At the end of the day, if your website design isn’t quite up to scratch, all that money that you are spending on content marketing and SEO is in vain. Here are 6 ways in which your web design could be hurting your business, as well as a few tips for making some much-needed improvements going forward:


  1. Using Splash Pages 

It doesn’t matter how well your splash page has been designed – it is for sure increasing your website bounce rate quite dramatically indeed. We recommend sticking to a conventional home page so that your visitors can find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible. If you feel that you must get an important message across, use a pop-up window instead.


  1. Not Including a Search Box 

Once again, a website sans search box leads to a higher bounce rate because visitors are finding it challenging to find what they’re looking for.  Installing a simple search box can make all the difference – and don’t forget to keep all navigation options as straightforward as possible!


  1. Not Linking Your Logo 

If clicked on, your logo should take visitors to your home page. This is now an expectation and an essential part of any successful web design.


  1. Using Too Many High-Res Images 

It is obvious that instant gratification is the trend here. Not many visitors are going to wait 30 or even 20 seconds for your web page to load. So, make sure that you keep loading times to a minimum by using fewer high-res images and by incorporating skeleton page loading screens into your design.


  1. Using Stock Images 

Stock images are very useful and can work just fine if selected with care. However, if they look obviously fake or generic, they won’t do your website any favours. Take your own authentic photos wherever possible: it creates a better first impression.


  1. Not Optimising for All Browsers 

So, your website design looks amazing on Firefox – but what about when opened using Chrome or Internet Explorer? Make sure that you check for cross-browser compatibility or you could lose out on many visitors and conversions this way!

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