your website in such high numbers. What matters is that they are bouncing. That indicates that by returning your website or web page on a search for ‘xyz’, Google isn’t fulfilling its mandate (to serve the needs of its customers) to the best of its ability. That means that it shouldn’t bring up your website or your web page in response to that search: either not at all or not positioned as high in search results. Ouch.

Low bounce rates = high quality; high bounce rates = low quality.

So, while the reason site visitors are ‘bouncing off’ doesn’t matter all that much to Google beyond it being an indicator of low quality, it should matter to you – a great deal! It certainly matters to us…

Contact us at WSI OMS to set up Analytics on your site as part of an SEO and digital marketing package. We will track your bounce rates amongst other data while evaluating your website’s content, structure, mobile functionality and your PPC keywords.  We can lower your bounce rate and elevate the ROI from your online marketing campaign.

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