SEO is still the driving force behind most digital marketing strategies, and for good reason. Without ensuring proper search engine optimisation on your website, you are likely to get lost in the sea of businesses just like your own. Needless to say, the SEO world is a competitive one, presenting a number of challenges along the way to reaching, and maintaining, that number one spot in Google search. The good news is that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help to make your life easier, all the while generating a favourable relationship between your website and Google. Here is how:

  1. Keeping An Eye On Performance 

It doesn’t matter how good your SEO efforts are if you aren’t monitoring their progress! Luckily, AI can do this for you by gathering data and highlighting where you are winning and where you may be falling short.

  1. Generating Personalised User Experiences 

AI technology has the ability to deliver a personalised user experience to those browsing your site by customising messaging according to factors such as the user’s previous online behaviour. A better user experience automatically equals an improved Google ranking.

  1. New Ideas for Content Marketing 

AI can help to identify not only gaps in the market, but also the trending topics relevant to your industry, therefore making it easier to come up with new ideas for content marketing.  This obviously will work hand-in-hand with SEO.

  1. Better Financial Planning 

AI technology can provide insight into the areas in which our budget will be best spent, thus allowing you to maximise all search engine optimisation efforts going forward.

  1. Multitasking 

AI technology can handle multiple aspects of your online marketing (such as the ones mentioned above), which leaves you with more time to spend perfecting the other parts of your digital marketing strategy, such as writing original content and promoting it on social media (both of which will boost your SEO score even further!).

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