Any solid digital marketing strategy needs to be based on facts and data – not assumptions. This is especially true when it comes to analysing your target market and developing new strategies for not only acquiring new followers, but also for maintaining your already existing ones. Here is a simple guide to making a success of data-driven digital marketing within your enterprise.


  • Choose your goals 

Obviously, every business owner aims to improve his or her bottom line with the help of things like social media marketing and content marketing. However, goals need to go a lot deeper than that. What do you want to achieve in terms of brand loyalty and brand awareness, for example? These objectives always need to remain top of mind.


  • Create KPIs 

How are you ever going to know whether you have achieved your goals if you don’t have any way of measuring them? This is where KPIs come in. For example, how many times was a piece shared by your followers? How much data was successfully collected from each social platform?


  • Collect your data 

You can either do this manually (which will be extremely time consuming) or use another tool at your disposal like Google Analytics or Omniture to help you. You’ll want to obtain information like:

  • where do your visitors come from;
  • who are they in terms of demographics;
  • which social platform led to the most conversions, etc.


  • Use your data 

Use your data to develop insights in terms of which social media marketing tools are working best, which pieces of content are having the greater effect when it comes to generating sales leads, etc. Important decisions for your future digital marketing success should be based on these insights.


Data-driven digital marketing is what we at WSI OMS do best. From SEO/search engine optimisation and website design to content marketing, social media and link building, we are the company that you can count on to deliver results. Call us now to learn more.

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