It’s a new year… which means new opportunities, new experiments, and new leads – IF you know how to make your social media marketing strategy work for you, that is. To give your brand the kick-start it needs to dominate the digital realm in 2017, here are three quick tips for mastering the art of Facebook marketing:

  1. Boost those all-important posts 

Boosting every single one of your new posts will bankrupt you! The secret lies in using your budget for those posts that matter most: boost new product announcements, links to creative blogs that you know will get a good response, and witty, humorous content to which people are sure to relate. Just remember to target those boosted posts strategically!


  1. Never delete negative comments

If someone posts a particularly unpleasant comment on your company’s Facebook page, the first instinct is often to remove it as quickly as possible before it can be seen by the rest of your followers. This is a mistake. Instead of deleting negative comments, do your best to interact with the person and solve their problem in any way you can. This will turn the situation around completely and show your followers that you do care about the experiences that they have with your brand.


  1. Use strong visuals

Studies have shown that the presence of a high-quality image is likely to encourage people to read the text associated with a specific post. Keep all text on social media minimal and to the point – after all, a picture is worth a thousand words! So be sure to make it a good one…


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