When making use of Google AdWords for pay per click advertising, you don’t have much space to work with when it comes to grabbing the attention of your target market. This is why you need to craft your ads with care. Here are 4 things to think about in order to ensure that you get it right every time.

  1. What Search Phrases Will Your Target Market Be Using? 

Make the most of your chosen keywords by inserting them into the text ad in such a way that they will mirror the potential search phrase(s) entered into Google by your target market. In doing so, you will likely see an improvement in your ad quality score. This will also result in a drop in your cost per click.

  1. Making the Reader the Subject 

This subtle detail can make all the difference when it comes time for a person to decide whether or not to click on your ad. For example, if you specialise in the sale of office products, ‘Top Quality Laptops for Your Office’ will be a much more effective ad headline than ‘We Sell Top Quality Laptops’.

  1. How Will Your Ad Compare? 

PPC advertising is all about making sure that your text ad is more effective than that of your competitors. With this in mind, it pays to do some research not only on the types of ads that these competitors are running but also in terms of the different keywords that they are using. Once you have gathered this info, think about what you can do in order to make your ad even more impactful.

  1. The Big Picture 

Think about pay per click advertising as an extension of your digital marketing campaign as a whole. Remember to keep your brand messaging and focus consistently throughout all portals, from your PPC advertising to your social media marketing, etc.

For assistance when it comes to effective PPC advertising and digital marketing, do not hesitate to contact the WSI OMS team. We look forward to helping you achieve the results that you deserve.

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