Cross-device marketing involves reaching your customers and potential customers through a variety of devices: from laptops to smartphones and tablets. A variety of apps and platforms are used: from your website to your social media pages, through to e-mail and text messaging.


Websites need to be functional across all devices

If your customers aren’t online while sitting at their computer, they are online on their smartphones and tablets. Cross-device marketing starts with the destination in mind: your online store, content hub or ‘digital shop-front’. It’s no good getting your customers there and then locking them out.


Websites must be designed so that they display properly across all devices. This requires specific coding to create a site that is as functional, readable and navigable on an Apple iPad, Tablet and smartphone of any make as it is on a laptop. Existing websites can be updated to give them cross-device functionality. However, websites should increasingly be designed to be cross-device friendly. They must work with mobile apps, SEO services and strategies for websites along with them.


Mobile Marketing services

Once your website is set up for full cross-device functionality, you are ready to bring in your customers. Dynamic cross-device and mobile marketing services through apps and web-based messaging platforms are not only a crucial part of digital marketing, it’s claimpng a lions’ share of online marketing strategy – including content marketing, SEO and social media marketing. Not only are they necessary, they have been shown to have a high return.


Mobile Marketing techniques

Mobile marketing techniques include text messages (SMS), multi-media marketing (MMS) and other mobile advertising through e-mail, apps and social media with online and push notifications. Done well, these mobile marketing techniques can result in high engagement and conversion – your existing and potential customers responding by clicking onto your site. It’s fast, easy and most often reaches your target market when they have the time to engage.


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