You don’t want to sound too pushy in your promotions. Right? The internet is full of annoying pitches everywhere. Most email subscribers unsubscribe from mailing lists due to the frequent salesy emails they receive which don’t give them space.

Selling your product without too much persuasion is the secret to successful online marketing. However, getting this right isn’t as easy as you may think. Is it possible to mellow down your pitches and still sell? Here’s how you can do it.

Try the free way 

What is the free way method? Have you ever come across entrepreneurs who show how their products work? Here’s an example. If you were selling a keyword SEO services, you could also go ahead and teach your audience how to make their content appear on the first pages of Google for free.

People will be interested in learning more about it. You will be seen as an educator and when it’s time to invest in services that you offer, they will turn to you.

By sharing helpful information for free, you will be helping those who can’t afford your premium services. If they benefit from your free services, they will understand that your premium services could make them do even better.

Build a relationship with your potential customers 

Appreciate your customers for giving you an opportunity to talk about your product. Give them thank you cards and access to your content. Create other freebies that they get as a bonus for purchasing your products and services.

Share your expertise 

As a business person, you know what works well for you. Most people who might need your services might be other business people who operate in the same field as you. Share your expertise and tips. If you practice this, they are likely to come back with other clients.

Do you need a helping hand in social selling without pitching too much? Contact WSI OMS, and you will love it.

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