It’s not easy creating social content for lead generation, but one form of content that is proving to exceptionally popular is the personality quiz. People love to interact and engage with content, so what better way than to create a fun quiz? Creating a quiz that can drive real sales leads is even better. There are a few steps to take when creating a quiz (other than copying someone else’s), to ensure its success, as well as online templates to get you started.

First, decide what the quiz should be about – an upcoming event or one based on the core function of your business. Then you should write the questions bearing in mind that this is a unique opportunity to build trust with the quiz takers, so they’ll be happy to opt-in at the end of your quiz. Write like a human – using personal words like I, you, me, we, gets more views than generic quiz words. Using images in your quiz also helps to make it fun and more game-like. You should aim for between six and ten questions, enough time to build some rapport, but not enough to bore them to tears.

Collecting new subscribers at the end of your quiz is a great way to continue the conversation. Creating a strong lead capture form is vital – one that promises value, like a discount or give-away (not just the quiz results); one that is honest about your marketing strategy (like saying you’ll be sending them one email a week); and one that just asks for what you need (don’t create a lengthy list of personal detail if it has no relevance).

If you can create a quiz with share-able results, it has more chance of going viral. If the quiz result is uplifting and positive, or downright hilarious, people will want to share it. Images in results leads to more shares, as well as keeping the results short (3-5 lines and a picture).

Once you’ve designed your quiz, you’ll need to promote it on social media. Find an image that represents your quiz well, write a caption for it and then share the image and caption with a shortened link, to track results. You could also look into using paid Facebook advertising.

When your new leads are in your database, follow up with a thank you message, reminding them of their opt-in. You could send another message a few days later showing them other results from the quiz they could have achieved, or content that is related. A week later you could follow up with a case study or testimonial from your business, then two weeks later, a call to action, in the form of a donation request, or discount for online shopping.

Quizzes really work, delivering leads that trust you and are likely to convert. Look for and participate in some social media quizzes and see how you feel. For more on social media strategies and social selling, contact us – our team are experts at helping you reach your target audience through social media channels.

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