Many business owners are great at delivering speeches and presentations, but when it comes to getting a message across on Twitter, they battle. While most companies have invested in community managers or a social media manager, executives, sales people, decision makers, and other relevant people in your company should also be tweeting in their personal capacity. Here are a few tips to cut back on the characters you use so that you can start using Twitter more effectively:

Eliminate intensifiers

You’ve only got 140 characters, so you need to automatically delete unnecessary intensifiers from the tweets that you are drafting. Words and phrases like “very” and “most definitely”, for example, should be the first to go.

Delete filler words

Many times, you can get the same message across without sounding like a robot by simply deleting filler words such as “it is” and “there are”. These phrases don’t provide context or add meaning to your tweet, so delete fillers words as well.

Write in the active voice

If you write in the active voice instead of the passive voice, then your tweets will automatically be shorter.

Be concise

You don’t have to write that you are “of the opinion”, or are “led to believe”, or even that you “think” something. If you’re tweeting about it, then you’ve gone through the thought process of thinking it through, so you don’t need to add this to your tweet.

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