Ever heard of social media listening? It’s the next big thing in social media marketing strategy, enabling you to tailor your online marketing for higher engagement with your target audience.

We’ve known for a long time that social media marketing is about creating conversations with potential customers, but unfortunately for many brands communication has become all talk and no listening. By monitoring social media reactions to your brand, your competition, and your industry at large however, you gain valuable insights and feedback that allows you to fine tune your strategies and services to be more effective.

Social media listening is now far more accessible thanks to easy to use tools that are standard with Facebook and Instagram business accounts. These insights give you statistics on engagement, demographics and the activities of competitor accounts. There are also external tools that can help you track social media behaviour around your brand, giving you loads of information that you can use to create engaging content and better digital marketing campaigns.

So how can you use information gleaned from social listening to better your online marketing?

Engaging content that is truly relevant to your market

When it comes to content, quality is far more important than quantity. By looking at what people are actually saying, and what they are reacting positively to, social listening enables brands to have insight into what people actually want in terms of quality website content, and then change things up to deliver just that. Any new strategy in website content should be reflected across the board on all social networks, so that the power of social media can be leveraged to drive traffic back to the website.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors

Social media monitoring gives you access to a wealth of data on your competitors – from what their strategies are, to what customers are saying about them. Most importantly it gives you info on any negative feedback, so you can see where they are going wrong and take steps in your own marketing and service delivery to offer an improved offering. By monitoring online conversations that involve your competitors, you can stay one step ahead of the game while also gaining vital insights into the needs of your target market.

Improved search engine optimisation

One of the most difficult aspects of SEO strategy for smaller businesses, is developing keyword strategies that rank high enough to make a dent in Google search rankings. Social listening allows brands to track the words that people are using when talking about their products or services, and can assist with providing new keywords and search terms that had not been thought of. By monitoring social media conversations, you can also pick up on trending topics that can be then used to leverage engagement for special campaigns.

Develop a fantastic online reputation

Reputation can make or break any business, and when reviews and opinions spread like wildfire across social media, just one small slip up that goes unresolved can be extremely damaging. Social listening helps brands to identify customers who are unhappy with their product or service, and take appropriate steps to make amends or otherwise rectify the situation. Because this is done online, on a public platform, the brand is then seen to be humble and trustworthy; while formerly disgruntled customers end up becoming positive ambassadors for the brand.

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