SEO has come a long way, constantly adapting to the changing landscape of the internet, the algorithms used by search engines and user behaviour. It has also lately adapted to the popularity of social media and increased mobile use and by the availability of increasingly detailed metrics that measured traffic and from where and whom.


‘Traditonal SEO’ focused on algorithms 

SEO was based solidly on search and keywords – and the adapting part was using the information provided by Analytics and search results to try and keep up with algorithm changes. No-one knew what they were, and it was surmised that they could change from day to day. In other words, SEO was about running to keep up.


As social media began rising in prominence, websites got Facebook plug-ins, Facebook Pages were linked to websites and the resulting Analytics metrics became valuable tools to see how much traffic was coming in from the Facebook pages. But that’s if they clicked through to the website. Metrics from social media and websites were measured separately – with one set of metrics used for SEO and the other for Social Media Marketing.


AdaptiveSEO focuses on ‘social signals’

Today, AdaptiveSEO campaigns combine the two. Algorithms are still important but the user behaviour of your social media audience and how they access social media has become more important – not least because search engines are also adapting their algorithms to the same thing.


AdaptiveSEO uses feedback on how your target market reacts to your posts and content and website, adapting SEO strategy to these ‘social signals’. How people perceive your business and how they may search for it is used to optimise your website, for PPC campaigns and overall online marketing strategy as much as the feedback from search and traffic analysis and the latest ‘guesswork’ re algorithm changes.


AdaptiveSEO starts with your website design 

Your website needs to be designed to function optimally across all devices and display great content that can be shared on social media. A website that loads quickly on a mobile device, is easy to navigate and invites users to share quality, meaningful content is as important a ‘baseline’ now as ‘clean code’ and ‘optimal keywords’ were a decade ago.


Adaptive SEO is about staying one step ahead – by being prepared and because ultimately everything that search engines value is gleaned from and geared toward one thing: people. Social signals are mapping out the future of internet and device technology – and the future of SEO.


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