Ecommerce is a great business to be in – but it’s also one of the most competitive. Whatever you’re selling, and no matter how great your products are, a poorly designed ecommerce site is guaranteed to put off potential customers… and they’ll head straight to your rivals who are only a click away. To ensure that your online store stands out, consider the following ecommerce web design tips:

Search engine optimisation

First and foremost you want customers to visit your website, and the best way to ensure a high rate of visitors is through SEO to improve your Google ranking. A comprehensive digital marketing campaign is essential to ecommerce, so speak to the experts at WSI about your unique needs.

Simple navigation

Once you’ve attracted potential customers to your website, you need to ensure that they stay. An easy to navigate website is vital. Web design that uses breadcrumb navigation and call to action buttons makes it very clear and simple for visitors to make their way around your website and find what they want to buy.

Search function

Speaking about finding things, no ecommerce site is complete without a properly structured search function that makes it simple for visitors to find what they are looking for. For the best in user friendliness, make sure that your search function is linked to your product categories and other filters, making the search process even more seamless.

Buy without registering

Many potential customers are put off if they are forced to create an account just to buy one product. Consider offering a streamlined purchase process, where customers are given the option to sign up after check out, to make future purchases simpler.

Trusted security

Last, but certainly not least, ensure that you have an updated SSL certificate and a secure check out process, and advertise this fact clearly throughout your website. Authenticated security marks a website as reputable, and will give your customers peace of mind.

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