Having a quality presence on LinkedIn is a cornerstone of successful inbound marketing. As the perceived “professional social media network”, LinkedIn has been rather staid. This has started to change. If you have not already seen the new user experience (UX), you soon will. We at WSI are excited about the changes, as it offers a fresher, more user-friendly interface.


The New LinkedIn Home Page

The home page in LinkedIn’s new UX is a lot more streamlined which improves the workflow. Without over complicating the look, you can see the number of views of your profile and all your latest posts in one area; and like, comment and share from within the feed.


An Updated Profile Page

Another big improvement in an area where you spend a fair amount of LinkedIn time is the profile page. The contact information for users is easier to access and is now located to the right of the page.


Notification Centre 

Insights are valuable when it comes to social networking. In response, LinkedIn has created an easy-to-navigate dashboard displaying all your important notifications.


Network Hub

As it is a networking platform after all, LinkedIn’s new look has made it easier to view and access information such as connection invitations and suggestions of people you may know.


Advanced Search 

In a rushed world, scrolling endlessly is a no-no. Rather, a search function needs to encompass traditional advanced searches as well the ability to search posts.



To combine maximize the results of your LinkedIn presence as part of your content marketing strategy, the team at WSI are the experts you have been looking for. Contact us today to find out more.  To download your copy of our new ebook, Email Marketing: Evolving in a Social World, XXX

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