Creating fresh new content for your website on a daily basis has its perks as it generates loads of traffic to your website and allows for your clients to be well informed. However, the downside of this is getting new fresh content to be featured on your site – you want your audience to be informed continuously regarding the latest sales, the latest products you are featuring – you certainly don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve established. Take a look at these easy content solutions:


  1. Hubspot’s blog content topic generator:

A convenient tool which enables you to enter three keywords. It will then create three topics around those keywords. The website allows you to come up with a week’s topics for your website.


  1. Gravity:

Gravity is an extremely powerful personalized engine which enables you to practice targeted advertising. It suggests content for each reader based on their personal preferences, location, and age. All these factors are to ensure your content can attract the right people.


  1. BeFunky

BeFunky is a multi-functional image editor, which allows you to produce beautiful visual content. Its functionality is not limited to just creating images: you can come up with striking collages and your very own custom graphic designs. What’s great is that is not software must be installed on your desktop – it’s browser-based which means you can access it anywhere and anytime.


  1. Ubersuggest:

For your website to grasp its potential you need to make sure that your content features some carefully selected keywords. Ubersuggest makes this process very simple: it allows you to submit a term and it will generate useful keywords for you.


  1. DJpod:

With podcasts taking over the Internet, it has become another powerful yet simple way of enhancing your web content. DJpod is a podcasting tool you can use to both create and host your podcast. It also enables you to share them throughout your social media handles and on iTunes.


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