How do you generate more leads with your digital marketing strategy? With a great user experience, that’s how! Needless to say, when it comes to ensuring a great user experience, web design is everything. Here are 3 important web design elements to keep in mind if your ultimate goal is to increase sales going forward.


Why should potential consumers take your word for it? Give them a reason to really start trusting in your brand and what it has to offer by including real past customer testimonials throughout your website. You might also want to make it possible for people to review products directly on the product pages themselves!

Engaging Landing Pages 

Think embedded videos, animated clickables and even a few funny sound effects and you’ve got yourself a winning website design! Engaging landing pages are all the rage right now – but just make sure that they don’t take too long to load. Oh, and to make sure that your efforts aren’t in vain, don’t forget to include a few creative calls-to-action.

A Focus on SEO 

At the end of the day, it won’t matter how beautiful your website design is if nobody can actually find you online! You’ll want to impress the search engines just as much you impress your potential customers. Luckily, doing so is quite easy if you know how to tackle SEO. Important search engine optimisation aspects include filling in all meta data, link building, keywords and alt tags, to name a few.

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