Twitter is a true heavyweight when it comes to successful social media marketing. Here are some powerful tips to help you pack a punch with your company’s tweets and overall presence on the platform:

  1. Include Keywords in Your Tweets 

Keywords make it possible for people who are interested in your brand to find your Twitter profile. Make sure that specific tweets about what your brand offers appeal to them. Compose a list of relevant keywords (preferably the same ones that you have used in your web content and paid advertising efforts, if applicable) and use them as often as possible when it comes to any activity on Twitter – from replying to comments to posting new tweets.

  1. Share Helpful Content Relevant to Your Brand 

Whether these are links to your own blogs or to articles written by industry thought leaders, sharing helpful content that is relevant to your brand is certain to earn you a great number of re-tweets and likes. Better yet, if you share a link to an industry thought leader’s blog, mention them in your tweet and they may share it with their following, leading to an increased reach and several potential new followers for you.

  1. Use Hashtags Strategically 

There is a wide selection of tools online which assist you in discovering the best possible hashtags to use, resulting in more people finding and sharing your tweets.

For assistance with your social media marketing strategy on Twitter (and any other social media platform, for that matter), do not hesitate to contact the team at WSI OMS.

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