It’s the next big thing in digital marketing and with social media marketing evolving the way it is, the power of the influencer is definitely here to stay. Influencer marketing is highly organic- more so than any other kind of online marketing in that it relies entirely on human beings and their opinions with no ‘tools’ to provide structure. However, when done right the rewards are enormous, creating brand awareness for you and assisting with link building for a superb effect on your organic SEO. Here are some tips on how to make it work for you.

Research your influencers carefully

Before you approach prospective influencers, decide who is a good fit for your brand. Don’t choose influencers based solely on their popularity and number of social media followers. An influencer who has less reach might a loyal following that mirrors your target market perfectly.

Make a personal connection

Influencers are people – that’s what has given them such loyal followings and made them successful at what they do. Try and avoid ‘business speak’ when initially making contact, but rather be friendly (while still being polite and professional) and even injecting a bit of humour where appropriate.

Create an incentive

While an influencer is unlikely to require physical payment, having an attitude of reciprocation will certainly sweeten the deal. Show them that you are genuinely interested in what they do by sharing their posts on social media and approach them with an attitude of partnership. Part of the incentive is knowing that you are enthusiastic about being active on social media, so provide ‘proof’ by telling them about some of your latest digital marketing projects.

Let them do what they do best

Setting strict boundaries and structures may work for other forms of digital marketing, but when it comes to influencer marketing be prepared to leave room for creative freedom. An influencer who is subjected to too many do’s and don’ts is likely to back off quickly. Plus, giving an influencer the chance to work creatively can only lead to more authentic, positive content marketing – both for your brand and theirs.

Keep in contact after the fact

The basic rules of networking apply to your influencer communications. Once the blog has been written and your product reviewed or endorsed by an influencer, don’t break contact. Follow up regularly and show an interest in their life and new projects. Such behaviour keeps positive lines of communication open and could lead to new partnerships in the future.

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